friendship is the most important thing

its about a guy that gets bullied and hates school but the boys make him stronger and to stand up for himself


2. it gets better at school

When they arrived  the whole  school looked at one direction walking with  Damien hey buddy people our looking at you no they our looking at you also.  One boy named Nathan  made fun of Damien ok listen up everyone we need everyone to be friends with Damien . They all laughed  oh please  where not going to be friends with that kid right their. Zayne said why not  he is cooler and nicer then you and id rather be friends with Damien  then any of you. He stood by Damien all the others agreed and stood with Damien  you all need to be friends with Damien or  leave him alone fine they all left. The bell rang Nathan took Damien rucksack  the boys ran after Nathan  the boys stayed in class with Damien  Nathan got  Damien  into trouble by throwing a pepper airplane the boy had had it

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