Anglarond's Rule

This is my submission to the Hidden Powers competition as well as a taste of a future novella I am writing.


1. Anglarond's Rise

The Faeramians


Yonder in the West, in a once desolate place

Was a race of controlled and pitiful men

They sought out a new land with great haste

Only to sacked and enslaved by the Dolgen


The Dolgen were brutal, relentless, and unmerciful

Demanding more for than they can deprive

From killing to labor and taking food and the valuable

Raiding those defiant, leaving none to survive


In one village that was ravaged and scorched

A man named Anglarond clung what was left of his life 

He demanded power from his creators in the land perched

And only Bremaidrah of Chaos aided their strife


"Do what as you see fit. You owe me no favor

I am a god who answers prayers unlike my kin."

He bestowed him dark magic of chaotic vigor

He rallied up his people so their empire will begin


They built strongholds of stone and forges of fire

Driving the Dolgen back to the hell that awaits

Their war came at a price leaving their future dire

Anglarond took the challenge and his empire to create


Faerama prospered under the rule of Anglarond

Though neighboring nations began to set sight upon it

Along with the Jarvain Empire of the Southern land

Anglarond feared the other nations whom he omit


He created a loyal army of his subjects with the black art

The denizens forced to work for his war hungry cause

Promised with glory and riches and their land impart

Grueling work, dangerous, and life sucking with no pause


The might of the Faeramian army conquered all in its wake

Growing stronger and expanding with Anglarond's bloodlust

He became more cruel killing even the allies he'd forsake 

From old friends to lieutenants he dreaded any mistrust


The Jarvian Empire resisted the least; angering him more

They're armies had more numbers and support from others

Losses against this rival land ended lives on the Jarvian shore

Losing moral more than ever; those in protest branded traitors


For decades of tyranny ensued with bloodshed and fear

When finally an outbreak of the masses challenged their king

Stirring a coup against his foul deeds for the world to hear

Finally assault on his keep would bring an end to his being


A battle of flesh, metal, and fire crumble it's foundations

A dead corpse was the fate of those who crossed his path

With Anglarond's dark magic to conquer civilizations

It seemed they would all suffer and perish under his wrath


Raidren Sunderlin of the once proud capital of Amberton

Was the head of this uprising and attack upon his fortress

His unbreakable will and spirit pushed him through the battalion

Hacking through guards and chaotic spawns of feats dauntless


Time came near for the dark king's silence

Sunderlin's blade slewed his corrupt body

As he fell he abandoned his mortal presence

Laid a curse on whoever will slain him in fray


"My essence shall never leave this this world til time end

Those who kill monsters become one thyself."

His spirit lurked in Sunderlin in which he would transcend

 His grip still remained to the land's ill health


Tyranny ensued and heroes failed

Even in victory they fell to his influence

For an endless struggle started 

For a kingdom of peaceful diligence

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