Just Say Yes // NaNoWriMo

When Izzy moves to a new town, the least she expects is to make new friends. She had perfecly fine friends at her old school, so why should she try so hard to make new ones? Then there's the mysterious guy in her Science class that wants nothing to do with anyone. And of course, she just has to fall in love.


1. Chapter 1

For some reason, I had always hated rainy days. I’m still not sure why that is. Maybe it’s the feeling of sadness or the weather taking away your freedom to go outside without an umbrella.


But now, I have a reason to hate the rain because today is the first day at my new school. If anyone else was in my position, I’m sure they would be pretty happy. A new start, how bad could it be? Terribly bad. I was perfectly fine with the life I lived in Missouri. I had friends that liked me and I had just finished putting up my band posters in my room. To be moved away from an amazing life and be put into a school where I knew no one is nonsense.


I’m not very good with socializing. I don’t like to put myself out there and make new friends. After all, why would I have to do that when I was perfectly fine with the friends I had? So for the next three years in highschool, I’m going to go by unnoticed. I’m not going to talk to anyone and when I do, it will be for school only and I’ll do my best to make them hate me enough for them to never talk to me again.


“Isabella, if you don’t come down now, you’re not getting a ride to school.” My mom shouts at me. Little does she know that I wouldn’t mind being left home.


“Coming,” I say, but I run my fingers through my dyed, black hair and inspect myself in the mirror for the fifth time this morning. I’m not self-centered, I’m stalling.


Eventually, I make my way downstairs with my empty backpack. We already put my notebooks in my locker so I didn’t have to worry about it now. My mom was on her phone with someone and my sister, Ebony, was taking a selfie.


Here’s the thing about Ebony and I. Ebony is perfect, I’m not. She’s into girly stuff like going to prom and getting a boyfriend while I’m more into listening to music and drawing. Ebony is also excited to make more friends, like she didn’t have a lot back in Missouri. Despite our completely opposite personalities, we look exactly the same. Or at least we did before I dyed my hair. Hers is perfectly blonde. The kind of blonde you see on movie stars and models.


We get in the car and I put in my headphones, not wanting to hear my sister whine about how early it is. It’s only an hour before when we used to get up for school last year. Right now, it’s 7:13. School apparently starts at 7:25 so I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get to my first class on time.


Mom tries to hug me goodbye but I get out of the car quick enough to spare myself the embarrassment. With my headphones still in, I walk to my locker, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Everyone at this school is exactly like the people at my last school, except the faces. I guess that’s just how schools work.


I make it to my first class without any trouble and sit in the back to avoid the nerds and Jesus freaks. Since I was one of the first people to show up, I had a choice of where to sit. It doesn’t seem like the teacher has a seating chart since he hasn’t said anything about me sitting here, but he might call me out later on in front of everyone.


In movies, the teacher always introduces the class to the new student, even if it’s the beginning of the year. But this teacher didn’t do that, which I’m thankful for. Although, a lot of people are looking at me like I’m some sort of animal in a zoo. I don’t really blame them. They’ve never seen me before and it’s shocking to suddenly have a new student.


I ignore them and take out my notebook, hoping to get this class over with as soon as possible.


The rest of the day went along swimmingly. I broke my rule and made a friend named Cass. He sat next to me in Math and during lunch so I didn’t have to be alone. He introduced me to his friend Ava. They seemed pretty accepting and like my old friends so I guess that I didn’t mind being friends with them. When I looked over at what Cass called the popular table, I saw Ebony sitting with them.


When I made it to Science, I had to have a seating chart for lab partners. Of course. I’m probably going to end up with a nerd.


“Since we couldn’t pair up Nathan with someone else, we’ll just put Isabella with him. Is that alright with you?” The teacher’s eyes move from me to some guy. I’m guessing his name is Nathan and he is definitely not a nerd.


Nathan has black hair. It’s probably dyed like mine seeing as there’s not very many white people with natural black hair. It’s fringed so it’s mostly covering his eyes, but I can see some of his icy blue eyes between strands of his hair. He looks at me with an annoyed look when I sit down in the stool next to him. I can tell that he didn’t want a lab partner, he wanted to be alone.


“I’m Izzy,” I say with a small smile.


“Nathan,” he says, but he doesn’t look at me.


“So you’re going to be my lab partner?” I ask, opening up my Science notebook.


“That’s what she just said.”


The way he said it was intimidating. I figure that he’s had enough talking and that I shouldn’t talk to him more. Instead of listening to the teacher, I doodle in my notebook. I end up drawing a realistic eye. I would color it if I could, but I don’t have my pencils. I make note in my head to color it when I get home, after I do my homework.


What I don’t get is how people make fun of the people that do their homework in books. There’s nothing wrong with it. Sure I don’t care much about school but I care enough to actually try. Everyone back home would do their homework except for the druggies and the people who think they’re too cool for school.


When I get home, Ebony isn’t there. I have a feeling that she’s with all of her new friends. Back at home, she was usually with friends after school so it would make sense that she would be with her new ones. The popular ones. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not jealous of my sister. Her personality is annoying and her wardrobe is awful. It’s just full of dresses and skirts and it makes me want to puke. Her personality is worse though. She’s always all happy and nice and it makes me sick.


I go up to my bedroom and throw my backpack on the floor before I collapse onto my bed. The first day of school usually isn’t stressful, but when you’re joining late, it is. You have to catch up with everything and be able to get what’s going on without learning about what they learned about before. On the first day of school, it’s a fresh start and you’re going through the transition with other people, I’m going through it alone.


After about five minutes of just laying down, I decide to get up and do my homework. Everyone else barely had anything, but I had a lot. The teachers gave me the stuff I missed for the past week, in attempt to help me catch up. There were math problems I didn’t know how to do and worksheets I didn’t understand. I tell myself that I’m going to finish it all tonight, I have to. The sooner I do all of it the sooner I’ll understand.


I’m not sure when I fell asleep, but it was dinner time when I woke up. My mom had make spaghetti for dinner, since she knew it was my favorite. She asked where Ebony was, and I had to tell her that she was out with friends. It’s been four hours since school ended and she’s still with friends. She still has to do all of the homework she was assigned. They didn’t give us a due date on when it should be done but I interpreted that it meant that it should be done by the end of the week.


Dinner was slow, the rest of the night was slower. As I promised myself, I finished all the work I needed to do. I mostly looked up the answers on the internet or guessed but either way, I did the work.

I knew I shouldn’t have been thinking about Nathan, but I was. The way he was completely silent and annoyed made me curious. It made me want to get to know him more.

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