The Search for Paradise

"i love you" I stood there in shock. That was all I ever wanted to hear. those 3 words and 8 letters. But Jonas walked away leaving me speechless and hurt.


1. Chapter 1

As soon as   the alarm went off on my cell phone. I was alert. There was no moment of transition, no gray area between asleep and awake, no recollection of a dream. Almost noiselessly, I swung my legs out of my bed and put on my track pants and sweater. Sneakers in my hand, I tiptoed to the front door that opened out to my escape. Jenna turned over with a soft sigh and I froze for a second. I still had exactly forty-five minutes of sleep left, and if Jenna knew I woke up early I would be dead. The cold steps beneath my bare feet came in as a shock. As I reached the last step I stooped to put on my sneakers. I feel like there's always something missing from my life if I don't go running before work. I had the world to myself. The air was pure and the wispy clouds seemed to be hanging motionless in the sky and although the sun's light was still glassy , almost cool, I could already sense the dawning heat.  
        I covered the first quarter mile with long strides, pumping my arms in wide circles so that my body felt alive; then i began a slow trot. I pushed myself a bit harder and felt as fresh as if I had just started. I finally reached the edge of the park and started out along the path that led to the park. 


        I had reached my apartment and I had spent the rest of my run with music. I was beginning to think that Jenna was going paranoid, imagining that I had gotten kidnapped. I was a little late, and the last time I was late Jenna wouldn't let me breathe. I put my hands on my knees and breathed deeply. I went through the front entrance of the building,by now I was breathing easily. Maybe I should increase the distance tomorrow. People were buzzing with life, voices, and laughter. If I was late, Jenna would have my clothes, and everything ready, or maybe... panicking. I reached my front door after making small talk with Mrs.Blue. When I entered Jenna was making herself a coffee. She turned around when she heard the door.  "i'm glad you're here, Mr. Marshall called and said there's no work today." I sighed in relief. 4 day weekend for me. This is wonderful. "Why?" I asked removing my track sweater. She shrugged and grabbed her phone. "I don't know but we need to go to the airport to pick up Lucy. " I furrowed. "Kat, don't give me that look, I know you don't like her but she is starting college here and she needs a place to stay." Jenna looked at me while drinking her coffee. I shrugged and leaned on the counter. "if she's staying here i'm going to move out, sorry Jenna, I know you've known her for a long time and she's your best friend and all-" I stopped mid sentence due to the fact that there was a knock on the door. I sighed and looked at Jenna who was giving me the no-you-open-it look. I rolled my eyes and walked towards the door. "you're welcome Jenna" I said before opening the door. "okay" it's all I heard from Jenna. I opened the door to reveal a girl with blond hair and bright blue eyes. I thought Jenna was going to pick up this thing called Lucy up from the airport. She squealed "Katherine oh my fucking gosh" She said jumping up and down while hugging me. But I didn't hug back. That was rude of me but I don't care because I don't like Lucy.And I knew this squealing and jumping up and down thing is fake.  "Hi Lucy" i said being less enthusiastic and a bit confused. I let her in and once she saw Jenna it was like girls in a One Direction concert or something. Loud and obnoxious. "Jenna you look smoking hot!" Lucy yelled. Jenna looked like if she wanted to throw a bomb at her. Honestly I would throw a bomb at her crayola face. I decided to take a shower since i took a run and I was sweaty. So I left Jenna and Lucy alone. I sat on my bed and tugged off my shoes and socks and reached for my towel.Just when I grabbed some fresh clothes out of my closet and tucked them under my arm, Lucy came through the door. "Me and Jenna are going to go shopping." she said. "She told me to tell you while she changed so-" she rolled her eyes. "so how come you're still here?" I asked annoyance in my voice. She rolled her eyes again, because apparently rolling her eyes was her thing. "whatever" with that she walked out. Leaving me in peace.With a sigh, I made my way to the shower.



        The house was silent once I got out from my shower. It was quite nice to be honest.  I yawned and checked the time on the clock that was on my nightstand. 8:30.  why would Jenna and Lucy go to the mall at this timeI thought. My long hair hung in wet strands over my shoulders, leaving a trail of drops on the wooden floorboards. I ruffled my hair with a towel so it could be bit dried. But that didn't work. So I just brushed it out and let it down. I tucked out my converse from under my bed and put them on. I was going to the store to buy some food and other stuff, since Lucy is going to be staying here and whatnot. I grabbed my purse and phone and was gone. 

         It was pretty hot for it to be 9 in the morning. It was moist outside and when I entered Sam's Club it was fresh and nice. While being in there I noticed there was little people, sometimes Sam's Club is pretty full in the morning. I was walking around looking for the Clorox but it was no use. I couldn't find it, which was frustrating because I usually find stuff in minutes. "do you need help?" I looked up and saw a guy with pale skin and brown eyes. His hair was black and was styled in a quiff.He wore black jeans and a white shirt with a red vest on top. I guess that was his work uniform. But he was cute. "Uh do you need any help?" I felt my cheeks burn up. "uh sorry- yes um where is the Clorox. I can't seem to find. I mean it's always in this aisle and I always find things within minutes but i can't seem to find it and-" He chuckled. " sorry" I looked down. "Yeah they changed everything, it's making people get confused." I let out a soft 'oh'. "It's in aisle 6." he said walking away. "Thank you um-" I said trying to get his name. "Jonas" I smiled at him. "Thank you Jonas." I said walking away too. 

         I spent 2 hours in Sam's Club getting food and cleaning materials. I don't have that much money but with the money I get from work it's pretty good.  The shopping cart was full and heavy. I got to the line up and waited for a bit until it was my turn. A few minutes passed and I was using my phone playing some game. Flappy Bird. Apparently it got deleted and so i kept it because it's addicting.  I looked up and saw 'Jonas'. This was meant to be. I chuckled to myself. No. "are you okay?" I looked up from my phone. "what?" Jonas was scanning the box of Pretzels. "You laughed and so I asked if you're okay" He said giving a soft laugh. My eyes went wide. "Oh sorry I was just thinking about um-" I shook my head. "Never mind." He snickered. "That will be 67 dollars and 50 cents." That made me flinch. Jenna was going to pay it back to me. I reached for my wallet, and took out a 100 dollar bill. While Jonas was doing all that giving-change back thing. My cellphone rang. I looked at the caller ID and checked it was Jenna. I ignored it because Jonas was handing me my change. "Thank you" I said and then I realized it was two carts. I sighed. How am I going to get this to the carI thought. "Do you need help getting those to your car?" Jonas was already getting the other cart. "um yeah that would be wonderful" I sound like an old lady.- We headed out and it was silent. It was just the sound of passing cars. When we reached my car I took out my car keys and opened up the trunk. "um thank you, I can put the things in by myself." I said putting the pack of padsin. He gave a snort and pulled out a box of cigarettes. "Want one?" he asked while pulling out a lighter. "No thank you." I kept putting stuff in the trunk while Jonas was smoking and leaning against my car staring at me. I felt a bit awkward. "i'm going to go. it was nice meeting you- uhh?" I looked up at Jonas and smiled at him. " Katherine" I paused. "But you can call me Kat" I said putting the last item in the car. I closed the trunk. "I'll put those back" Jonas threw his cigarette to the floor stepping on it with his black vans. "Thanks.. Bye Jonas" I said before getting inside the car. He waved at me and walked away pushing the two carts. By now it was 11:49 and it was hot. But most of all it was a pretty good day, except for the fact that Lucy is staying here. But it was cool.

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