When Leigh-Anne finds herself getting the job as One Directions Official Photographer she can hardly wait to get started. But does she find work easy or is she getting distracted by the boys?


9. Airport

Its been a couple of months since we took the pictures for the album and the boys are starting to get packed for the Tour.

I can hardly wait. I'm actually going on tour with the boys for 4 months.

Me and Niall have become super close in a friend way . No more no less. And me and Harry. Well i'm not sure about him yet. Meaning i'm super super close with him, but everyone mentions that i would go out with him. Which makes it awkward between us.

"So you excited?" Harry asked coming into my room.

"Yeah i'm buzzing and i'm not even doing much" i laughed closing my suitcase. And trying to life it off the bed.

"Here" Harry said lifting the suit case for me.

"Cheers" i laughed. He winked.

"I'M SO EXCITED!" Niall said running in.

"What time we leaving?" I asked them both.

"Paul said around 3:00pm" Harry said looking at his watch. "We'd better get really to go down to get onto the bus"

We all followed Harry with our suitcases and everything.

"Harry and Leigh-Anne you're sitting at the back. Niall and Louis you're in the middle and Liam and Zayn you're in the other car.

"Yay!" louis shouted jumping in. We were all so excited. All our work is going into his tour. I'm still amazed that my photography is the front cover of the CD album and the merchandise.

"Selfie?" Harry said lifting up his phone. Me, Harry and Niall all posed for the camera. While Louis was half naked. He was changing his top.

@harry_styles - setting off to South America! Can hardly wait!

The journey to the airport was fun and loads. The boys chatting loudly about embarrassing things thats happened in other tours and concerts.

I just listened in to all the info.

"Okay guys. The fans figured out where we are so stay together. Someone stay onto Leigh-Anne because she's small" Paul said winking down at me. We all laughed. It was a kind of inside joke between us all.

Harry grabbed my hand as we got out. I griped his hand tightly not wanting to get lost in their crazy fans. Everyone was shouting, pushing cameras and notebooks in our faces. I just clung onto Harry.

"Its okay" he laughed as he saw my face. I guessed i looked a little scared.

"Oh shutt up" i giggled and bit my lip.

Finally when we got inside we were told to head for the private seating and resting area.

"Woah that was" i was lost for words at the experience i've just encountered.

"Best get use to it love" Louis came over joining in with mine and Harrys conversation.

"Lets sit down" Harry said pulling me towards some seats. I plonked down on Harrys knee.

"Ugh i'm so tired and we haven't even started" Harry said resting his head on my back.

"I thought you enjoyed touring?"

"I do. But i had hardly any sleep last night"

"You should've woken me up. I would of stayed awake with you" i ruffled his hair. He smiled showing me his dimples. "Cutie" i laughed at him.

"Sexy" he whispered back in my ear. I bit my lip. "Especially when you do that". He said winking at me.

"You flirt Hazza" and i softly punched him in the arm.

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