Christmas With Lou

A change in events, that's what Makayla thinks of the situation. She's just a normal girl from northern Ireland with a strong accent. Her parents are workaholics but make a ton of money in the process which Makayla is thankful for. She's never had problems getting what she wanted except maybe a boyfriend. Louis Tomlinson is in a world famous boyband but hasn't found that one girl yet. Simon decides the boys are getting a little too greedy so he sets them up for job at a mall in a small town in northern Ireland as "Santa's helpers". Louis goes into the job thinking it's going to be terrible but a certain red-headed girl changes his thoughts.


1. Chapter 1

Christmas is about a month away, I think it’s a long time. My parents think otherwise.



They dragged my sister and me shopping for Christmas gifts since “All the good ones are going to be gone.” So yeah, here I am, in the middle of the mall, with no clue of what store to go into.  I don’t really go shopping that much, not that I like it anyways.



“Makayla honey, keep up!” My mother says. I don’t know how she noticed I was trailing behind them, trying to deduct strangers similar to Sherlock. But it is surprising, she never exactly pays attention to me and focuses on work and my little sister who’s eight.



I catch up with them, giving up on a stranger dressed in a coat and scarf, just like everyone else in the mall. Looking at all this Christmas stuff makes me want it to be Christmas. My gaze lands on this guy, he looks like he’s working as an elf with four other boys around the same age.  But he’s looking at me, and I’m looking at him. Neither of us look away for a while, that is, until my sister pulls me towards her.



Another elf - with curly hair – playfully hits him. I don’t know what he said but it was frantic. Soon enough, I lose him. Damn… He was hot too. That might have been one of my only chances to finally get a boyfriend.



Even though I walked away, I didn’t stop thinking about him. There was something special about him that made his image imprint itself into my head. I want to get to know him.



He had straight, brown hair and blue eyes. And let me just say, he is what you’d call fit.



“He probably has a girlfriend,”



My head tells me, I’m probably right, there’s no way a lad that looks like that is single.



Shop after shop, I think about him. It sounds creepy, I know.  But I’m curious; it won’t kill me to wonder why he’s there. Maybe those other guys were his friends and they’re making a video for Youtube. That would make sense with the elf costumes…



It would explain why he’s good looking. Youtubers are always good looking.



I didn’t see him again until after lunch. Well, during lunch, We were getting  Leann Chin’s when I saw them. They didn’t see me though.



One of them was blonde; he was loud which helped her hear his Irish accent, similar to mine. The rest of the boys were British. Three of them have brownish hair. But totally different styles, curly and small quiff. The fifth, has black hair styled up in a quiff and he also has stubble. He looks like that kind of guy, where he cares about his hair more than anything.



Then there was him.



I actually saw his backside for once. I stare at him for a while until I realized I need to do something.  I walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder, forgetting about my family. He turns around and smiles, inspecting my face.



“Hi,” he says with the same smile on his lips.



“Hey,” I say blushing slightly but I don’t think he noticed. “I don’t believe we’ve met before.”



“You’re Irish,”



“No shit, Sherlock.” I joke but inside I’m fangirling because I just made a reference to Sherlock. He laughs making butterflies flutter around in my stomach and my cheeks to turn a shade darker making him laugh harder.



“Do you think that I could maybe, um, get your number?”



“You don’t even know my name.”



“What’s your name then?” he asks me.



“Makayla Ryan. You?”



“Louis Tomlinson. Nice to meet you.” He kisses the top of my hand with a smile on his lips. The name sounds familiar, his face looks familiar. He’s not… he can’t be.



“Wait… are you,”



“Yep. Part of One Direction and they,” he points to his friends. “the other members.”



“I’m not exactly a fan…” I blush and fiddle with my fingers, looking down at my hands.



“It’s alright. What kind of music do you like?”



“More indie stuff like American Authors, Ben Howard, Bon Iver… yeah.”



“Sounds cool,” he says. “I honestly like that kind of stuff too. My favourite band is The Fray.”



“I like them, they’re cool.” I smile up at him. I’ve honestly only heard a few of their songs but I like them.



“Yeah… so if you like indie stuff then how did you recognise me?”



“My sister has posters of you guys covering her wall.”



“How old is she?” he laughs.



“Eight but she still wants to marry Neil?” I say his name as more as a question. He just covers his mouth with his hand and starts laughing really, really hard.



“I-it’s Niall.” He corrects me, bent over and still laughing. I frown and bite my lip.



Well he seems like a jerk.



He notices me frowning and quickly regains his posture.



“I’m sorry, it’s just that I haven’t seen someone make that mistake before,” he scratches the back of his neck. “So what about that number?”



“Fine, I’ll give you it if you stop laughing at my fails at life. I have speech disability and dyslexia.”



So we exchange numbers and we take a picture together on each of our phones. As I’m typing in his number, I notice him setting the picture of us as his lock screen making me smile and blush a faint rose colour. I never noticed how red my hair was until I saw the picture. I change my lock screen to the picture too with a smile on my face.



“I’ll call you tonight, okay? I have to finish up with work.”



“Okay, I’ll talk to you then.” I respond. My eyes jump out of their sockets when he leans forward and kisses my cheek before turning and walking away without looking back at me.



I watch him walk away and just think to myself. My life is going to be turned upside down.

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