The Spark.

The Spark. Her favorite book. Talks about love and how love doesn't always agree with you fate . Though it may not agree with eachother but love and fate have a way of respecting eachother and letting things go the way they should. With love and fate working together. I got to say that the couple they are trying to keep happy must be pretty luck.
I hope one day I could make her that happy to the point where love and fate will work together.

Read the Spark to find out more. ����.


1. Library Time. 1

'' I'm in the library. '' I said as I spoke on the phone with Harry. He was on tour. We became good friends when he performed in London one day and we began to chat. We are now besties.

'' What are you working on. '' He said into the phone. I miss him.

'' A essay honoring Americas presidents. How they made changes to help our nation. '' I said a little so I don't bore him.

'' How's the boys? '' I asked as I suddenly missed them all.

'' The boys are the boys. Though they went off the bus to get IHOP. I declined wanting to talk to you. '' Harry said his reply and it grew a smile on my face.

'' So , Ali how's Sparrow and Kalyn? '' He said as he referred to my two best friends.

'' We'll Sparrow is out of town and is camping with her boyfriend Junior. Kalyn is at home with her grandma. '' I said and I could feel him smiling.

'' Awe. Are you alone? '' He said as he teased me. If he were here I'd nudge him .

'' Yah. I'm Alone and thinking of reading a book the librarian is talking about . It's called The Spark and I hear it's a best seller .'' I said as I grabbed a copy of the book.

'' I have to go Ali. Okay so you read that book so you can tell me about it and I'll call you later. Bye. Take care. Bye. '' He rushed off hanging up the phone before I said goodbye. It hurt but I knew he was a busy person.


Harry's Pov.

'' So who's that Harry. Who ever it is they need to let you focus on your rehearsal. I mean you did right most of these songs right ? " Don said as he pulled me into the studio.

I grabbed a head set and then the music played. We were recording our album Midnight memories.

'' I know you've never loved

The sound of your voice on tape

You never want to know how much you weigh

You still squeeze into your jeans

But your perfect to me. .... " the song went on but In my heart I sang and meant it because all of theses songs or most of them are dedicated to Ali. She just doesn't know.

Authors note:

😝👌 do you love it or not? Just tell me on my wall .

Mwah. 😘.

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