It All Starts With How You Meet People

Friends are people that will do anything and drop anything, to ensure another's happiness.
How you meet people, is the way that your journey starts with them. This is Hayley's journey, starting with how she meets her five best friends and how friendship helps to overcome all obstacles.

Sorry if there is any misrepresentation its my first 1D fanfic and I'm trying my best not to misrepresent them.


10. 10.

“Hays wake up” I groan swatting the person sat next to my bed away. “Hays come on we need your help.” They whisper as I groan again rolling over onto my side “I hate to do this Hays you’re a really nice person.” I smile as my dream continues-


“Ah!” I scream my eyes flying open as I feel a hand clamp over my mouth. I narrow my eyes at Perrie and Eleanor, who smile sweetly back at me. They put a finger to their mouths as Eleanor checks the boy’s room. Perrie slowly removes her hand from my mouth when Eleanor nods and gives her a thumbs up. “Why?” I whisper shout at her, Perrie shrugs her shoulders as Eleanor explains.


“We needed your help and you said to get you if we needed anything.” She replies shrugging her shoulders like Perrie did. I envision a hand palming my face in my head as I grin at them.


“Well then I’m sorry. I hope I haven’t woken anyone else up” Eleanor and Perrie smirk at me and shake their heads. “Why are you smirking?” I ask a rising sense of fear builds up in me as their smirks progress into an innocent yet, ever so slightly evil grin.


“That’s the thing we need everyone to be asleep.” Perrie explains excitedly “we need them to sleep so the plan will go smoothly.” Oh ok they have a plan- a plan! Wait what is the plan for? As if she could see the panic and alarm in my eyes Perrie brought out her makeup bag. Oh cool so we’re going to do some girly makeover thing- but that doesn’t explain why everyone else has to be asleep.


“What was the screaming for?” Perrie and Eleanor turn around slowly like children being caught red handed with biscuits, when they’re supposed to be asleep. “Well?” Chris asks as he slips on his jacket that each team member wears. “You’re having a makeover at three in the morning?” Perrie and Eleanor nod “no you’re not” a smirk playing at his lips as he realises he’s caught them out. “So?” he carries on sitting down on the floor by the door to the front. “What are you doing?” They look at him surprised “what? I’m just going on shift if you like, which means I’m going to be bored until the boys get up. I might as well have some fun.”


“Well” Perrie thinks for a moment before smiling at him. “We’re going to get the boys and you two” she states pointing at both of us in turn. “Are going to help us” Chris stands up smiling at her.


“Sounds legit” he replies. I roll my eyes before realising all of them are staring at me patiently. “She’s in” he states looking back at Perrie and Eleanor. “So what are we using?” I look at him annoyed, as he smiles not looking at me. Both girls hold up their makeup bags “fairs. Let’s do it.” They all turn around walking out the door. Yeah suckers I’m not joining you! Go and get the boys on your own! “Are you coming or do I have to drag you with us?” Chris questions poking his head back around the door. “Good girl” he smiles innocently at me as he says it.


I roll my eyes sitting there “Chris” Perrie whispers, she smiles as I look at her sweetly “she’s still…you know.” I hear him sigh as Perrie moves out of the way allowing him to see me. “See what I mean?” He nods walking in, I look at him my eyebrows furrowed “Hays-can I call you that?” I shrug my shoulders, they can honestly call me whatever they want. “He will do something you know?”


“Yeah I know, it’s just that…he wouldn’t.” Chris looks at me, a smirk playing on his lips as he advances forwards. “You see Chris told me-” He moves quickly, he lifts me over his shoulder walking out of the room. He closes the door and locks it using a spare key he has on him “hang on why on earth, do you have a key? It’s not like you need to lock the doors anyway.”


“I have no idea Angel. Now, you are going to be a nice, good girl and help us to get them…yes?”               I look at him moving my gaze away. A smile lights up my tired face as I settle it on Harry “what?” He turns around slowly to see Harry lying there. He looks all peaceful lying there… “Shame we have to end his peacefulness isn’t it?” He asks as if he is reading my thoughts.


I nod, taking a look at the scene before me. Eleanor is working on Louis in the top left bunk, Perrie is working on Zayn under her and Chris looks like he is about to start work on Niall, who is on the bottom right bunk. “So I’ll take Styles then, I guess” I tell them, heading to the sleeping curly haired man in the top right bunk. “Hang on what am I using I don’t bring any makeup-I don’t have to do….oh.”


Perrie smiles shoving her makeup bag in my face “use whatever you want Hays.” She tells me carrying on with Zayn. I peer over her shoulder to see she is applying some eye shadow to him “his eye keeps twitching when I apply it. It was such a pain- oh well I’ve managed it!”


“I know right Perrie. I’ve just put some deep blue eye shadow on Lou and he is doing my head in!” She exclaimed in a whisper “seriously they’re like fidgety five year olds!” I smile as I set eyes on Harry. Hmm what to do with you Styles? I look at him until I hear Eleanor talk to me “I’d apply green eye shadow it goes with his eye colour” she jokes making me giggle at the thought.


“Wait El that’s genius!” I take out Perrie’s eye shadow and start applying it to Harry. His eye twitches as I put the eye shadow on making me roll my eyes. They really do twitch, God Harold can you not lie still even when you’re asleep?! “Ugh! How can one man twitch this much?” I ask myself as I try to apply the eye shadow a third time. Harry groans moving his hand and smudging the eye shadow over his face. I’m leaving it there… I put it back looking through Perrie’s makeup bag finding her foundation. “Hey Perrie” she looks at me as she finishes putting lipstick on Zayn. “Is this the one that you spray and if you don’t rub it properly it stains?”


“Yes why?” Oh I just want to make Harold look….tanned. I don’t give her an answer as I turn back grinning evilly over him. Ok so maybe I am going to enjoy myself now. “Hays what are you up to?” She asks trying to see what I am doing to Harry. “Hayley Johnson” I look at her weirdly, how’d Perrie know my name? “Oh Liam told me it” she states shrugging her shoulders “now let me see what you’ve…” She smiles at my handiwork moving away so that she can try to contain the laughter wanting to come out of her. “Brilliant!”


“Well I’m done” Chris speaks up, my leg feeling weird as his hand brushes past it. “Hays…he looks good” Chris states trying to find a word that won’t offend me.


“He’s not finished yet” I whine looking at him. I’m surprised the boys haven’t woken up yet, the noise level of the room has casually rose to quite loud. “Anyway are you finished with that permanent marker yet?” Chris nods cautiously passing it me, I snatch it from him (what can I say? I’m getting revenge!) “Now I’ll put a swirly line there and make it thicker…” I mumble to myself, Chris picks up Perrie’s mascara going back to his masterpiece A.K.A Niall Horan. “Right can you stop touching my leg please?”


Chris pulls an innocent look “I don’t know what you mean Hays.” I narrow my eyes at him kicking his hand.


“Well learn what I mean!” I hiss at him “my leg feels weird every time you touch it! So stop.” Chris chuckles, a satisfied smile on his face as he finishes Niall. “Now you can do Liam but make him less colourful if you can” Chris looks at me weirdly “ugh you know less like” I move my arm around the room.


“Yeah of course” he smiles at me as he walks over to Liam who is sprawled over the sofa bed. I watch him as he smiles away to himself. He seems happier since we talked… I mean he told me he loves me, but, after last time I don’t know if it will be the same response as before. “Alright listen the boys can get up whenever they want, so don’t be surprised if they see it before you manage to get pictures. I’m going to go back to work… you guys get some sleep ok?” We all nod, placing the makeup into the bags it had come from “thanks Eleanor” Chris says placing the makeup he had used into her makeup bag. “Night again….I guess.”


“Oh don’t worry Christopher…we already have pics of Zayn and Louis. Perrie will cover Liam, I’ll cover Niall and Hayley can cover Harry.” I smile as they take pictures of the boys, I tiptoe back to the room and pick up my phone. Switching it on I make my way back to Harry, Eleanor finishes taking pictures of Niall allowing me to stand on the edge of the bunk. I climb up once my camera is loaded, Harry rolls over to face the wall before rolling over again to face me again.


I quickly snap the picture as a gasp escapes my mouth, the flash erupted from the phone camera causing Harry to wipe his eyes. We all stand still for a second holding our breath, before releasing it as he rolls back over falling back to sleep. The second reason that I gasped was because I feel a clamp around my leg, I slowly look down to see Niall hugging my leg. “Alright…just stand still” Eleanor whispers as she comes over to inspect it. “He’s still asleep…I think” I give her a ‘are you serious?’ look sighing. “Perrie?”


Perrie pokes her head around the door confused “what is it?” Eleanor points at my leg “oh…” I look at her incredulously “it’s not my fault Niall is hugging your leg!” Perrie sighs and moves nearer to us “I think I have the perfect thing….wait here.” She quickly walks back to the room, she takes a few minutes before she emerges again. “Zayn gave me this…” I nod, both Eleanor and I are looking at each other confused. “It’s an old technique that I used to use when I babysat” we nod together “I used to call it the swapper.” She tells us proudly, I smile in amusement as she slowly walks up to the bunks. She bends down so that she is face to face with Niall “like taking candy from a baby.” She smiles gently taking is arms and wrapping them around the teddy.


“I’m surprised he didn’t wake up” I confess climbing down and facing her. “Won’t Zayn know if you’ve given Niall the teddy HE brought you?” Perrie stops smiling for a minute, she rolls her eyes dragging me away “you know…” she glances at me, Eleanor trailing behind us. We all turn to stare at our handiwork a last time, I rub my eyes as my brain screams at me to sleep.   “I am a little bit tired” I state looking at the girls “I wonder why that is?” I ask them as they smile at me, Perrie closes the door lying on their beds covering themselves up. Eleanor and I do the same, Eleanor covers herself up, while I sit up in my bed staring at the wall in front of me.


“You know Hays I’ve been thinking about that you know?” I nod smiling slightly in amusement, wondering what she’ll say next. Perrie smiles closing her eyes “and I think that you just need sleep that’s why you’re tired. Not because Eleanor and I woke you up or anything…” I chuckle slightly under my breath at her statement. “Sweet dreams Hays and Eleanor” Perrie says as we hear her breathing become patterned, meaning she has gone to sleep.


“Night Perrie” we both whisper at the same time careful not to wake her. Realising what we have done we both giggle a little before the silent atmosphere settles on us again.


“Night Hays” Eleanor says as she too falls asleep leaving me in the room on my own. I sigh as my thoughts start to invade their home again as they always did when I was alone.


“Yeah night guys” I feel my eyes droop a little before a wake up a bit. I can’t go to sleep for reasons that are undisclosed to anyone…well maybe Chris knows, but, they’re his fault anyway. If only he’d thought about the consequences before he decided to do what he had done! Why must he be so stupid?! I feel the once more familiar feeling of betrayal that the memory brought forth. I feel my eyes close as sleep starts to consume me.


“Night Hays” someone familiar whispers as I feel them pick me up lying me onto the bed and covering me up. “Sweet dreams my Angel, please forgive me for all the hurt I’ve caused you.” Then like that the soft, comforting yet guilty voice disappears; leaving me to fend off the nightmares that sometimes consumes my dreams.

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