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1. him

Hazel's POV

I remember it all like it was just yesterday.

But it wasn't was actually a year ago when I met him in my support group, i bumped into him he wouldn't quit staring at me...after that we became really good friends..but i wanted to be more then just friends and gus'. Love story was..beautiful i really loved him ..i sighed as i placed the flowers on gus grave stone. Tears streamed down my cheeks i wiped them away

Every day i would go to the grave yard and visit his Grave..i wish he was still alive ..i wish it was me that died not him...augustus deserved way more years ...i didn't deserve any..if i could just turn back time ..i would , i would tell him i love him and i would hold him and kiss . It breaks my heart just to think about mom tells me to move on..and that it will be okay. Well..i can't spend the rest of me life crying for a boy..that i once loved.

So i will try to move on.

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