It All Starts With How You Meet People

Friends are people that will do anything and drop anything, to ensure another's happiness.
How you meet people, is the way that your journey starts with them. This is Hayley's journey, starting with how she meets her five best friends and how friendship helps to overcome all obstacles.

Sorry if there is any misrepresentation its my first 1D fanfic and I'm trying my best not to misrepresent them.


6. 6.

“So that is how I met One Direction and one of the many adventures that we had.” I tell Josh as I stand up glancing at the watch on my wrist. It was a birthday present from him, I find myself smiling fondly at the memory before noticing the time. “Oh look at that it’s nearly time for Perrie to arrive and I promised her that we’d have most of it done by the time she arrives!” I exclaim excitedly moving the boxes to the front door. I turn back around to see Josh sat there staring at me “son Perrie is coming. We need to get the boxes moved…” I tell him, my voice trailing off as I hear the sound of a car stopping. There is a pair of high heels sounding off the pavement as they run up to the house, the car driving off again.


I go to tell Josh to help me while I get the door, when, the door flies open. I manage to just about catch it before it hits me at the speed it was going at. I release a short shocked scream, as I peer around it to see my attacker. The blonde haired woman standing in front of me, squeals excitedly as she spins around her eyes wide engulfing me in a hug. “Oh, I am so sorry Hays! Zayn just dropped me off and I was so excited to see you! I just had to see you early!” Perrie lets go of me walking into the living room looking around it. “I thought most of it was going to be packed by the time that I had gotten here?” I sigh gesturing at Josh “Joshua Christopher Johnson! What have, you done now?”


Josh looks at her taken back, he glances at me before turning back to her. Sometimes I feel that Perrie would be a better mother than me. I don’t have to even explain it to her, she just knows everything about everything. “I haven’t done anything wrong Perrie…I…I promise!” She gives him a sceptical look, turning back to me. “Mom was just telling me about how she met One Direction and everything leading up to when I was born!” He shouts quickly, Perrie’s head flipping back in his direction. “She was! That’s why we haven’t completed everything that we planned to… she got to when they went to see that spy romance.”


“She was?” He nods innocently as she slowly turns to look at me “you’re telling him?” I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly, I mean come on…the kid is like his father. He just knows how to raise brilliant points that, you know you can’t argue with. “Ok well I’ll join you in telling it then” she states nonchalantly. I know why she’s doing this. I said I would never tell him until I thought he was old enough, so she is just making sure that I finish telling him. Or that I am sure that Josh is the right age. “Why don’t we skip all the weird and boring parts of when you first started the tour with them and skip to when you met me and the girls?”


“I don’t know if that will be a good idea…” Perrie gives me an ‘are you serious?’ look, her eyes practically pleading with me to do what she had asked. “Fine give me one good reason Perrie, but, I believe that he should hear everything.” She grins at me, babbling on about different reason of why I should do the whole halfway through tour part. “Whoa calm down there Perrie, I said one not one million.”


“Sorry. Ok well by going to halfway through about the second tour you go on with them, which is when you met me and the girls, you are missing out the boring and not needed parts of the story. You know the hate some of the fans gave you and the one’s that defended you. That sort of stuff... I’m sure Josh doesn’t want to hear about how you and the boys didn’t get out much because of the constant driving and never staying in one place problem. Then the big paparazzi problem…” I nod agreeing with her on that part, I think about it I’m still not entirely sure about skipping. Perrie senses this and carries on “Hays it would be fine, you told me yourself anything of importance would be in your memory. There isn’t any.” Oh how wrong you are Perrie Edwards…


“Chris I don’t see why we need to come down here. What are we doing?” Chris ignores me, carrying on down the corridor. “Chris please. I want to know where we’re going you can’t just tell me that you want to talk and then drag me off!” His grip tightens slightly “Chris that hurts, for crying out loud!” Chris stops suddenly, turning around. He looks at my wrist slowly turning it over “Chris where are we going please?” He sighs as we carry on “I refuse to go anywhere with you Chris! Not until you tell me what it is that you want!”


“Your hand is fine. Let’s keep going, I want to get out of here and talk to you.” I roll my eyes, of course he does. “Don’t look at me like that Hays…I just need to talk.” I sigh taking his wrist “right my tattoo. La verdad ayuda pasados ​​viejos serán olvidados- the truth helps old pasts to be forgotten. Hays this doesn’t need to be brought up right-”


“Why did you bring me out here Chris?” He looks away from me for a second “Chris please, I can’t just forget everything if you don’t tell me the truth.” He looks back at me, mumbling something. “What did you say?” He looks at me, all the confidence is gone from his expression. His face paled, his expression nervous. “What?”


“I- I can’t tell you how much the whole clean slate thing meant Hays, I know you loved Matt at the time. I just…ever since I met you I’ve wanted to be with you. Only you…but this? What I want to tell you…I can’t. I wish I could but now I can’t.” So much for the truth. “I always thought it would be easier to tell you. I really did. It’s just being here, in front of you, shows me I can’t. I’m sorry I wasted your time. I’m going to go and get ready for the concert, Paul has to brief me on my instructions for tonight.”


“Fine, whatever, I’m going to go talk to the-” I can’t talk to him anymore. Heck I can’t even talk! All I can feel is him kiss me. I push him away quickly staring at him. “You can’t just do that! You know you can’t! Yes, I bloody well loved him! Well…at least I did first. Somewhere along the line of that relationship I found someone better Chris. Someone who treated me better.”


“Who is it?” I look at him surprised, he raises an eyebrow at me. “I asked you who he is. Who is he?” I shake my head, looking away from him. “Hays please. If you just tell me who he is, then… I’ll leave. I’ll stop trying to chase you.”


“Chris I don’t see what right you have to his name. We’re not going out, we’re not together. Leave me alone Chris.” I take one last look at him as he sighs in defeat. It annoys me, he just thinks he can get me like that. He doesn’t understand “sorry Chris maybe another time.”


“Hays!” I jump in shock looking at her. “You spaced out on us. Is everything ok?” I nod smiling at her, she smiles back sitting down next to him. I follow her and stand opposite them “did you hear anything I said by the way?” I shake my head, sitting beside them. “Well I said that we should start there next because it would be easier. We don’t have all day and you’re moving tomorrow-”



“But Perrie” I whine earning an unimpressed look from her “there’s two reasons I interrupted. One I can’t, we have to get everything ready for the move and secondly, you said more than one reason.” She rolls her eyes at me turning back to Josh “Perrie, we have to go and get it all ready or Josh and I will never move at all! I’m not carrying on this conversation now Perrie. I have bigger things to get on with right now.”


“So Dad…he isn’t important, or, a big thing?” I look at Josh confused, never once have I said that. “You asked me if I understood that they had nothing to do with what happened to him. I told you yes. Now when we’re at the start of the story, which you told me I would hear the whole of…or well most of it anyway. You tell me that we’ve covered how you met them; that it’s the end. That’s not how it works mom” I look at Perrie for support but she seems to be supporting Josh at the moment. “How you meet people is the start of the journey, not the end of it. You’ve said that yourself.”


“Ok so I did say that. I did! And I would carry on, it’s just…you know. Now, let’s drop the subject for a little while, I still have to finish packing everything. The truck gets here tomorrow at around four, we’ll be at the house for about six. That’s all dependent on whether the traffic is kind to us and if, the boys get here on time.”


“So we’ll carry on then?” I look at Perrie, I try to ignore the fact that I know where she is going with this. “So I thought that I could carry it on for you if you want. I mean do you want me too? It’s just you have so much packing to do even though the truck won’t be here till four.”  She asks dragging the ‘so’, I shake my head this is my son, and even though Perrie and the boys have always been like a family to me, helping whenever needed, this is my responsibility. “Are you sure? I mean I just thought-”


“This isn’t fair!” We both look at Josh, surprised by his outburst. “You can’t go back on your word no matter how much it hurts!” I go to try to reason with him when he barges past me. “Dad wouldn’t have gone back on his word would he?” He spits storming upstairs, I look at Perrie.


“Josh!” I go to go after him hearing his door slam “what?” Perrie stands in front of me, shaking her head silently. “Well that escalated quickly.” I mutter, walking into the kitchen. “I need to talk to him” I tell her placing a vase into a box. I close the lid on the now full box, taping over the top to keep the contents in. “I- it’s just that I can’t just reopen wounds Perrie. I wish he’d understand that. I love him to bits and he knows it. He knows I’d never intentionally hurt him, he knows that he will know everything. He knows that.”


“Yes well, I agree…in a way. Listen Josh loves you he really does, he knows you love him. This though, is different for him. This is like meeting his father for the first time. He’s finding out about himself. There’s been times that the boys and I have said ‘aw you look just like your Dad doing that.’ He’d then attack us with questions, Hays, this means the world to Josh. Finding out about his Dad means the world to Josh. Please try to understand that.” I look at her, turning away as the tears start to prick the corners of my eyes.


“This is stupid.” I wipe them away “can you imagine what he’d do if he saw this.” I smile sadly looking at the watch again. “Do you remember how I got this?” She nods smiling along “you and Louis were brilliant that night.” We both let out a short laugh, Perrie giving me a hug. “I should probably go and talk with him.”


“Right behind you sister.” I smile walking up the stairs next to her. “I’m sure he’ll understand. You know he will.” She stops smiling at a thought for a second “just be glad Josh didn’t see you cry.” I smile along with her, stopping at his door. “He’d go full Daddy’s boy on you!” I knock waiting for him to answer.


“Go away!” He shouts from behind his door “I don’t want to talk if you’re not going to talk!” I sigh knocking again “I said go away! Can you not just leave me alone?!” I turn the handle, letting go of it as I hear an abject hit the door. “For crying out loud get lost!”


“Now you’re just being childish…Josh please I just want to talk to you. Please let me in? I promise I’ll finish the story, just let me in.” I hear him move getting off his bed, his footsteps moving towards his door. “Thank you” I push the door feeling it hit something.

“I’m listening Mom.” He states, I poke my head slowly around the door to look at him. He’s sat down on the floor with his hood up. His back is blocking the door from moving any further “I said I’m listening.”


“Am I not allowed to sit down?” I ask him smiling at him. I look at Perrie as he keeps quiet, he sits there silently. He draws his knees up burying his head into them. He wraps his arm around his knees like he is keeping them in place.


“The floors good enough isn’t it?” He asks as he clears his voice. Perrie nods as we go to close the door. I stop realising Josh has put his hand on the corner, holding it “is Perrie still there?” I poke my head around nodding. He glances at me quickly looking back into his knees again “good. I wouldn’t want you to get upset on you, err, own.” His voice is muffled slightly but not enough for us to not know he’s crying.


“Josh let me in I’m not just going to stand out here while you’re crying.”


“I’m not crying.” He states trying to sound indignant “you’re the one who’s been crying not me.” He sniffles again, laughing slightly to himself “stupid blocked nose.” He carries on, pushing on the door lightly “anyway I’m listening Mom.”


Perrie nods as the door shuts, both of us sitting down. We rest our heads on the door, Josh doing the same. I look at Perrie, she nods again. It’s like we’re both trying to will ourselves to hold it together for him. I take a deep breath in slowly releasing it. “Ok well Perrie comes into this as my right hand girl if you like. We weren’t really close when we first met. I sort of shied away from Perrie and the other girlfriend, Eleanor, before warming up to them both. It was named the unlikely friendship by the boys and it started three years after the first tour and halfway through the second tour my father and I went on…”

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