It All Starts With How You Meet People

Friends are people that will do anything and drop anything, to ensure another's happiness.
How you meet people, is the way that your journey starts with them. This is Hayley's journey, starting with how she meets her five best friends and how friendship helps to overcome all obstacles.

Sorry if there is any misrepresentation its my first 1D fanfic and I'm trying my best not to misrepresent them.


11. 11.

“Hays!” I turn around to see him walking towards me. Matt smiles at me, the same confident smirk that I loved about him. “So why don’t we go out for a bit? Just the two of us?” I nod, a night with Matt would be perfect. He’s always out with his friends, doing whatever he does. I ask him about it but he says that they just hang out. I’ve even questioned his best friend Chris about it too but Chris replies with the same thing. “So how was your day?”


“My day has been fine thank you Matt. How was yours?” Matt rolls his eyes slipping his hand into mine. He smiles stopping in front of me taking my other hand.


“Why would you ask? But if you must know it’s been completely and utterly boring” I smile as he places a quick kiss on my cheek. “Although now I’m with you I think my lucks changed.” He winks at me as we step into the building his flat is in. as we near the top of the stairs to the floor his flat is on Matt smiles noticing Chris stood there “hey man, what are you doing here?”


Chris smiles back at both of us “I was just wondering if you’d like to come hang out with us?” Matt smiles as I sigh causing it to change slightly. He shakes his head, Chris giving him a questioning look.


“Ah no, tell the guys I’m sorry I can’t. Hays here and I am going to spend the night together and do whatever it is that normal couples do.” He jokes flashing a smirk at me, I furrow my eyebrows as a new emotion flies through Chris’s eyes. “You ok Hays?” I smile giving Matt a quick nod as he tightens his grip on my hand slightly. Chris nods politely stepping out of the way and walking back down out of the building. “Now” Matt says kissing my neck gently. He pulls me into the flat, closing the door behind us “Exactly what is it that normal couples do?” He asks placing a kiss on my lips, his hands moving down to my lower back.


I sigh “not tonight Matt” he looks at me incredulously a smirk playing at his lips. “I’m serious Matthew” I tell him pushing him away as he tries the puppy eyes expression, walking away.


“Why I’ve heard many normal couples do this sort of thing” he whispers snaking his arms around my waist from the back of me. I roll my eyes at him and look at the DVD’s “come on I haven’t seen you in weeks.”


“That’s why we’re not normal though, isn’t it Matt?” He looks at me his expression neutral “I get that you want to go out with your friends and that you can’t always be with me. Just once though Matt. Just once. Just once could you please tell me about your day and not just tell me that it was ‘completely and utterly boring’ or that you ‘just hung out’ with people. I ask you about your day because I like to know what you’ve done, there is only so much that I can take of you not telling me anything. It’s almost like you’re hiding something from me!”


“Jeez Hays stop being so clingy” I roll my eyes at him, moving past him again heading for the door. “I’m sorry that was the wrong thing to say. Listen I love that you want to know what I’m doing and that you respect my need for space. I appreciate that you get annoyed that we don’t spend enough time together and I feel bad for it but that’s what we’re doing isn’t it now? We’re spending time together.”


“Yeah spending time together arguing. Look if that Matt is what you call spending time together then… you can find someone else ok?” Matt looks at me grabbing my wrist as I turn to the door, placing my hand on the handle. “Don’t Matt” I tell him pulling my wrist back heading out of the door.


“Hays wait please? We’ll do something different I promise, just come back inside.” I turn back to him raising an eyebrow at him. “Come on we’ll watch a DVD or something and order a takeout, what do you say? Please just come back in, we can cuddle if you want” he pleads his eyes frantically searching for something as he follows me down the stairs.


“Why? So you can try again? No thanks Matt I’m not in the mood.  I think I’ll go home and just read a book and eat there tonight sorry. Anyway” I say as I turn around “I don’t date boys who just want to ‘cuddle’ all the time.” I head out of the building into the cool evening air, crossing the road and walking home.



I wake up looking around the room. Perrie and Eleanor are still asleep, I watch in amusement as Perrie lazily moves her arm over her eyes to, I think, stop the cracks of light getting near her eyes. I hear the door open and Harry pop his head around the door, his face carrying a worried expression. “Is everything ok? The boys and I could hear someone talking really loud in their sleep.” I nod my head smiling appreciatively at him “cool. Well do you want some toast? We’re all having some…” I nod again watching as he closes the door slowly, as to not wake the girls and heading back out to the boys.


I get out of bed wandering out in my pyjamas “what?” I ask confused at their shocked faces “is anyone going to tell me what they’re staring at?” I say after a few more minutes of silence “what is it?” I repeat taking a step forwards. I watch as Liam and Louis faces twitch with the urge to smile “what?” I repeat once more cautiously as they stare at me, I narrow my eyes realising that they aren’t actually staring at me. “Wait where the hell is Styles?!” I go to turn around noticing that their gaze is fixated behind me when I scream feeling water being tipped on my head.


“I believe that you had a hand in the events that had occurred, obviously, while we were asleep.” I turn around hearing Harry speaking. “Yes well you see, the boys and I woke up quite confused when we, each, realised that we all had different types of makeup on. We couldn’t understand how it got there consider that, well, none of us could remember Lou putting anything on us. So it boiled down to a few final options, you, Perrie and Eleanor.”


“That and the fact that I woke up with the teddy Zayn brought for Perrie at a fair we’ve visited.”  Niall chimes in, I roll my eyes at them. Of course they would notice that! I told Perrie they would! “Anything you’d like to say?”


I roll my eyes at him “well played boys but exactly how are you getting the others for this?” I ask them a smirk forming as each of them look at each other unsure. “You don’t know” I tell them stating the obvious. “I have no faith in you guys” I tell them sitting down on top of Liam taking a piece of his toast “thanks Li” I take a bite, winking at them all as I enter the room I’m sharing with the girls again. “Guys!” I shout waking them up instantly they look at me tiredly, their hair all over the place “hmm light sleepers.”


“No it’s you and your big mouth” Perrie states smiling at me “what is it this time?” They both stand up stretching their arms yawning. “What is it Hays?” She asks again, I shrug my shoulders “are the boys awake yet?” She asks hope lighting up her eyes, another plan forming in her head.


“Yeah” she grins at me “but they’ve already noticed the makeup….” I tell her raining on her parade I gesture down myself showing her what the boys had done. Her shoulder slouch in a disappointed expression. “They’re gonna get you two next by the way. Oh and Perrie?” She looks at me sleepily “I told you they would know something happened because of the teddy!” I tell her, Perrie doesn’t seem too bothered as she sits back down on the bed giggling. “Err what’s so funny?”


“Trust me the boys have tried to get me before and it doesn’t work.” She stops thinking for a second before adding “they’ve tried to get Eleanor too thinking about it” to the end. “Anyway, we’ve already posted the pictures so our plan is complete. You really should use a more complex password.” Both girls burst out laughing at something as I look at them confused. “Oh yeah…basically Lou walked in on them and-”


“Lou walked in on what?” We all turn to the door, our heads moving faster than expected, with a smile plastered onto our faces at the familiar sight of the silvery haired woman. “Why hello there girls” she says in between laughs as we engulf our friend into a big group hug. “Why are you guys being so happy to see me? Also, why were you talking about me? Also” she points at me “why are you soaked?”


“The boys were being horrible to me hence why I’m a bit damp” I explain to a now amused Lou. “Oh and the girls were telling me about the time the boys tried to get them back for a prank but you stopped it.” Lou laughed suddenly as soon as I have finished explaining what we were talking about. “I don’t get why it’s so funny” I state shrugging my shoulders and sitting down on the bed with a puzzled expression.


“Well it wasn’t that I’d stopped it. You see the girls decided one day that the boys needed to be woken up early so they…woke them up.” I nod, I don’t see how this is funny though. “Well the boys then wanted revenge and as I was doing the girls hair later the boys changed some of the girl’s things. Perrie was dying her hair again so the boys changed the hair dye to a green one- although Perrie would still look gorgeous anyway.” Perrie smiled taking over.


“They also changed Eleanor’s styling mousse for when Lou did her hair for a party they were attending together.” I look at them all a general picture of what the boys plan forming in my mind. “So when Lou realised she corrected it, however, she did use the tampered with items. Only she used it on the boys. The mousse was used on all of them and with Louis being the last she used both on only him.” I smirk as the image of a green haired Louis pops to mind.


“Obviously by the time they got there, their hair was a mess” Lou carries on. “I don’t think they were impressed one bit though to be honest. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got dragged into this feud anytime soon either.” Perrie rubbed her hands together an evil grin forming on her face “no Perrie I’m not even getting involved this time! Oh Lux is here by the way” she tells me watching in amusement as my eyes light up with excitement.


“Lux!” I scream running out the door into the main part of the tour bus watching as the toddler runs up to me happily. I pick her up spinning her around as she giggles to herself “and how is my best buddy?” I ask as I stop spinning her giving her a hug. Lux giggles playing with my hair as she does sometimes. “I’ll take that as an ‘I’m good thank you Hayley!’ Am I right buddy ” Lux giggles to herself again.


“Hey Lux where’s my hug?” We all hear Chris ask as he enters the tour bus again. I look at Lux who shakes her head giving me a hug. “That’s no fair! I thought I was your favourite friend!” I look at Lux who smiles at him “well I’m not your friend anymore!” He tells her pretending to go off in a huff.


“Aww poor Chris! Shall we show him how sorry we are?” Lux nods smiling “ok. Stick your tongue out at him! Come on just like this!” I tell her showing her what to do “that’s right Lux! You go girl!” Lux laughs, sticking her tongue out at him again as he turns around slowly. “That’s it girl you show Christopher Bennet! You show him who the boss is!” I encourage laughing along with the others as he mimics her by sticking his tongue out at her back.


“Well then I’ll go outside and cry then Lux!” He shouts stomping off Lux joining in the laughter as he does so. Lou takes Lux off me smiling as she puts her down watching the happy little girl run off out after him.


“May I say Miss Teasdale you look very nice today” I compliment her taking in the nice white long sleeved top with the black skinny jeans and boots. Lou thanks me returning the compliment as she gives me another hug. “Well if you call being soaked” I look at the boys “nice then I can go with it” I state smiling at her.


“Mommy?” Lou looks at Lux the smile faltering at the five year olds facial expression. All of our smiles do. There’s something troubling about it. It’s like she’s seen something she can’t understand, like something doesn’t seem right to her and she can’t understand why. To me this facial expression doesn’t look like it belongs on the happy toddlers face. “Something’s wrong?”


I follow the way that Lux had gone. My mind full of thoughts about what could be troubling the usually happy and bubbly toddler so. Then I see it. The black mop of hair that I had once loved coupled with the piercing blue eyes that never gave away what he was thinking. There in front of me stood “Matt?”

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