It All Starts With How You Meet People

Friends are people that will do anything and drop anything, to ensure another's happiness.
How you meet people, is the way that your journey starts with them. This is Hayley's journey, starting with how she meets her five best friends and how friendship helps to overcome all obstacles.

Sorry if there is any misrepresentation its my first 1D fanfic and I'm trying my best not to misrepresent them.


18. 18

“Hays.” I groan rolling over as the cracks of light invade my delicate eyes. “Angel it’s morning” I sigh, burying my head into my pillow trying to stop the invasive light. “Baby, the boys are down stairs and they want to see you. You know how busy they’ve been the past few months-”


“Go away Christopher! You know I’m not a morning person!” I whine. I hear him sigh, walking out of the room. “Yeah that’s right sucker…” I mumble to myself, sleep willing to take me back to my pleasant dreams. “No one messes with the pregnant lady who wants to sleep. Hormones rule…”


“You know I really feel sorry for our child. You’re a really mean person in the morning, even when you’re not pregnant. When you moved your arm earlier to swat me away, you hit my nose and it’s still stinging.” Chris comments, causing a smile to erupt on my face my head still buried. “Three seconds” I stay silent, the sleep drawing nearer. “Three” my eyes feeling heavy “two” my eyes closing a yawn slipping from my mouth “one last second Angel.” He warns, the darkness blanking my-


“Christopher!” I scream my tiredness gone. I jump out of bed in my pyjamas running after Chris, as he darts down the stairs laughing loudly. “Christopher Bennet you, cunning, horrible, cruel man! Are pregnant women not allowed to….hi?” I offer seeing the stunned faces, accompanied with the awkward silence, surrounding me. “Hi guys” I greet cheerfully sending a threatening glance at Chris as I make myself a drink. “I’m so sorry. Chris and I have been having some ‘watery’ disagreements at the moment.”


I watch in bemusement as Harry slowly walks up and tentatively touches my stomach. “You’re having us on” he turns to Chris carrying on. “There’s no bump, there’s no kick. She is not pregnant!” I slap him round the head going and sitting with the girls who were trying not to laugh. “What was that for? That was so unfair! I was stating the truth!”


“Harold I’m not far along enough to get a bump, if you understand what I mean?” Harry nods sceptically “plus ask Perrie. She was there” I shrug smiling as Chris places a plate of toast in front of me. “Thanks but you’re still not off the hook Christopher, I don’t like buckets of water over my head as a wakeup call. I’d have rather been left asleep.”

“Yes well Angel, have a nice day” he tells me kissing the top of my head “piece out suckers!” He shouts as Liam and he leave the house. Everyone remains quiet for a bit. None of us know what to say to each other.


“So he took it good then?” I nod, Niall pausing for a bit “I’m sorry but has Chris been acting weird lately?” I look at him amused by his sudden outburst “I’m sorry I just- Liam has, ever since he returned from hospital. He leaves the studio early or sometimes turns up late. He doesn’t come home until it’s really late, he has this glint in his eye. One that would suggest he has something on his mind. I was just wondering if…you know Chris had been the same.”


“I don’t think he has” I tell him thinking over the past few months “there isn’t anything to suggest it, sorry Niall.” Niall nods, Harry looking at him confused. “What’s wrong Harry?” I ask, everyone turning to look at him. He waves his hand at us, going out of the room “one minute” I tell them standing up to follow him. I walk off to find him in the living room staring out of the window “hey.” He jumps, turning around offering a smile “what’s going on?”


“Our friendship has strengthened hasn’t it?” I follow his gaze nodding, a ghost of a smile appearing on my face. I guess it has. “It’s got that strong that Liam took a bullet.” I look at him confused. “I didn’t mean to scare you Hays I’m sorry. It’s just…nah I’m probably just lonely.” I place my hand on his shoulders, Harry turning to look at me. “It’s nothing I’m just lonely that’s all.”


“Alright well if you want to talk then I’m here” I tell him watching as he walks away back to the others silently. Eleanor spots me, walking over to me smiling. Her smile falters as she sees my face “Harry’s lonely.” She nods sadly “and he thinks… he thinks that Liam took a bullet for someone.”


“Well I think all of us would do that if we had to.” I nod in agreement. “That’s not it though is it?” I shake my head. Eleanor sits down on the sofa, she pats the space next to her smiling. “Come and talk to Agony Aunt Eleanor. I can sort all of your problems out you know?” She smiles at me “I sorted out your six months and the pranks that’s been sorted out.” I sit down next to her gratefully “now what is it.”


“I once took a bullet for someone. I never knew why I’d done it and I ended up hating him for years. He became public enemy number one in my head. I still don’t know why, it might’ve been love, who knows?” Eleanor smiles sympathetically “then Liam gets shot. I know things happen like that sometimes but… it got me thinking. What if it was because he wanted to save someone?” My bottom lip trembles as I think back to the thoughts from when that darkness had entered his eyes. “What if he had done the same thing that I had? I’d been lucky that there was someone around. We don’t know exactly how long he’d been there before he’d been found. What if he hadn’t have been as lucky? What would’ve happened then?”


My voice breaking as the tears fall out of my eyes, causing me to look down. “Hey you must never think like that Hays.” I look up to find Chris looking at me worried “I’ve told you I don’t want you to cry. Liam doesn’t either. Now, Liam doesn’t remember anything about that night so let’s try and forget it too. For Liam?” I smile nodding.


“Hey big bro” I say as I pass him. Liam is looking at his phone, an unreadable expression on his face. I stand there for a second silently until he realises. He looks up smiling at me for a second as we walk into the kitchen “so how’s life?”


“Life’s been good to me so far. The pains gone, only the occasional sting, then I find out I’m going to be an uncle! I don’t think life can get better.” He sits at the table next to Zayn, I sit opposite next to Perrie. Both of them seem solely concentrated on the game of connect four. “Hmm, you see what I see?”


I nod taking one of Perrie’s red counters sliding it into the first slot. “Hey Hays that was my turn!” She whines turning to face me. I lightly move my finger diagonally, Perrie taking a look at it. “Oh…I won. I. Won.” The realisation setting in as she stands up shouting “I won!” Repeatedly jumping on the spot excitedly. “I won, you lose! Now the sofa’s where you’ll snooze!” She chants, I turn smiling at Niall who stands next to me.


“They were playing that to determine whether Zayn would sleep on the sofa tonight.” I look at him quizzically “well occasionally they play a game to determine things. Last time they played chess to determine what they would order for date night. The lads and I had gone out to give them privacy, when we get back they were only just eating and putting their film on.”


I laugh at them as Perrie smiles smugly at a glaring Zayn. “Hayley helped you that’s no fair!” Zayn complains crossing him arms. “I request a rematch!” Perrie shakes her head taking my arm and leading me to the living room.


“Thanks for that!” She shouts happily “we should totally go out today?” She suggest smiling happily to herself. “Oh yes!” I look at her wincing slightly “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to go straight down the ear. There’s this brilliant waterpark near here, we should totally go there!”


“Yeah that sounds nice, how about we regroup here in half hour?” Perrie smiles going and getting the others. They all smile as they leave “now that we’re alone…” I look at Chris “ok maybe not a good idea. You’re right, half hours not long enough.” I smack his arm playfully as I climb the stairs. I hear him come up behind me slowly “I heard someone called for a taxi?” He suggests picking me up and running up the stairs with me in his arms.


“That was not funny! Now put me down on the bloody floor Christopher!” I shout sheepishly, Chris sighs putting me down “this is the second time…I think, that I’ve used your full name.” He smiles taking a bag, he places our towels into them “it’s a good job we’ve got the rest of the day.” I comment smiling at the sunny weather outside.


“I don’t know about that Angel. You were asleep till about half twelve.” I look at him, my head flipping around in his direction. “Yeah I didn’t want to wake you Angel. You looked so…angelic sleeping.” I look at him, narrowing my eyebrows “ok maybe that was too cringe worthy. I apologise, for my cringe worthy excuse for not waking you up. That better?” I smile nodding “good now I think we’ll eat tea out at this waterpark tonight. What do you say?”


“Yeah I like the idea of that…can I ask you something?” Chris nods at me “do you….do…do you think Liam has been acting differently?” Chris looks at me unbuckling his belt, changing into his swimming shorts. “What are you doing?”


“I’m changing what does it look like Angel?” He smirks pulling his trousers back up “and considering you’re not that far along I’m sure you’d like to come on some of the rides and slides with me.” I look at him, watching as he smiles cheekily at me. “You might as well change now. There’s no changing rooms there” he shrugs his shoulders walking out of the bedroom.


Exactly half an hour later, we’re all leaving the house heading to our cars. Liam, Chris and Zayn are driving. In Liam’s car is, Niall, Harry, Louis, Eleanor and himself. In Zayn’s car there are just himself and Perrie. Then just me and Chris in Chris’s car. “So this water park…there’s no changing room?” Chris smirks mischievously, he nods slowly. “Are you sure Chris?” He nods, his eyes staying on the road. “Oh I just wondered because Perrie seemed quite surprised.” He glances at me quickly as we follow Zayn’s car around a corner down a small country road. “Yeah she seemed certain that there was, in fact, she assured me there was and that I needn’t have just gotten dressed there.”


“Well Angel, I have no idea where she got that information from. I know there isn’t any.” He parks the car, climbing out. He takes his top off leaving the bag containing the towels in the car. “So let’s see. There’s The Spinner, The Slinger rollercoaster, The Fish Bowls, all sorts. You pick one Angel and we’ll go on it. What do you say?”


“Well it seems the others are heading on the ride called the…changing rooms.” Chris looks at me, “I don’t even want to know. I think we’ll wait for the others then- oh look here they are now” I carry on slyly. “So guys, where shall we start? As Chris was kindly informing me there is The Spinner, The Slinger rollercoaster, The Fish Bowls, all sorts.” I wink at him earning a confused looks from Perrie, Eleanor and the guys. “Oh Chris just thought that there weren’t any changing rooms so he persuaded me to get changed at the house. Now come on, it’s one o’clock.”


“I like the sound of The Spinner” Harry suggests. Chris nods “but what is it?” Chris stops, he points towards as tall rollercoaster in the distance. It starts off as a small slope, where the coaster (shaped as a tea cup) goes up it getting height. It then takes the back down it, splashing them before taking them up again. I then takes them up another slope, along a small corridor with small windows, the cup will stop, tilting them down. Once tilted the coaster/cup, will descend down a spiralled slope, upside down at a swift speed.


At least…that’s what’s just happened to us. “Alright next time Harry doesn’t choose. We don’t wait there for fifteen minutes to twenty minutes for us be taken on that!” Everyone stops to stare at me “look I don’t do rollercoasters normally ok. I like to do rollercoasters but these one’s where they spin you around, no!” I look at Chris as he takes my hand.


“I don’t know Angel, you seemed to be enjoying it until we started spinning upside down. Then again you always did hate the spin. Why don’t we try The Fish Bowls?” He points at the big bowl like ride as we near it. Everyone else smiles in agreement even though we can’t actually see the inside. “Come on Hays, I promise it won’t be anything you don’t like come on.”


“You see I’m pretty sure that pregnant women are allowed to go on rollercoaster and be that as it may, you seem not to want to.” Louis explains while he and Eleanor walk along, swinging their hands. “Now I think The Fish Bowls is a brilliant idea. Chris, please will you explain to us what The Fish Bowls is all about?”


“Well The Fish Bowls are a very popular ride here so we will need to line up for a long time. It normally takes, well Tyler last went on it, a couple of hours.” We all stare at him, amused by the fact that he thinks, we will just all wait in line for that long. “This is because Tyler came over a few days ago, it was when he spent a day with his university friends. The ride is apparently extremely popular, which, is why the line is so long.” We all stop by the gate, people are queuing out of the gate, a little by the food stall. “Anyway you go up the slope there” he says pointing at the coaster going up the slope. “Then it sends you down the slope- no spinning or upside down hanging. It sends you down splashing water at you sending out back to the exit.”


That’s not what happens. After waiting for nearly the time that Chris had predicted, an hour and a half, we had gotten onto the ride. “So it’s just a simple up the slope, down the slope?” Chris nods as the coaster starts to slowly move. We get to the top after a minute looking down at the fish bowl, it is just a slope down into some water, with little hose type machines spraying water at us. “Huh, guess you told the truth. I have to admit that I was at first a tiny bit sceptical Chris- wait why are we going up again?”


“I might’ve told just a little white lie, you see, there’s another fish bowl.” I look at him, part of me is panicking and wants to hold onto him for dear life. The other half… wants nothing more than to strangle him. “The other fish bowl is smaller though Angel” he explains as the coaster goes up a small hill, going along a curvy line stopping at the other bowl. “If you’ve ever watched Happy Ever after Doesn’t Exist then you’ll understand the toilet flush effect. It’s nothing to be afraid of though Angel-”

“Christopher Bennet! I swear!” The coaster tips a bit facing down. “I swear to you right now! As soon as we get off this rollercoaster I’m going to- Ah!” I scream in fear as the speed increases as we head down the bowl in a straight line, the coaster tips on its side slightly as the ‘toilet flush’ effect happens. It’s like you’re constantly spiralling down into a black hole as the track straightens out, leading to a pipe setting.


We exit the ride, my body shaking. “Ok maybe I lied to you but… I just wanted you to enjoy yourself Angel.” I ignore him walking ahead a bit “hey don’t ignore me c’mon just talk to me.”


“It was alright I suppose. I still think you’re stupid though” Chris smiles triumphantly reaching for my hand. “Not holding hands just yet” I warn him looking at Niall who was wearing the waterproof watch. “What’s the time?” Niall looks at his watch smiling as he answers my question “ten past three?” He nods “alright well let’s go on another few rides before we have something to eat. Chris can pay, considering, he oversold a water coaster to us.”


“That’s not nice Hays I won’t have enough” he reasons. I smile at him nodding as I notice the change in name, suggesting he knows he’s upset me a little. “Ok I get it. You’re a little annoyed with me, and I completely understand why. I told you that the ride was short and deceitfully persuaded you to come onto the ride. For that I apologise-”


“Yeah that’s right mate, you apologise to her” Louis jumps in earning a frustrated look from Chris. “You starting?” Chris looks at him in disbelief as a completely soaked, dripping wet Louis walks up to him staring him in the eyes. “I thought not.” He watches as an amused smile surfaces onto my face. “There is the smile. Now, I got the coin thing like you said to. Do we really pay when we leave?” Chris nods as Louis passes a coin to each driver. The coin is attached securely to a thick bracelet that they each wear on their wrists. “Hays can pick this ride, just because she’s the only… unsatisfied customer.”


“Now hang on, I prefer the second one to the first because we just got tilted! But he” I point accusingly at Chris “lied to me.” Chris smiles quickly taking my hand, holding it firmly “get off.” He shakes his head smiling innocently at me “fine have it your way. I choose, The Slinger.” Chris pales slightly, his smile faltering as he looks at me in disbelief. “What is there something I should know?”

“The Slinger is, as it is suggested, a fast ride. It well” we walk a bit faster stopping at a clearing. “Look for yourself…” I watch as an open roof car shape slowly goes backwards packed with people. “See?” I watch laughing as I see his problem, the car is then pushed forward with such force that it rockets down a water filled, straight line track coming to an abrupt stop. “I hate you” he tells me as I pull him forwards all of us taking a place in the line.


“You know I swear that I can see a place where they can print us off photo’s…if we all chip in, we can get a copy each.” I smile innocently as Chris groans, the line moving up. “I reckon by the line, because the start is not in sight just yet, we’ll have to wait a little, are you ok with that Chris?” Chris nods silently, the panic visually building up in him. “Are you ok, baby?” He nods again as I place my free hand to his forehead. “Listen if you want to bail you could always go up past those people?” I suggest watching as he slowly turns his head to see more people line up behind our group.


“I’ll be fine, don’t you worry. I’m sure I’ll like it. I normally like these rides. It’s you I’m worried about” the others stop talking to listen in. “After all it’s you who doesn’t like them, isn’t that right baby?” I smile in amusement, watching as he tries to brush it off coolly.


“Really? Wow I’m sure it was you who told me that these rides were in the category, Puke certain, wasn’t it?” Perrie giggles as we watch Chris redden in embarrassment. Chris stares at me in a mix of embarrassment and frustration.


“Aww look at you!” Perrie says standing in front of us as we move up. She pinches Chris’s cheeks, weirding him out. “Aw don’t worry! I’m sure Hayley can man up for this and assume your role as the knight in shining armour.” Burn! Chris goes to retort with something when she cuts across him. “Don’t worry Chris. We all know you don’t like people taking your shine.” She then whispers by his ear loud enough for only us three to hear “don’t worry your head off, I won’t tell anyone.” She winks at me standing next to Zayn who had been talking to Liam and kissing his cheek.


Chris pulls me in front of him, wrapping his arms around my waste. “The only thing I don’t like is the thought that at any moment I could lose you.” I look at him the smile on my face faltering. “It’s true.”


“Well stop thinking like that, because you sure as hell ain’t losing me that fast Knight.” He looks at me bemused by my new nickname. “What? Perrie said you don’t like anyone taking your place, so, to show you that no one will… I’ll call you that.” He smiles nodding happily at it. “Now man up because this is the final ride before we can go to the food part.” I pull him forward with the other pushing him as we stand by the staff.


“Hey is he ok?” They ask us, I nod smiling. “Well he’s paled a lot” he comments staring at him. I think on the spot as they open the gate. “There’s only enough to fit nine in. Three at the front, three in the middle and three at the back. Make sure your safety bars are securely pulled over you so that you can’t be in any danger…” I block him out slowly, watching as Chris stares at the ride with complete distaste. “Hey mate you don’t get on the ride by just staring at it.”


Chris looks at them annoyed as I push him into the front “it’ll be fun and to make sure that you don’t try anything you can go first. This just makes sure you can’t get out and we get the most out of it.” I turn to the man “listen I’m sorry about my partner. He isn’t used to the rollercoasters, he’s never been on one. We appreciate your patience and I will make sure he knows that you don’t ride a rollercoaster by just staring at it.”


“Alright” he sighs as I climb in sitting next to Chris. “Mate you have no chance. Better yet absolutely no childhood.” He mutters as Liam climbs in sitting next to me, both men turn to glare at the man, the coaster slowly backing up. Liam turns to me a questioning look on his face, I go to answer as the coaster shoots forward, Chris screaming at the tops of his lungs, his hand holding mine in a bone crushing grip as we come to our abrupt stop. The water falling on the floor after it hits us full force in the face.


“I told him Chris has never been on a rollercoaster” I explain, the coaster reverses back to the entrance. The doors open on Chris’s side, Chris stumbling out. Harry catches him as his legs give way. “Aw Knight, you look ill. Come on we’ll go and stand outside of the pizza place they have here.” They all look at me confused “someone mentioned it. We go down here, straight ahead past a pinball type ride then turn a corner and its right in front of us.” They nod smiling as Chris shakily takes a step forward, scared of falling again.

We arrive there a few minutes later “so Chris baby” he looks at me “you do have your wallet right?” He looks at me “that’s good. I’m glad it’s quite water proof and that you’re paying by card.” We walk into the restaurant “do you have a table for nine please?” I ask the waiter who nods, showing us to it. “Thank you” they leave to go and get our menus.


“Hi I’m Shelly and I will be your waitress for tonight. Can I get you any drinks?” We go to tell her we haven’t had the menus when she carries on with an over the top giggle. “Well look here! You haven’t got any menus. My bad. Now, we have…” she thinks for a minute “coke, water, lemonade, Orangeade, limeade. Then for alcoholic beverages we have…” She thinks for a second adding a quick swing of her hair over her shoulder. “I think it is cider, ale, beer, I think carling…” she places a finger on her lips, smiling at him.


One of the boys goes to order, giving up as she carries on directing her full attention at Chris. I look at Perrie who notices what she’s doing too and raises an eyebrow. “Excuse me?” She ignores me. I try again. “Hi excuse me?” She carries on “hi can I get a-” She ignores a third time throwing a flirtatious smile at Chris.


“Go for the other option” Harry whispers nodding at me. I smile liking the way he is thinking “she’ll stop then.” Hmm might work.

“What are you waiting for?!” He mouths to me, I look at him smirking. I touch Chris’s shoulder lightly. He turns his attention to me, smiling at me. “He doesn’t know” Harry mouths again. I throw him a shut up look.


“Chris darling?” He nods “I need the toilet” he looks around trying to find it in the room full of people in their swimming suits. “It’s ok” I look at Shelly “hi Shelly…can you tell me where the toilets are?” She nods glaring at me for breaking his attention. “Look at him! Chris baby, I told you it is ok! I’ve asked our lovely waitress here!” He smiles, the smile turning to a frown as he catches the others with big grins on their faces. “Now where was I? Oh yes the toilets?”


“They’re by the salad bar” she states bluntly pointing at the small salad bar with a few people surrounding it. I place a kiss on Chris’s cheek “I’m sorry” I look at her smiling as I place the hand with the engagement ring on the hand he has placed on the table. “It was the toilets you wanted?” I nod “ah then yes it is by the salad bar. I’m so forgetful sometimes” she giggles.


“Aw don’t worry about it! Chris here is always forgetting things” he looks at me offended due to the fact he doesn’t ‘always’ forget things. “Yep, but that’s why he’s my Knight in shining armour. It’s why I agreed to marry him. Right the toilets, you know a pregnant woman always seems to need to pee.” I stand up, Shelly turning to walk away after she glances to try and spot a baby bump. “Oh and if you don’t mind I’ll have a coke and Chris will have a real ale please?” She nods “just get him any type, he drinks it all.”


I move past them Perrie and Eleanor standing up to join me. “I- we… need the toilet too” Perrie explains as we walk off. We pass the salad bar, all of us with big childish, proud grins on our face. The sort you would get after beating someone else at a ‘your mama’ competition in school. “Ok! Too things” Perrie starts as soon as we enter. We all stand by the sinks laughing “that was brilliant! However you did go over the top a little.”


“I told him he wasn’t losing me that fast and he’s boosted my confidence. I wasn’t going to let another woman lower that. Especially with fake giggles, flirtatious winks and smiles etc. etc.” I shrug quickly using the toilet. “Now” I open the cubicle door, washing my hands at the sink. “I think I’m ready to order.” We walk back to the table seeing Shelly stood there talking to Chris again. Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis look at us. We look for Liam who isn’t there.


“Liam got bored and went to the salad bar” Louis explains to us nodding at her. “When’s she going to understand that he isn’t interested?” I look at him an eyebrow raised “we explained as soon as you three left.” He pauses as Eleanor and Perrie sit down again “then she came back placed your drink down and started asking questions. He clicked on when she asked him if he honestly thought you were the one.” I look at him, he looks back a stern expression on his face. “He told her it was none of her business and that was when Liam went to the salad bar.” He pauses looking behind us “I think he’s also talking to the manager.” He adds.


I nod “oh thank you Shelly for bringing our drinks.” She looks at me, reluctantly stopping her conversation with Chris. “It’s lovely, how we just know that we’re meant for each other, isn’t it?” She nods throwing a dirty look at me, when she thinks he won’t see it. “You know baby?” He looks at me “I love you.”


“I love you too Angel” he smiles as I rest my head on his shoulder. Shelly walks away annoyed, when a man in a suit calls her over. “So what was all that about?” He asks as everyone apart from me smiles triumphantly. “Angel, what was that all about?” He repeats a warning undertone catching my attention.


“Love you” I state innocently a smile tugging at the corner of my mouth. The look Chris gives them wipes the smiles off their faces. “God! You guys. I can’t take you anywhere with Mr. Stern here.” I joke, receiving a look from him too.


He wraps his arm around me, pulling me closer to him as I go to stand up. “Thank you” I look at him confused slightly “I know you were annoyed with her. I was too. I didn’t know how to shut her up without upsetting her.” I look at him dubiously wondering how he can say that. “Well considering she is bringing our dinner over to us in a bit, I didn’t want her to poison it or something.” I smile slightly looking across at the Perrie. The tea comes later on set down by a now silenced Shelly. I look at Liam mouthing a thank you to him.


“Hey Chris can I use your phone please?” Chris looks at Liam nodding as he passes him his phone. “Mine’s got no signal. I’m going to go outside” he tells us leaving the room. We all take a piece, putting some onto Liam’s plate waiting for him to come back in. “Hey Chris your Dad is ringing” he takes his phone kissing me as they both leave again.


“Well we might as well start” Perrie comments. There’s a murmur of agreement as we all do that. We eat and talk occasionally looking around for them. Liam and Chris haven’t returned, all of us wondering what could take them this long. “It’s been ages since they went out” Perrie stands up moving past Zayn. “I’ll go and get them, back in sec.” She walks towards the door before stopping, we watch her as she runs out of the door, returning straight away. “They aren’t there.”


“We’ll wait a second then. They might’ve gone to the car for something, Chris would’ve told Hays if anything was wrong. He’s only been out a couple of times since he found out.” We all sit there quietly waiting for them to come back. When they don’t come back after half hour we all start to worry about them. “Alright well maybe they got lost or something?” Zayn suggests desperately.


“Let’s take some home for them, we can reheat it and they can have it later.” Louis says as he signals a waiter. “Hi do you have anything that we could take this home in? Our friends seem to have gotten lost on the way to the car so we’re going to find them.” He explains, the waiter nodding and heading off towards the kitchen. He returns momentarily with two takeaway boxes “thank you.” We, Louis and I, divide the pizza in two putting it into the box with what was on their plates.

“Looks like Chris won’t have to pay” Niall jokes as he pays them for the tea. We all head back out, scanning for them in the now smaller crowd of people. “I say we wander about to find them” Niall proposes to us as we head around the park. The wandering takes a bit of time as we look up seeing the sky darken around us. “Lads, there’s no way that they would be lost now! They’re probably waiting for us back at the cars. Chris and Liam won’t leave without us.” He reasons our legs tired as we trailed back to the car park.


“Well there not here” I state as we come into sight of the car park. “They could be in the cars themselves but Liam has a convertible and he isn’t in there.” We all nod standing by the cars “Zayn didn’t Chris and Liam put the keys to their cars in yours?” He nods, unlocking the car, throwing me and Harry the keys. “Thanks.” We all sit in the cars with our doors open so we can all talk to each other still.”


My eyes become heavy as the sky darkens to black and the car park becomes empty. They go to close, my mind losing the battle to keep them open any longer when, the door to the driver’s side opens, causing me to jump. “People are useless when giving directions” Chris states next to me “can I have the keys Angel?” The worry disperses from all of us as Liam opens the door to his car, I turn around jumping at Chris hugging him. “I’m sorry I worried you” I smile broadly holding onto him like it was a dream. “Angel? I need to get us home it’s late.”


“Yes it is bloody late! What were you doing you idiot?!” He looks at me sheepishly as I shout at him “and you Liam Payne!” I bellow at him as he goes to climb in “don’t you dare do this again to us!” Liam mirrors Chris’s sheepish look. “You complete morons!” I carry on “don’t you know how worried you made us?! Eleanor and Perrie went to sleep thinking you’d been shot again!” I tell them directing the last comment fully at Liam. “Take us home” I order closing the door. Chris nods turning the car on and reversing out of the spot. Liam and Zayn do the same.


When Chris and I reach our house, the others beep a goodbye to us, all of us waving at each other. He parked the car on our drive climbing out and opening the door for me. “I’m sorry for upsetting you Angel” he starts “Liam and I when we went out came back to the cars, we got there to realise that we had left our keys in Zayn’s car. We then tried to retrace our steps but the problem was we got lost. We asked a few people who gave us various ways. When we got them to narrow it down they had taken us in a circle.”


“That’s fine…oh don’t lock the car” he looks at me surprised “I brought home some of the left over pizza, so you would still have some.” He smiles gratefully taking the pizza box off me “now you can have that in the morning because I’m tired and you can come to bed soon.”


“Yes sir” he replies sarcastically, he takes my hand firmly as we walk up to the house. He opens the door pulling me in. “Aw is someone a tired little girl?” He teases placing the box onto a cabinet in the hall. He picks me up bridal running up the stairs “you’re tired so I’m going to get you to bed faster” he tells me innocently. Well I’d have thought it would be innocently if I had not had seen the big smirk unconsciously oh his face at the time. “Here you are” he states carrying me into the bedroom, dropping me onto the bed.


“You’re horrible” I mumble the warmth of the bed covering me. I pull the covers over myself rolling over to face the door. “Night moron.” My eyes feeling heavy as sleep knocked on my minds door. The door opening, the sleep invading every inch of my mind.


I feel the bed lower on his side, Chris wrapping an arm around me. “Night Angel. Please forgive me for my mistakes and the ones to come.” I don’t have time to ask him about those words, the darkness consumes my mind emptying it as the dreams begin.

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