I found my Princess

Kate is abused by her dad. When she finally has enough of it. She decides to run away and finds a special boy to take her in.


1. running away

Kate's POV

"Get in here brat" I hear him say. That would be my dad, his name is Rick. I know running won't do any good so I just go to him. After my mum died of cancer he has been abusing me. When I go to him he has a belt in his hand.

And he starts hitting me over and over. I hear a ringing sound. It's the phone. He goes and answers it. Now my chance. I sneak past Rick and run up stairs. I pack a bag of clothes. And jump out my window right wen I hear him say "Kate where are you?" I start running who knows where. I live in London. I pass the street to a neighbour hood. I keep going until I see the mall. I walk inside and there's a huge crowd of people. Knowing me I walk to them and squeeze my way to the front to see a group of boys. A blonde haired and blue eyes look at me. We sat there for a minute just looking at each other. Then I realised it he's from that band called One Direction. I turn around I can feel him still looking at me. I make it out the mall to more girls running in and wearing 1D shirts. I start walking till I find a bench at a park and sit down.

I sit there for a hour when I get up and start walking again. It's starting to get dark and I have no idea where I will sleep. I hear something behind me and I turn around. I see this dark figure moving closer. I start to run as fast as I can. But the person starts to run too. Knowingly clumsy self I fall.

Pain rushes through my body. I just lay there. The figure gets closer. He sats down by me and pulls of his hood.

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