Back For You

A love story about NIall and Arabella , Two people who was very close friends when they were little but when Niall went to the UK ,He promised Arabella he will come back for her but he never did completely breaking Arabella heart but what happen if they meet again. Will Arabella forgive Niall for forgetting her? will they become friends again? will they end up together? Find out when you read Back for you


14. The concert


{ Chapter thirteen } 

It was Wednesday afternoon and niall was taking me out and since it was really hot outside , i decided  to wear something  appropriate for the weather.


when i was finish getting  Dressed  , i grab my bag and and then walk out my room and walk downstairs to find niall waiting for me  by the door, His face lighten up , when he saw me but faded, when his blue eyes travel down my outfits. He walk over to me and then stand in front of me " Arabella , what are you wearing , i can see your stomach" he said putting his hand on my flat stomach. "  so what it hot outside"  i said confused "  so , i don't want my girlfriend dressed like a slut and  other guys seeing more of you than  you let me see and am your boyfriend" he said removing his  hand from my stomach and crossing his hand  on his chest, A look of shock came over my face as i replay his words . i step back from him  just when his blue eyes widen and  he finally realize what he just said " Bella , i didn't mean ..... " he said before i cut him  off  " Save it , i thought you was different but it turn you are just another horny bastard " i snapped at him. He look taken back by my words for moment but then step forward toward me but i step back and turn away from him facing my back to him not wanting to look at him or i meant break down in tears. " okay i probably deserve that but it just..... i don't like the fact that other guys look at you when every part of your skin his covered in fabrics that  am pretty sure it will be a lot worse , when something as little as your stomach showing and it drive me crazy ..... so what am trying to say is that i don't want any other guy looking at you but me and you meant think that is selfish but it true" he said as he wrap his arm around me from behind. i turn around in his arms and look at him "   it not really selfish but sweet" i whisper as i put my forehead on his. he smiled at me and gave me a peck on the cheek before i playfully roll my eyes and put both my hands on his cheek and gave him a kiss on the lips . he smiled in the kiss before we both pull away from each other. we stare at each for a while  before i look down and then pull apart from niall " i will go change into something else then we can leave okay" i said turn around until he grab my  arm and pull me back " you look fine , let go " he said his hands travel down my arm to hold my hand , when we got to the door , niall walk behind me and then try pulling my shirt down to cover my stomach but it went back up .  i silently chuckle  then turn  around to see him with a frown before it turn to a grin. " you want me to go change" i said with a  goofy grin " would you " he said his whole face lighten up . i playfully roll my eyes and then went upstairs to change.    `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

{ am going to skip all the way to Friday  since the other days are not important}  

 { Husnal pov }

Friday night-

The lads concert and Arabella birthday  After the concert Sarah , Shaza, .Arabella , Diana and i all walked to the room where the meet and greet was going to be in to see Veronica  and her friends all over  the lads. we all look at each other and then back at the  scene , we wish we was,t seeing " god , you think this girls will back off once i slapped one of them" i said through gritted teeth. " If that girl don't get her hands off my man there going to be problem " Sarah said as she watched Veronica friend  , Chloe place her hand on harry shoulder as she laugh at something harry said " okay , i got it here the plan we all take one and then beat the crap out of them , i got Miranda  since she the  one trying to steal zayn from me anyways agreed " i said with a serious tone  even through i was only playing. everyone nodded but Arabella who raise a eyebrow at us " seriously, they are the lads fans , we can't just go over there and stared beating them up just because they are trying to steal our boyfriend from us look am mad too and i really like to smack that grin off veronica face but right now , we have to support the lads" Arabella said as she spread her arms open and we all smile and then ran into her arms . " fine , come on let go talk to the lads and after we leave this place , we can go out and celebrate your birthday " i  said looking at Arabella who smiled and nodded . we pull apart and then walk over to the lads ,  the lads face light up from the sight of us . Arabella ran into niall arms and he pick her up and spin her around and i smiled at the scene before turning to look at zayn who gave me a kiss on the cheek and then on the lips . we both grin as we pull apart. " so how was your day , did you like the concert" he whisper as he look at me " my day was fine and the concert was amazing , you lads rock the stage" i said with a smile . he smiled back and then gave me a peck on the lips before he grab my hand and looking at the other lads who was having a moment with their girlfriend. " hey, are we still going out for Arabella birthday cause am staving " zayn said and the other lads nodded     { Arabella pov }  Niall put me down but still had his arm around me " sorry i could't spend time with you today for your birthday" he said putting his hands on my cheek " we are together now" i said  looking  deep into his blue eyes. we stay like that for a moment before he remove my hair from my eyes and kiss my forehead . he grab my hand and then look at the other lads who was about to leave " okay let go" he said dragging me with him until he stopped , when we hear someone say something behind us  "  can we come too " veronica said with a smile , i totally forgot they  were still here . the girls and i wanted to say no but liam beat us to it and said they can of course come. The girls and i glare at Veronica and her friends as they gave us evil grin , when the lads left the room " oh Happy birthday Arabella " Veronica whisper as she walked past me.    ​we decided to go bowling , since i just want to do something simple for the night. Through out the night the girls and i basically stick together since Veronica and her friends was glued to the lads like they were  dating but i don,t think the lads knew , what Veronica and her friends was up too . " Maybe Veronica was right about what she said on the train , maybe the lads are off better going out with them" i said after a long time of silence as we watch veronica and her friends flirt with the lads . they were still for a while until they all nodded and it hurt to realize that you can't always be with the one you love the most .   

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