It All Starts With How You Meet People

Friends are people that will do anything and drop anything, to ensure another's happiness.
How you meet people, is the way that your journey starts with them. This is Hayley's journey, starting with how she meets her five best friends and how friendship helps to overcome all obstacles.

Sorry if there is any misrepresentation its my first 1D fanfic and I'm trying my best not to misrepresent them.


5. 5.

“So shall we go then or are you not finished?” Liam asks as I smile sweetly at him. “Of course you’re not finished. We’ve only just met you and already, we know you like to torture people.” Hey! That’s not fair! They boys have it all wrong. Basically, I stood up to put my rubbish in the bag so we could put it in the bin, when, Louis here thought it would be funny for me to trip. Of course Louis liked the idea. “Come on get off him now Hays.”


“No way and this…” I gesture at the scene before them “is not torture. Louis here, is learning his lesson. You never make me kiss people I don’t like.” Harry smiles at me “aw look at Harry’s dimples!” I tease standing up quickly and squeezing his cheeks. I turn around seeing Louis still on the floor and sit- “Ow! Louis!” Louis laughs as he cowers away behind Niall and Harry, occasionally looking at me.


“Come on Angel, let me help you up.” I shake my head brushing his hand away. I stand up glaring daggers at Louis as he smiles innocently back. “You know that was…nice” I look at him, Chris smirks shrugging his shoulders at me. “What? I was complimenting you.”


“Listen here Bennet. I’m going to make one thing straight to you understand?” He nods, bowing to me “listen here I don’t-” I hear the boys clear their throats noisily “this is going to be the hardest clean slate, in the history of mankind.” I mutter, looking at the floor. “Alright I’m sorry. Err thank you for the compliment…you were a…nice…. Kisser too.” I state, a dislike tinting the words. “A nice kisser too.” I repeat when my mouth has gotten used to saying it. “Now I want to catch the film.”


“Of course you do, you and Chris can sit together.” Liam tells us smiling, Chris smiles back then he watches me. “I’m sorry Hays, the boys and I always sit together. We normally let Perrie and Eleanor, Louis and Zayn’s girlfriends, sit together behind us. There’s only really five seats on a row, I’m sure you too wouldn’t mind…would you?”


“I bloody well would!” I shout looking at them all, they all smile sweetly back. “Don’t do that.” I look at Chris who starts to softly whistle on the spot. “He’s draining my patience all the time! This is the hardest clean slate I’ve ever had to do! He- he loves to annoy me! It’s all he lives for!” I hear Chris chuckle as he casually walks towards the door. He opens it slightly to show my Mom and Beth. “Mom…how did you-”


“I asked Jake. Aw look at you all! You must be the boys, Dave has started work for!” They all nod introducing themselves. “Aw look at them all Beth, Harry even has dimples!” Beth smiles at Mom as they both look at the boy’s complimenting them repeatedly. Fan-girls. “Oh I’m so glad you boys are friends with my Hayley- Marie!” They look at me confused “it’s her full name. Although she likes to be called Hays, most of the time. To be honest, I never was fond of the girls she’s friends with…when they were younger they were ever so nice. Now…I don’t like them as much.”

“Since when did you not like my friends exactly? I mean you’ve met them! At the old school plays, you used to talk to them!” I sigh exasperatedly and sit down on the bed. “I mean you’ve never had a problem with them! You’ve always been interested in what we do together-”


“Being interested in your child is something a parent should always be. Aren’t I right Beth?” Beth nods, her strawberry hair has been tied up in a ponytail and her clothes consist of, a pair of jeans, trainers and a plain white t-shirt. She has pulled a light denim jacket over her top “liking their friends though…that’s another matter altogether.”


“For example when Molly became friends with that Declan. God! He is horrible!” Beth has a child called Molly. Moly has just turned fifteen and had at the time, got a new boyfriend called Declan. Molly looks a lot like Beth, their features are the same. Her eyes and hair she gets from her father though. Jack, Beth’s Ex-husband. He has blonde hair and brown eyes, he’s an office clerk. “The brat came around a few times, he was as polite as anything, then! Oh then! He just started to lose the politeness. Obviously we talked to Molly, but no, she didn’t believe us. She told him! The little thug, smashed our brand new Peugeot!” We caught him on CCTV!” She takes a deep breath in, while I throw an apologetic glance to the boys.


“It was one time Beth and Molly is staying away from him now remember.” Mom soothes, Beth mumbles a few choice words, which seem to surprise the boys. Again I throw them another glance…Beth’s been a bit unpredictable ever since. I think it’s because he caused a rift between the two and she’s scared of losing her. “Listen it was nice meeting you boys I must apologize for our unannounced visit. We won’t do it again, I promise to call next time. Aw don’t you too look so cute though. I’m so glad you asked your father for his suit.”


“You asked to borrow your Dad’s suit for tonight?” Beth asks hope lighting up her eyes, I look at the boys for help. They all smile at me sweetly as they join in the conversation. “He was going to what?” My jaw drops as I narrow my eyes at Louis and Zayn, they smirk carrying on their weird fantasy. “Really?” Chris shrugs his shoulders nervously as they spout all their nonsense to the two women.


“Yes Beth and Mommy Johnson…can we call you that?” Louis asks as my Mom nods slowly, I can tell she’s taking everything in. “You see, we know that they told you they weren’t going to go out. It’s just that Chris can’t keep himself away from her. He’s like a lost puppy” Louis explains smiling at Chris. Chris smiles back and puts his arm around me. “See Chris just can’t keep himself away!”


“He can and he will, if he still wants this clean slate.” I hiss under my breath, loud enough for only him to hear. Chris quickly removes his arm and shows the two women out. “Love you Mom” I shout down the corridor after them both. Mom waves as they walk into the lift disappearing. “So shall we go to the cinema then? Oh I want to nip into the shop. I need sweets and pop, is that ok? Will we have time?”


“Yeah we would but you don’t need to. Chris brought yours for you, we all went to the shop before he came to get you.” I look at Chris surprised as he hold up the bag of sweets. “Chris said something about you two knowing each other before, so he brought you some.” He digs around the bag pulling out, a bottle of Pepsi and a big bag of chocolate star shapes, on the shapes there would normally be a letter on them. “Did he get it wrong?”


“No he got it completely right. I’m actually surprised, the five years I hated you and forgot all about you. Yet you remembered my favourite drink and chocolates.” He nods, grinning from ear to ear “wait am I feeling touched by a major douchebag?” Chris stop laughing and throws the chocolate at me.  “Alright, alright!” I laugh “I’m sorry, ok…do you remember what I’d do with them?” I look at him suspiciously.


“Have I caused you too laugh? Even though I was called a major douchebag I’m… impressed.” The others laugh at the idea while I shrug, going to open them. “Uh-uh Angel, you can’t open them yet. They’re for the cinema” Chris tells me, using a tone you’d use for a young child. “Yeah, I remember. You used to make your name out of them.” The boys all look at me dumbfounded “she did. We were at a park the once and she sort of just started spelling her name on the plate with them.”


I stick my tongue out as they all take the bag. “Are you ready Harry?” Niall asks, Harry nods and lifts up his top. “Ready boys?” The others nod, all of them picking up a bag, bar, can or bottle out of the bag. “Hays, Chris needs the bag of chocolates. He has to put them up Harry’s top, the cinema doesn’t like us taking our sweets in. We’ve been there before.” They all started tightly packing the sweets under his top “this is skin tight right?” Harry nods as they pull the top back over “there we are a weirdly shaped six pack.”


“I don’t think that will work.” They all stare at me for a second “ok which moron came up with this?” They all point a Chris who smiles at me “you really are a moron, aren’t you?” He shakes his head passing Harry a coat “you’re going to hide it with a coat?” Chris nods “oh please- I don’t even want to know what they think of you like that. They’re going to wonder why you haven’t taken it-”


“Oh have some faith Angel! It’ll be fine! We’ll look like we’re going out…I didn’t think to tell you that detail.” He tells me cowering away from my glare. “I’m sorry. I just thought it would be better cover for Harry…I didn’t think.”


“You really didn’t Chris. I don’t like not being included in things that seem to involve me ok?” He shakes his head again sighing. “What’s your problem? Honestly Chris! You ruined my life all those years ago I hope you know that. I really do. Right now I’m trying to do a clean slate here, but, you just drain me. I know I’ve only just started and to be honest maybe I should try harder, it’s you. You annoy me, you frustrate me, you-”


“My problem is that you hold a grudge from five years ago! My grudge is that you, hold the grudge. Not me!” He takes a deep breath, looking away from me for a second. He looks back at me, his voice steady “I know. I know that you hate me for what I did ok? I know that but the one thing I want to know right now…why?” I look at him. “Why if I ruined your life that day, did you provide me with a chance to start again? What was your point in doing that? I just want to know what the hell was going through your mind that day that, could possibly turn to hate towards me now!”


“I’m sorry guys. I’ve ruined tonight… I need to go home and sort myself out. I’m a bit of a mess at the moment.” The guys smile at me as I walk out of the hotel, I carry on when I hear someone running after me. “Just leave me alone Chris.” I tell him as he carries on trying to get my attention. “Please Chris just leave me alone-what?”


“The boys planned this. They want to make friends. I’m a jerk! I really am. I know I’m possibly your least favourite person right now…I just need to sort myself out. I have questions that I’ll get answered one day. Just-please stay tonight.” I look at him confused “please Hays. We need to sort this problem out between us. If you will trust me from today, we can sort it out. Will you…do you trust me?”


I look at the boys as they exit their room and watch us “what times this movie then?” I smile, they all run towards us. Harry is holding his top at the bottom so that nothing fall out “Harold! You’re going to make the pop explode, when we open it! Moron!” They all laugh as Harry stops and pretends to cry. “Come on we’re going to be late idiot!” He smiles, pretending to wipe the tears away as he slowly advances forward. “So what do you guys do then?”


I redden with embarrassment, as everyone in the hall erupts into laughter. “We sing love. Your Dad told you that remember?” I look at them rolling my eyes, I then give Zayn, who had spoken to me in the first place, an unimpressed look. “But if you must know we sing pop songs” I nod processing the information. Pop. That…sounds cool. “Your face says you don’t like it” I shake my head eyes wide.


“Ah no, no that’s not it…I don’t really listen to it. I sort of listen to more rock/punk rock than pop. You know, people like Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, and The Rancid. Those sorts of bands. Although…thinking about it I’ve made occasional allowances if you like.” The boys nod as we exit the hotel crossing over the road. “So how far is it then?”


“Not far, we’ll get there in a few minutes.” Sure enough it only took us a few minutes “told you.” Chris smirks as they all carry on in. I roll my eyes at him taking in the appearance of the cinema. The outside of it is made up of glass panels, with brickwork above it. The sign is a red background with the name of the cinema printed in big gold letters. “Hays are you coming in?” I nod, following Chris into the bright inside. Inside of the cinema, there is a small bar type area with chairs near it. Then there are doors with medium sized signs on them. This is the toilet area, the signs have been designed by children, by the looks of things. Chris takes my hand, smiling as he leads me over to the boys.


“Here’s your ticket…oh Hays I’m sorry I don’t think we have one for you.” Harry looks at me, he slowly moves his hand behind himself. I wrinkle my nose at him, he looks like he is scratching his bottom “it’s best to get the itch when it first arrives.” He winks turning around to face the boys. I look at them, a smile growing on my face. In his back pocket sits the seventh ticket. “What you smiling at?” Harry asks lowering his voice to sound like a thug.


“My ticket is in your back pocket unless I’m…mistaken.” Harry rolls his eyes sighing, he reluctantly places his hand behind him again picking my ticket up. “So it is. Thanks!” I exclaim happily, taking the ticket. We all walk towards the staff on the door, whenever someone goes to go into the movie the woman will take a look at the ticket.


“So we thought that we would watch a spy, romance film.” I look at them in shock they don’t look like the type of boys to watch that sort of thing. “You see” Louis carries on “we usually watch adventure films or Toy story in Liam’s case, although…thinking about it we’ve made occasional allowances if you like.” He says smirking as he uses my words against me with only slight alterations.


“That’s cool because I swear I’ve just said that about my music tastes- oh wait I have!” I say looking at the now confused boys “yes I do make the occasional allowances and now I think of it I might have listened to one of your songs. Ah now which one was it?” I leave a long pause as I turn around quickening my pace into the cinema. I hear the sound of feet behind me signalling that the boys have ran after me. I turn around to face five expectant faces all staring at me “oh yeah. Well you were alright but Louis… get some singing lessons alright?”


We all burst out laughing at Louis offended face “you did not just say that” I nod, oh yes I did Louis. “That’s horrible” he whines loudly at me. Louis then looks at the watch on his phone walking forwards “well let’s do this then.” We all casually walk forwards, smiling as we one by one hand her the ticket.


“So you guys were telling me about the film” I tell them after we all apart from Harry get past her. They all murmur in agreement apart from Louis looks at him phone again, he holds up his one finger telling us to wait. Liam comes and stands by me, while, we wait for Harry to come through.


“You caught us!” He exclaims suddenly, I look at Liam confused and he quickly explains to me what she is staring at. “Yeah well you see I work out every couple of days, so this is where I get these babies from…although it isn’t fair! I mean I can’t get a date so I end up third wheeling…well, seven wheeling in this case. ” he tells her gesturing down himself then pointing at us as Chris quickly kisses my cheek. I smirk at him before moving my head in the direction of the door. He nods making it look like he is listening to what the woman says before he quickly excuses himself. “Well I will see you around, I must go my friends and I have a film to catch.”


He comes over to us as we all start to head through the door into the dark room ahead of us. “Well played Harold” I praise him practically feeling the smirk growing on his face. We all head up to our seats, Louis and Zayn sit next to each other, with Niall and Harry next to them and Liam at the end. Chris and I sit directly behind Liam. Harry takes his seat as he opens his jacket the chocolate and sweets falling on the floor. “Watch the treats Harold!” I scold surprising everyone including myself “what can I say?” I ask them quickly adding behind it “I love chocolate.”


“Alright well I had better give you yours first then.” Harry mocks using a frightened tone as he throws me my chocolate over his seat, hitting Chris in the face. We all get ourselves comfortable as the screen comes on “enjoy yourself guys.” Harry tells us as he opens up a can of pop “this is going to be a long film” I roll my eyes at him a smile playing at my lips as the adverts start. I sit back my chocolate open, head against the back of the chair comfortably as the movie finally begins to play.

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