Summer Love

This story is about a teenage boy who's family dies from a murder and the only thing left is his baby sister. On the second year of high school he meet a teenage girl who is very attractive after they meet and talk for a few months they start becoming closer. At home with his little sister he tells her everything she really wants to meet the girl so one day he invites her over they meet and talk. They ate ice cream on that summer day. After 2 months past the little girl gets sick and it's very hard on her. The boy is in a situation he doesn't know what to do.. This book is made by me Rai_Senpai and blood wolf the killer


1. New chapter

It's been months since the accident past. I've been moving forward and taking care of my baby sister who now turned two years yesterday. I wish my parents where here on her birthday... They died on dad's birthday....

*flash backs of March 17th*

"Hey Mom I brought the cake to celebrate dad's birthday!" I said walking into the kitchen setting the cake down on the table.

"Thank you sweetie your dad surely will be happy because of this!" Said mom excited

We heard a noise at the door. We quickly hid the cake and clean up.

"Mhmm something smells good! Hey why is it so dark here!" Said dad turning on the lights. "Surprise!!" Me and mom said while Lucy was waving her hand for dad to pick her up.

"You guys scared me so did you Lucy!" Said dad laughing

"You should go change now sweetheart!" Said mom as she put the food on the dinner table.

I grabbed Lucy and played with her I always loved her laugh I'm happy to be her brother. Dad came back and we sang "Happy Birthday!" To him we all ate dinner. He cut the cake. Lucy had chocolate all over her face I wiped it off. We laughed and fun together. Dad was waiting for his brother to give him the money he stole from him. I knew that he wouldn't give it to him. He hated my dad so much.


My dad got up and went to open the door. My mom finished the dishes and she went to pick up the knife that was dirty.

"Hey Brothe-?" I heard my dad say two men had came in and had stabbed my dad. He was dead on the ground. My mom saw them coming and tried to defend us.

"Take your sister and leave!" Yelled my mom

I quickly took my sister and ran I wanted to save my mom but I couldn't it was too late the man at slit her throat. I ran as quickly as possible. I had a house that my dad had made up by a field far from our home. He designed it for when I left the house when I was 18. I had all my stuff over there and pictures basically what we had at our old house. I never expected this to happen. The men had stopped chasing us and ditched. We made it to my place safe and sound. We got in side luckily it took us an hour to get here. My sister fell asleep I put her on the bed and I fell asleep as I crude next to her.

*Next Morning*

Luckily I had taken the baby bag that had Lucy's baby food, clothes and toy plus her pampers.

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