When We Leave


1. Day one - morning

“Have everything? We can’t go back if you forget something.”


“Yes, I checked three times.” Jordan says, putting her record player in the back of her friend, Brooklyn’s car.


“What about you, Abigail?”


“You’ve already asked me four times. Yes, I have everything. Now let’s just leave.”


Jordan slams the trunk closed and gets into the back seat, right behind Brooklyn. The other two girls got into the front seats and turned on the radio to some radio station Jordan didn’t like. She listened to their conversation with the radio playing as background music.


“How much longer?”


“An hour to get to the border and another hour and a half before getting to the cabin.” Brooklyn answers for Jordan. That meant she had two and a half hours of being stuck in the car.


Jordan never really liked cars, she didn’t like the idea of being stuck inside a small vehicle, not having any control of where they were going. It could have been her claustrophobia too. She wouldn’t have come on this trip with them if they were only going for a couple of days but instead, they’re going for a full five days, counting today.


“Can I borrow your iPod?” Jordan asks.


“Yeah sure, just make sure it doesn’t die.” Brooklyn tells Jordan, handing her iPod and connecting headphones to her while looking at the road in front of her.


Jordan takes the iPod and puts the headphones in her ears. She puts the music on shuffle and hopes for the best. Justin Bieber, skip. All Time Low, skip. She keeps skipping until she realises she won’t find a good song any time soon. Jordan scrolls through Brooklyn’s songs and eventually settles on making a playlist with the songs or artists she actually likes.



Only thirty minutes later, Jordan falls asleep listening to Mumford & Sons with only two hours left of the car ride.


“Jordan, Jordan, wake up.” Abigail says, shaking Jordan in her seat in an attempt to wake her up.


“Five more minutes, Dad.”


“I’m not one of your dads, Jordy. You’ve gotta wake up, we’re at the cabin.” Abigail says to Jordan softly. Jordan was never the easiest to wake up. One of her dads usually had to physically pull her out of bed which resulted in her screaming at them and stomping off to the bathroom. She doesn’t like to be woken up.


“What time is it?” Jordan mumbles, stretching her arms and legs out


“Two. The boys will be here later tonight. Jack forgot his suitcase.”


“How the fuck did he forget his suitcase?!” Jordan asks, finally getting out of the car and walking around. It looked the exact same as it did the year before. Even the old, ratty tire swing is still up from when they were kids.


“No clue. But they finally found out as they were an hour away so they stopped at a mall and they’re shopping as we speak.” Abigail responds as she takes her suitcase out from the back of the car and carrying it into the cabin.


Jordan follows behind Abigail, carrying her own suitcase and her record player. She had always preferred that over an iPod. It had a better sound and she could still listen to the music she loves since they’re making more modern albums into vinyl. She could only bring a few, so she brought her favourites. Abbey Road from The Beatles, Louder Than Bombs from The Smiths, For Emma, Forever Ago from Bon Iver and all of her Vampire Weekend. That’s more like what she was into, not Justin Bieber or One Direction.


She sets her record player down on the table in her bedroom. It’s not really hers but she’s been using it since she was a kid, so she just calls it hers. Jordan unbuckles the Crosley and opens it up fully before taking out Modern Vampires Of The City from Vampire Weekend and setting the needle down, pleased when it started playing Obvious Bicycle. It’s one of her favourite songs off the album, so she was glad it’s the first one on the album.


As the music plays throughout the room, she starts to unpack. Jordan took her folded clothes and put them into the wardrobe and hangs the shirts and the one dress she needs to hang. She also takes her shampoos and face washes and puts them into a small bucket and putting that small bucket into the cupboard in the bathroom.


Each of them had agreed not to steal each other’s products if they were put into a bucket under the sink and not laying around all over the place. Jordan could still hear Vampire Weekend from the bathroom, making her question if it was too loud. She would turn it down if one of the girls complained. Jordan didn’t think they minded though, she had a feeling they both had a soft spot for Vampire Weekend and all of Jordan’s other music.


Jordan heard the music of Young Lion fade out so she returned to her bedroom and put on Abbey Road. She began a mental schedule of when she would shower and when it would be safe to shower without running into one of the boys while trying to get to my bedroom in a towel.


She’s never talked to the boys before; they were a total mystery to her. She knew that Jack was Brooklyn’s boyfriend but she hasn’t heard a thing about Isaac. Isn’t that weird? She’s never met her best friend’s boyfriend. Jordan hasn’t even seen a photograph of him so how is she going to know which one is which?


“They boys will be here in an hour and we need to cook dinner.” Abigail says through the intercom thing they installed years before.


Since they didn’t want to shout through the house, Brooklyn had her dad install these intercom things right next to each bed so they didn’t have to wake each other up if they’re asking someone else something. You could talk through all of the intercoms or just one, there was a button for each room. They had them in each bedroom, the kitchen, both bathrooms, the living room, and even one outside. They made it easy to talk to Brooklyn and Abigail after their dad’s went to bed without having to sneak out.


Jordan puts on a dark grey hoodie since it’s starting to get dark and she’s only in a tank top and shorts. She walks to the kitchen to find Abigail at the stove and Brooklyn cutting something up.


“Hey, what can I do?” Jordan asks, standing next to Brooklyn and watching her cook the chicken.


“You could make the table.” Abigail says, still chopping something up.


“Five of us, right?” Jordan questions once again. She didn’t know if anyone else was coming over for dinner.


“Yup, we’re not having a party or anything, Jordy.”


Jordan’s glad. She hates it when they have parties at the cabin. The cabin is pretty decent sized but it’s not large enough to have a party in. Even with Jordan escaping to her bedroom, couples still come in trying to have sex in her bed. So she locks the door and watches Netflix on Brooklyn’s laptop since she didn’t mind Jordan using it.


But this year, Jordan didn’t have to worry about it. Brooklyn promised her beforehand that there would be no parties since it wasn’t Jack’s scene. She told Jordan that her and Jack were complete opposites and that it’s a surprise that they’re even dating.


Brooklyn likes parties and getting drunk. Before Jack, she would sleep around and kiss whoever she wanted. Jordan likes Jack because he stopped Brooklyn from sleeping with random people. Brooklyn also liked the more popular music and likes to do stupid things. Despite her flaws, she’s a great friend. Brooklyn is the one that brought Abigail, Jordan and herself together as friends.


Abigail is almost completely different from Brooklyn. She’d rather stay in her bedroom on a Friday night reading a book or playing guitar. Abigail is a beautiful singer but never likes to sing in front of people because she’s scared of what they’ll think. So instead she either plays them a song on her piano or guitar. Sometimes Abigail and Jordan will duet on their ukuleles just for fun.


Jordan isn’t like either of her two friends. Whenever she tries to talk, she’s usually ignored and/or talked over so she usually doesn’t participate in conversation unless she’s sure it won’t happen or she’s asked to talk. Jordan stumbles over her words and sometimes messes up the word she’s saying which is why she likes Twitter. It helps her say what she wants to say without having to stumble or mess up the word thanks to autocorrect.


An hour later, when dinner is ready and the girls are waiting to eat, they hear the door open. Jordan’s eyes widen in surprise, she hadn’t thought of what she’d do when they actually got there. Would she say hi? Would she tell them that dinner is ready? Or would she just say nothing?


There were the two boys. One of them has dark brown hair that’s almost black and the most gorgeous blue eyes Jordan has ever seen. The boy is wearing a dark blue shirt and a pair of jeans, shoes as simple as a pair of black Converse. The same pair that Jordan has with her. She shouldn’t wear them, she knows that. He would say something about it. But without those, she only has two pairs of flip flops. Waterproof ones and fashion ones. She couldn’t survive without her Converse.


The other boy has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes too, but not as gorgeous as the other’s. He was wearing a plain black t-shirt and old jeans with Converse, too. Maybe Jordan shouldn’t be afraid to wear her Converse, a lot of people have them. She shouldn’t make a big deal when cute guys that she’s living with boys who have the same pairs. Jordan also noticed that he’s wearing only a hundred bracelets on his wrist.


“Hey, guys. I’m Isaac.” The one with dark brown hair says. That means the other one is Brooklyn’s boyfriend. That also means that Jordan has a chance with him.

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