It was you

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1. It was you

It was you who told me you loved me and i told you the same.

It was you who walked out on me and left me in shame.

It was you who said "Sorry" for making me fall apart.

For it was you who shattered my tampered heart.

I don't want to even hear your name.

For it only brings back pain.

I knew something would happen good or bad i cannot say.

Now i will dread that very painful day.

I wish you could feel the pain in my heart.

For i would have never tried to tear you apart.

I feel so stupid for saying I love you,

because our love was never true.

Please stay away and leave my mind,

for I still have my heart to find.

You broke my heart like glass,

you made me feel like I was living the past.

Your always on my mind,

so i listen to our song to pass the time.

I'm glad we are done for i knew our "Love" would become undone.

So I have clearly made up my mind,

I will try to stop thinking of you all the time.</3

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