Beautiful Mistake (Zayn Malik)

How would you feel if you were married to someone you hate ? How would you feel if that person is the reason why you lost someone close to your heart ? Zayn and Amelia , two totally different worlds ... What happens when these two different worlds are forced to be one .. Will they regret listening to their parents and marrying each other ? Or is it gonna be the most beautiful mistake of their life ?


1. Note

This work is purely fictional. Do not associate the characters in the book with the actual members of One Direction,their girlfriends , their parents or anyone else that has been casted to play a role I'm this book.

This book will contain somethings that are not appropriate for children under 13 like language and some physical content. Please read at your own risk.

Do not advertise your fanfiction here, I will delete the comment.

Also everything beyond this point is copyrighted.

COPYRIGHT © 2013-2014 Nuggets

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