It All Starts With How You Meet People

Friends are people that will do anything and drop anything, to ensure another's happiness.
How you meet people, is the way that your journey starts with them. This is Hayley's journey, starting with how she meets her five best friends and how friendship helps to overcome all obstacles.

Sorry if there is any misrepresentation its my first 1D fanfic and I'm trying my best not to misrepresent them.


15. 15.

“Tell me you didn’t-” I cut Josh off as I let out a short laugh.  Is that really what our son thinks we did the night we first got together? “I didn’t mean anything I just want to make sure I wasn’t well…you know then.”


“Joshua.” I crack a smile “you would be eighteen if it were then.” I state knocking lightly on the door “no it was surprisingly not that night that you happened. Josh are you going to come out of here yet? Do you want me to continue?” Perrie shakes her head, smiling at me as he stays silent.


“Um yeah could you please do a summary, just because you have a couple of years left to explain to me and it was the January of the year that Dad died that I was conceived. Oh and no I’d like to stay in here, if that’s ok mind you.” I sigh he wants me to explain six months to him. Maybe it doesn’t sound a lot to most, but, to us it was enough. “Come on Mom time waits for no one.”


“Fine! Well ok your father and I spent most of the time that he didn’t have to be with the team and that I wasn’t needed. There were a few things that had seemed out place but it looked like I was the only one who had noticed.” Josh looks at me confused “well your father would see something sometimes and it would confuse and frustrate him. Harry seemed to be getting a little lonely, maybe that was because everyone else was with someone. He would then start saying things that sounded really strange. Things we wouldn’t expect. Liam was very distant sometimes too, he’d be mid conversation but then he’d sort of faze out.” Josh stops me for a second.


“Harry was lonely?” I nod “everyone had a significant other?” I nod again “so Harry acted weird?” I nod one final time. “Are you nodding to yourself?” I stay silent for a minute “Perrie! Is Mom nodding again?!”


“Yeah she is Josh! I’ll sort her out! Don’t worry! Why are we shouting?!” She looks at me smirking “Hays?! Do you know why we’re shouting?!” I shoot her an annoyed look as I cover my ears “your Mom doesn’t know either!”


I’m not sure why but it seems that our son finds many things hard to understand. I go to carry on when Josh stops me again. “Ok! Oh, I almost forgot I want to hear about when Granddad got the picture of Harry falling into the swimming pool in the hotel after the Barcelona show and at the end of the stay, so…you were about to go to the tour bus.”


I nod “right. Well-wait just this bit?” I ask surprised. Josh nods, I look at Perrie who shrugs her shoulders. “Well then you want to hear about Harold. Fine, well as you know we were leaving the hotel that day…”



“Harry!” Harry spins around on his heels and smiles at Chris and me as we walk towards him. Chris has gotten back into his uniform. This means he’s back to the whole yellow/green jacket for behind shows, with the tracksuit bottoms, white plain t-shirt and trainers. Then when being the bodyguard, the black suit alternating to different positions to make sure that everything went smoothly. “So you excited for the show in Madrid? It’s just a month away until we get to go home. Mom and Dad are going straight back today anyway so they’ll be getting the next scrap book ready for the publication.”


“Yeah it’ll be good to go on stage again. To feel the rush of happiness as the crowd screams while we perform. That sort of thing.” I smile and Chris nods “can see you guys are pretty cosy now” my smile grows into a grin, but, falters as something flashes through Harry’s eyes. “Are you alright Hays?” He asks me smiling as he waves a hand in front of my face. I nod smiling again, giving Chris a reassuring kiss on the cheek as he looks at me concerned.

“Yeah, no I’m fine Harry. I’m just a bit nervous to be back on the road that’s all” I lie because everything isn’t right. I don’t know what it is and who it involves but there’s just something wrong. “So can I rely on Mr. Bodyguard to protect me from the big bad band on the tour bus? Who knows what evil schemes (pranks) they’ll devise this time.” I ask as we exit the hotel.


“For you I’d do anything” he replies kissing the top of my nose letting go of my hand. “There stand in front of Harry and Harry come stand by Hays. Where are the others?” Harry and I look around noticing no one else is there apart from a few sun loungers. “Are you ok with standing on the edge by the pool?” He asks Harry who nods putting on a smile as Chris gets his phone out. “What? It’s not every day you hang out with a famous singer.”


“Yeah that’s fine but I’m having a picture with you in a minute Christopher” I laugh as he smiles then cringes realising that I called him by his full name. “Anyway this is your job, so yes it is practically every day that you get to hang out with a famous singer.”


“Yeah… but it’s not every day that I get to hang out with my amazing, beautiful and very talented girlfriend is it?” I smile at him sticking my tongue out “too cliché?” I nod, he smiles at Harry “god! Everything is too cliché with this one Harry!” It was then that Harry fell. It was a moment that could only be described as destiny.


There was a few girls chatting as they were walking up, I saw Chris furrow as one of them gave him a once over. I glared at her before directing it at him, as, he watched me an amused expression placed upon his face. “I don’t like people checking out my boy-” Something hits my back, knocking both Harry and I off balance I fall forward, my suitcase dropping to the floor. Chris drops his bags catching me as I fall forward. I look at Harry, Chris following my gaze as we see Harry fall sideways.


Chris catches me with the one hand, the other reaching towards Harry. It’s too late though. We hear a splash and see Harry look at us soaked from head to toe, his beanie floating next to him in the water. “That was brilliant!” He exclaims sarcastically, all of us looking towards where the others have gathered without our knowing. Their phones out, smirks tugging at their lips. “Oh dear” Harry says out loud to himself as he watches them all put them away.


“Don’t worry my Harry, my boy!” Dad says helping him out of the pool. “I have the perfect picture of that for the scrapbook.” Harry chuckles slightly, Chris and I bringing his things over. “At least they remained dry” Dad commented as we all head out of the gates. Chris takes my hand again smiling as he entwines out fingers together firmly.


I feel the grin on Josh’s lips as I hear him laugh. His laugh is so much like his fathers, hearty with a serious edge to it. “That was just brilliant! I see the headline now! Harry Styles, famous singer from worldwide known band One Direction, takes a bath on way to end of tour!” He laughs again Perrie and I exchange glances quickly.


“Yeah I think it was something like that” I tell him looking around the hall. “I think now though that maybe we can focus on packing up this house. What Josh?” I ask him as he instantly quietens. Perrie stares at me, like I’m a newly discovered species of animal. “Joshua?!” I repeat in a warning tone.


“Well this is the home stretch, the last part, you can’t stop now!” He pleads with me. “Please Mom? I want to hear about the six months night, bar a few details” I sigh knowing that this is not going to go my way. I nod “is she nodding again?” I hear Perrie laughing confirming it “sometimes I think my mother is hopeless.” I hit the door looking at it with an offended expression on my face “thank you!”


“Alright well you need to calm down a bit first ok?” He quietens again, Perrie giving me an ‘are you serious look.’ “Yes I am serious Perrie Edwards. Now let’s begin again. Ok well shortly after- what now?”

“I want to know about the engagement night so start there.” I look at her rolling my eyes.


“You seem to roll your eyes a lot. Hey…didn’t Chris used to call it your bad habit or something?” I shrug my shoulders probably.


“Sorry. Please can you start there?” He amends, I nod. Now let’s start for a final time.


“Alright, well we were back in the country by this point. Your father owned his own place so I sort of just moved in with him- oh wait we can show him the video!” Perrie gives me an unsure look “yeah think about it? There isn’t anything that is bad in it!”


I fall back as the door opens. “What video?” Josh asks suspiciously, both of us shrug our shoulders. “They videoed it?” I nod “huh…really?” I nod again, I smile at him “Mom you might want to stand up…” I sit up, Perrie just grabbing my hand as I fall back again.


“Well Perrie and the boys videoed it…it amuses me still to this day.” I run downstairs with Perrie, both of us run up to the T.V. “This will be packed in the morning, I believe. So…” I look at Josh who is looking at me weirdly. “The girls and guys videoed this, obviously we made sure that your father was the one to edit it…” I smile at Perrie as she passes me the DVD box. “Sit down then” Josh rolls his eyes sitting down. “Now” I click play, smiling as the first images are shown.

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