Love Me๐Ÿ’™

Made for blood wolf the killer


1. Winterfall

I was walking down the halls of Seika High school. I had my blue skull ear buds on with my black glasses on. I wore my blue and black jacket and wore my plaid blue as black scarf. It was winter already. As I was walking down the hall way I made it in front of a staircase I didn't know there was someone there I turned to see and I see a girl slip with heavy book.

"WATCH OUT!" I yelled as I went to grab her. When I grabbed her we flew against the wall luckily I was the one who hit the wall hard. I opened my eyes and I see I was holding onto the girl. I blushed and let go. I'm not very good with girls at all.

"Hey?! Are you ok?!" I said asking her if she was alright.

The girl looked up and stared at me for awhile.

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