My Wings

A very very short story about a faerie named Fiona who wants to earn her wings. I drew the cover. :)


1. My Wings

What if I fall?

That's my thought as look toward the ground. My silky green hair flutters in the wind. I shiver, but not from cold. I have to jump.

When a faerie turns 13, he or she must take a leap of faith, to get wings. Though as soon as you jump, they sprout from your back; but it's still scary. And also there's the taunting mean girls.

They all wear crop tops, tight pants, and stilettos. And they all have wings. Their leader is 15 year old Aryanna Rose.

She has long blonde hair, sky blue eyes, porcelain skin, and a sweet smile. She could be an angel. Trust me, she's not. She can only really be described with words I can't say.

"Can't wait to see you fall, loser!" She yells. I glance at my friend Lily, who's next in line. She rolls her eyes and says to ignore them. If only I could.

"You can do it, Fiona!" Another friend, Meg shouts, from the ground. "Don't let those *censored* bring you down!"

I could do it. I should do it. I want to do it. I must do it.

I squeeze my eyes shut. Goodbye world I think as air rushes around me. I brace myself for the ground. But it never comes. Instead I float up.

I slowly open my eyes. Everybody, except the mean girls, is cheering. There's a faint drumming feeling on my back.

I have my wings.

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