It All Starts With How You Meet People

Friends are people that will do anything and drop anything, to ensure another's happiness.
How you meet people, is the way that your journey starts with them. This is Hayley's journey, starting with how she meets her five best friends and how friendship helps to overcome all obstacles.

Sorry if there is any misrepresentation its my first 1D fanfic and I'm trying my best not to misrepresent them.


4. 4.

“Hey wake up” I open my eyes slowly looking at the man stood in front of me, the caramel coloured eyes looking back at me. “Is it alright if I call you Hays? I mean your Dad does.” I put my hand on his arm as I stand up nodding. “It’s Liam and your Dad would like to know if you would help him to get some of the food out? You were asleep for most of that, your Dad said you weren’t going to wake up until you smelt the food.” I nod smiling slightly at the thought of dad saying that, heading outside to Dad. I walk up to him smiling still as I take some off him taking it back in. “Here let me help” I look at Liam surprised “no I mean… sorry, do you want me to take it for you?” I smile shaking my head, as I place them on a table already set out with some of plates.


“Alright lads” I turn around to see Niall holding a Nando’s bag “I just thought I’d contribute some food too.” He tells us smiling as he places what he bought on the table next to the bag I brought in “ah Dave I brought some Nando’s its brilliant! Pure perfection!” Everyone laughs as Niall does some sort of gesture to illustrate how perfect it is. “Anyway love I’m Niall. Niall Horan.” He shakes my hand again quickly, telling me his name. He waves slightly as he goes off in search of the others.


“Niall seems cool” I say watching Liam who nods in agreement, he picks up some of the food helping me to set it out on the table, as the others come back in. “You all do” I tell him smiling, he smiles back at me nodding again. “So” he looks at me “when did you guys decide that you want a professional photographer?” Liam shrugs his shoulder unsure “just a split second decision?” He nods, chuckling as we finish setting the food out.


“Yeah you could say it was” he turns around to face the others. “Lads it’s all out! Come and get it!” He shouts to them as we quickly put some onto our plates, finding somewhere to sit. “So what exactly is it that you do then?” I look at him confused “for a job?” He asks me slowly smiling slightly. Oh, he wants to know what I do for a living. “It’s alright if you don’t want to say” I shake my head smiling.


“No it’s not that, I’m fine with telling you. I’ve just finished a course in fine art and photography, at university. I’m thinking of being a teacher so as soon as I’m ready to apply and have found one, I’ll move on to a teacher training course then get a job. If I had one now then I’d be distracted by the work, it would stop me concentrating on the work, for university.” He smiles, nodding his head, standing up as Louis, I think it was, comes and stands by us. “Louis right?” I ask him watching as he does a theatrical bow.


“Yes I am Louis the one and only sass master from Doncaster.” Liam and I laugh as he takes my hand “and I am honoured to make your acquaintance.” I roll my eyes at him, placing the plate on the chair as I stand up. I take the ends of my imaginary dress pretending to curtsey, like I am in front of a royal. Liam and Louis look at me amused as I smile back standing up straight. I look at Louis using most sarcastic tone that I can muster.


“Well dear Sass Master from Doncaster the pleasure is all mine” I reply giving him my innocent look fanning myself with one of my hands. They both laugh at me the other three boys joining in with them when they notice me bow. We all look towards the door as we hear people come through it, the boys rub their hands together; it looks like they’re getting ready to meet someone new. Dad goes to greet them before bringing them over.

 I sigh noticing the sandy haired man stood in front of me “what are you doing here?” I ask him earning confused looks from the boys.


“This is my new job” he explains. I watch as he scratches the back of his head nervously. “It’s nice to see you again Hays. How was the barbeque?” I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly. Dad looks at me, his eyes darting to Chris. I smile sweetly, stepping forwards offering my hand. He shakes it reluctantly, he smiles back as I step back to the boys. “Hays listen about what happened last night-”


“Honestly I don’t know what you are on about Chris. I don’t think anything happened at the barbeque. I had such a brilliant time there, that I don’t remember it much. Anyway, if there was something, then, I’m sure that you wouldn’t talk about it here. Surely at work wouldn’t be the best place for it?”


“No I just- never mind. It was nice seeing you again.” Chris turned back to Paul as he introduced him to each of the boys. Dad looks at me weirdly as I went to walk past him. I smile innocently at him, exiting the room. I carry on down the corridor, I turn right following the signs. As I push the door open, someone runs up behind me tapping me on the shoulder. “They asked me to ask you to go with them to the cinema tonight. Will you go?”


“Only if you’re not going to be there.” He nods, turning around as the boys come out of the studio behind him. “We’ll meet up soon guys but I’m a bit busy tonight you know. I’m having some friends around.” I look at Dad as he tries to hide a chuckle by coughing. “You ok Dad?”

“I’m sorry but…you have friends.” Everyone looks at him surprised. “You have friends! Oh I’m sorry… it’s just that’s… a new one.” He turns to look at the boys, each of them trying to hide their smiles. “Now the cinema you wanted to go to. Where is it?”


“Uh well, it’s the one just five minutes from here. We were going to get Chris to pick her up and bring her to the hotel. Just so that we can finish getting ready and walk there.” Dad considers things for a second. “It would be around half seven eight” Liam finishes as Dad turns to me smiling.


“Chris do you remember where our house is?” Chris nods slowly “well then you could pick Hayley -Marie up in…” He checks his watch “an hour. I’m sure that would be enough time wouldn’t it Hays?” I look at Dad and stay silent. “Won’t it Hayley - Marie?” I nod, sticking the tongue out at the boys noticing their amused smiles. “Well then I think it’s time to go. We don’t want to keep your poor mother waiting any longer do we? Thank you Chris.” Chris opens the door for me, smiling slightly at me.


“No Dad. We don’t. Bye boys I’ll see you in a bit, thanks for the invite.” I smile at them receiving smiles back. I look at Chris smiling at him sweetly. “Yes. Thank you Christopher.” I hiss at him as we go out to the car. Harry runs over to the car, opening my door for me “thank you Harry, aren’t you such a sweet gentleman.” They laugh as I pinch his cheeks sliding into the passenger seat.


“It was nice meeting you boys! If you have any questions, my number is on the leaflet I gave you. Now I must get Hayley-Marie home, so that she can get ready.” Dad smiles doing the window up, as soon as the windows are up and we are out of hearing distance, he sighs. “You’re going to have to work this out.” I look at him for a second “this stupid vendetta with Chris! It was five years ago! Can’t you just move on?! You acted like a…a….a bloody five year old in there!”


“Dad” he looks at me frustrated. “Look you’re right I should move on! Ok? I can understand you’re frustrated because it didn’t go to plan. I can understand that you have always like Chris!” Dad looks at me confused “oh come on. You and Mom always have tried to get me with him.” He stays silent allowing me to carry on. “Mom always asks me if he will be coming round, then, I give her the same no and she’s disappointed. You and Jake are the worst though-”



“I understand that we might be pushing you a little, but, Chris is trying to be friendly. He’s a nice man that is trying to get his life back on track. I know that he is a bit hard to get to sometimes, trust me, you should’ve seen him as a kid. Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance Hays? You were willing to give Tia a second chance.”


“Yeah but that bitch turned evil on me.” I look at Dad as he gives me ‘the’ look “sorry. I’ll watch my language better.” He nods in agreement as we pull up at home. “Mom will be pleased….” I look up at the door as Mom comes out smiling. “Oh god…what is it now?”


“I just got a call!” I look at her “well… Christopher went home and told his Dad he was going out. His Dad questioned him, finding out that you two are going on a-” I put my hand up, staring at her in disbelief. “What we always knew this day would come. Jake told me” she squeals in delight. I look at Dad who simply shrugs his shoulders. “Oh come on David! We all knew they’d get together!”


“Mom?” she carries on, both my Dad and I looking around as some of the neighbours smirk at the scene in front of us. “Uh Mom?” She ignores me and carries on rambling about babies and….whoa wait babies?! “Mother! If you will stop acting like a love stricken fan-girl for one minute!” She stares at me “I’m not going to have babies with Christopher Bennet. Heck, I’m not even going out with him!” She looks at Dad for confirmation, he nods silently. “No don’t…” Mom walks slowly back to the house closing the door in a depressing manner.


“I’ll go talk to her.” He looks at me as he carries on past “sometimes I don’t get your mother.” I shake my head. Same minute. It’s like she’s swapped bodies with a 15 year old fan-girl. I enter the house, listening as Dad talks to her. “I know, I know. Listen you can keep shipping Haystopher if you want.” I throw my hands up, Mom smiles at me giving me a hug.


“I’m sorry, I overreacted. It’s just you’ve grown into this fine woman and I just want my baby to leave home with a nice, caring guy.” I nod, watching Dad as he has smiles at me triumphantly. Mom looks at me her eyes wide “oh I must’ve caused such a scene…I’d better go and apologise!” I watch in amusement as Mom rushes out of the house across the road to her best friend Bethany’s house. Bethany and Mom have been best friends since high school. Beth has strawberry blonde hair that is straight curling a tiny bit at the ends. Beth is a maths teacher at the local high school. I used to go there, whenever I was messing about in the class Mom and Dad would know. Beth’s eyes are grey, sometimes though, they light up when she gets excited, tinting blue.


“Overreacted…well nah” I mutter, receiving another ‘Dad look’ at me. “I’m going to get changed, don’t worry.” I trail upstairs, gasping as I open my wardrobe. All of my clothes have been removed, well, almost everything. “Mom!” I scream, turning around as Dad bursts into the room. I point at the wardrobe. Dad stares at it for a second before busting into laughter “there is nothing funny about this!” I shout frustrated. Alright I know my mother….overreacts sometimes but seriously?! Where there would be shorts, t-shirts, vest tops, jeans, skinny jeans, converse and three quarter lengths etc. There is a short, black dress with a thin white belt around it. I pick up the pair of black flats my mother has put on the floor and look at Dad.


“Oh do you like them sweetie” Mom asks sweetly, a smirk tugging at her lips. “Beth and I just thought you had to have the outfit. I mean we saw it and Beth literally screamed your name excitedly picking it up. Of course I chose the shoes, Beth probably would’ve picked you six inch stilettos. Anyway so it went well with the boys?” Oh did I mention this? Mom and Beth are… just as bad as each other.


“Yes” I hiss “it went perfectly. Perfectly enough that I won’t have to endure Christopher on his own.” I smile sarcastically, I push past them and lock myself away from the madness that is my mother. “Call me when goofball is here!” I shout turning the shower on and stepping in. While I’m drying my hair there is a knock at the door. I sit there quietly, turning the hair dryer off, listening to see if I heard it right. When no knock sounds, I shrug my shoulder switching the hair dryer back on.


“Hays!” I jump dropping the hair dryer. So I did hear it. “Hays it is Dad…are you decent.” He asks, it almost sounds like he’s scared of the answer. I roll my eyes standing up, I open the door smiling at Dad. “Good you are” he sighs in relief. “Oh Chris is downstairs the boys apparently ordered Pizza. You’re having tea there.” I nod, slipping my feet into the flats. I quietly walk down the stairs after Dad. As soon I see them, I burst out laughing. Dad raises his eyebrows at Mom as she stands there all sweet and innocent.


“I was just helping Christopher here…he couldn’t do a tie.” I look at Chris who is trying to do his best to be polite. “Now both of you stand together I brought Tommy down.” She thrust Tommy into Dad’s hands gesturing for him to take a picture. I shake my head pulling him towards the door “Hayley – Marie Johnson don’t you dare just leave like that.” I look at her “I am your mother and I want a picture of you two together. Look! Chris got dressed up for tonight!”


I glare at him, I quickly scan over his suit. He is wearing a grey suit, with a red tie around his neck. I look at him in distaste turning back to Mom. “Yes I do wonder about that. We’ll be having a nice little chat in the car.” I grab Chris’s arm with his watch on yanking it in front of me “wow. Well, would you look at the time? We really must get going!” I pull Chris out of the door running down to his car, he pulls his arm back and looks at me strangely. “Yes…oh I’m sorry you must have a problem with me getting us out of the house. If you want a picture, then be my guest. I’ll be in the car.”


Chris sighs, he walks around the other side of his Ford Raptor. It is a white car with black flames going up the side. The interior consists of, black chairs with large white stripes down the side. The Dashboard is white with a black outline. The gear stick is black with white teardrop shapes at the top, the steering wheel is fully white. “So how was your day?” I stay silent, turning to look out of the window ignoring him. Tyler might be right, I might be holding a past grudge and…it’s a big one. “Look I understand if you don’t- what?”


“I said it was good…thank you.” Chris smiles to himself “don’t!” I tell him, knowing he will follow through with a comment of some kind. “Let’s just go to the boys- wait what, did you just say?!” I turn back towards him glaring at him. “So what if I do?!”


“Nothing I just wondered if you did like Liam, I like him too…although not in the way I was asking you about. I just wanted to know if you did, not that it’s any of my business.” Chris explains nonchalantly. He glances at me smirking “you’re going red. I’d sort it out if I were you.” I sit there speechless for a second, my mind seems to have stopped for a second. Chris pulls the car over into a car park, he parks in the space by the entrance climbing out. “Out you come Angel.”


Just when he says that my mind snaps back to reality. I smile sweetly, stepping on his foot hard as I walk past. “You’re bloody well right that this is none of your business.” I growl at him, Chris smiles slightly as I carry on. “Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not your friend. Never will be. Stay away from me. I. Hate. You.” I see the boys stood by the doors watching us in a bemused way. I walk up to them like nothing happened.


“You know I really think you should take my brothers advice.” I ignore him carrying on towards them. I hear him sigh again as he grabs my wrist, turning me around. “I’m trying to apologise here. I’d been a jerk to you at the barbeque and I really shouldn’t have. It should be me asking you for forgiveness not the other way around. I’m sorry.” I stare at him for a second quickly, taking my arm back as it stings a little. “Did I hurt you?” He asks as I rub my wrist where it stung.


“Well sorry isn’t good enough Bennet. It never will be, you got me to the state I was in. You. Not me. Now I’m going to go and have a nice time with my new friends, understood?” He nods silently going to walk past me. I watch him stop as the words leave my mouth before I can process what they’re saying. “You hurt me a long time ago goofball” turns his head slightly nodding, he doesn’t look at me after that as we both silently carry on into the hotel. Chris strides in front while I trail behind.


“Hey you two look too dressed up for this…” I look at Liam who had spoken first “just saying.” I carry on past when he takes my wrist gently. I sigh in relief, the sting doesn’t happen when he touches me. “What’s happened between you two?” The whole band looks at me, Chris has carried on up in the lift, leaving us in the lobby. “Did you two argue or something?” I stay silent shaking my head, I go to carry on when Liam tightens his grip a fraction more. “We know you don’t like him for some reason and we don’t care why. We see that he’s trying to make things up to you…we want you to try a clean slate with him.”


“We have no right to ask of course” Harry carries on as I stare confused at them all, they all smile at me hopefully. Louis walks over to a man dressed in Percy’s Pizzeria’s uniform. “It’s just that we all like you Hayley, we all clicked with each other instantly earlier and…we want to be friends. That’s why we want you to try again.” I look at them incredulously, we can still be best friends even if I don’t like him.


Louis stares at me for a second “oh girl. Listen don’t do it for us, do it for you. You’ll be happier if you do.” I nod, maybe I’ll think it over. Maybe. “Alright one pizza each. Niall and Harry have meat feast, Liam have Pepperoni, I have the cheeseburger pizza” he shakes his head, shrugging his shoulders. “I’m up for new experiences. Zayn, Hayley and Chris have a margarita pizza.”


“So are we going to get going then?” The boys nod, we all press the button waiting for the lift. When the lift comes we all push past each other to get in, as soon as the doors open. I stand at the back the boys all standing in front of me. The boys look at me, they smile pulling out a bottle of pop “what are you doing?” Louis passes the pizza to Zayn who stands there silently “Louis, don’t you dare!” I warn him moving back. The lift comes to a halt as I move back, the doors behind the boys are still closed. I furrow my eyebrows at this moving back more as Louis steps forwards the newly opened coke tilted downwards.


“Careful” I hear Chris mutter as I fall backwards. I almost feel him smile as he catches me “you really should be careful where you step.” I stand up, pushing past him and waiting for the boys. I watch and Harry and Liam send me stern looks. When they get out of the way and Chris stands in the lift, Harry hugs Louis and mouths sorry. I roll my eyes at them, he gives me another look. I sigh walking forward when Niall sticks his foot out tripping me up. I fall forward into Chris, my cheeks heat up so I mumble a quick apology. “Is Hayley Johnson apologising?” He smiles at me happily “I’m sorry too.”


I walk away glaring at Niall as the lift doors shut. “Sorry love” he apologises, smirking at me. “I just couldn’t resist it anymore. I really think you two- we really think you two need to start off on a clean state. Now you can, you’ve both apologised.” He takes the coke off Louis, who, has now put the lid back on and taken the pizza back from Zayn. “Hey!” We all look at him “down there. I just saw someone take a picture. Next time ask mate!” He shouts down the corridor angrily, I look at him shocked. “It’s not that we don’t like people taking pictures, but, we’d prefer it if sometimes they’d have the decency to ask.”


“Yeah sometimes it gets annoying. Especially if we’re out with people, just because then they’re caught up in it. You know, the fan speculation and all.” Zayn explains, I nod, it’s not like I don’t know about fan speculation. My favourite band, English Love Affair, sometimes complain about it. Only when people speculate really stupid things, mind you. “Now…welcome to our den, if you like.” I smile at the messy room “I know right, being famous stares you’d have thought we’d kept it in a nicer condition.” I smile walking in and picking up a pillow “we do most of the time. Today though we sort of had a…pillow fight.”

“Pillow fight?!” I stare at them, my eyes alight with excitement at the possibility of having a pillow fight with these guys. They all stare at me in an amused manner “I love pillow fights! Honestly! I’m the best in my group of friends!” I shout jumping on the spot.


“Friends? What friends? I thought your Dad said you don’t have-” I smirk as Harry doubles over slightly. “Dead shot” he chokes out, the pillow hitting the floor with a thud. He waves them away for a minute looking at me. “You’re too strong for my liking” I smile pleasantly at him, watching as he stands up again. “What are you a bull?” He jokes picking the pillow up “I’ll get you back for this, you know. I will…but for now, I’m hungry.”


“I second that” Louis states, he sits down on the floor crossing his leg and taking his pizza box. “We should probably wait for Chris…nah I’m hungry!” He tells us as he licks his lips looking at the pizza, I slap his hand away as he goes to pick a slice up. “Oh Hays! That’s not fair! I need to eat!” I smile at him rolling my eyes. We all turn to the door when it opens, it reveals an out of breath Chris. “What happened to you?”


“Some guys noticed I left my keys in the car. They weren’t very friendly…” I sigh watching as everyone turns to look at me. “Can you help?” I look at him “I have a few cuts…they were drunk.” He shrugs his shoulders, smiling at us. How do drunk people even find themselves in the car park? “I don’t know what they were doing there. They thought it was their car… I won though.” He sits down next to me “so are we friends again then?” I roll my eyes “aw come on you know you want to smile.” He nudges me slightly with a grin on his face.


“Just because I apologised, it doesn’t mean were friends got- fine! Yes we can be.” I amend myself the minute I catch Liam’s dagger glare. “Of course we can be friends Chris…now shall we start to eat I think we have a film to catch.” I glare back at the boys as they smile to themselves triumphantly. Oh how I’ll get them back for this! I pick up the pizza taking a bite of it as the chatter starts to filter into the room.

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