Born Of Nature

A mysterious boy, who appears to be extraordinary, not just on the inside, but also on the inside. Ace grew up like no other kid, only because of one reason, his looks. Because of his childhood, he has a bad vision of people. But one day he meets the girl Lucy, and she changes his vision of humanity for life.


1. Prolog

I woke up. It was dark. I couldn't see anything. Just darkness. I was just about to fall asleep again, when a bright light blinded my eyes for a minute. It was not the nice and warm sunlight, as I woke up to every morning. This light was cold and hurted my eyes. It was nothing like the sun, at all! It was like the sun was trapped in a little... pear-shaped ting. My body was heavy, like it was made of stone.

After a few minutes, I was standing again. I tried to rise all the way to only standing on my feet, and reached the suntrap. "Arg!", it burned my fingers! Though the light was so cold, the thing was warm, as some of that silver-thing laying in the sun. I sat down and licked the place the mark, it had left.

My eyes had now got used to the light, and I could see clearly. I was in a box. Nothing but me and that warm-cold thing. I didn't remember anything about what happened, before it all went dark.

It was cold, but the air was thick. It was unbearable! Suddenly I could feel a cold breeze. I looked up, and saw a little square in the box open. A white light filled the room, and a person entered the opening. He was tall and walked at two feet. He had something to cover his body. Something black and white. It covered his body from tip to toe. Except from his face and hands. It was wired... and not natural.

He started to walk against me, and as he did, I backed up. I could feel the wall against my back, and couldn't get away. I was trapped. He sat down in squat, right in front of me. He wasn't safe, at least it smelled like it. So I snarled and tired to bite him. He backed up? I sat in silence for a moment. No one had ever backed up at me before. So of only my proudness, I turned my back. And that was the biggest mistake I had ever made. As quick as the lightning, he grabbed my hands, and forced them onto my back. A sharp pain ran through my arms. Though it hurted like hell, I started to fight. I was stronger, and just as I was almost free, three other men came in. One of them had a sharp and pointing thing, sticking out from a cylinder-shaped glass. A Picture, from before it all went dark, appeared in my head. I remember that thing. It was dangerous! The pain, I didn't want to experience it again! I struggled even more, but I wasn't strong enough to keep them all away. Then that pain came back. It hurted. My head and body became heavy, and everything started to spin around. Then it all went black, and I fell to the ground.

When I woke up, I was laying on a table. I tried to sit up, but something kept me from doing it. I looked at my wrists and afterwards at my feet. They were both tied to the table. I was all stretched out, and had something to cover my body. Almost like the tall man's, just in another form.

My head was still heavy, but my body felt light. This time I was in a white and bright room. There were all kinds of stuff I had never seen before. On one side of the room there were a huge screen, showing bones with a structure of a human. And whenever I moved, the bones on the screen moved as well. That was some wired shit, I shouldn't associate with! On the other side there were a glass. And some men on the other side. All wearing the same thing as the tall man. They moved around as big ants. Never stopped working, or whatever they were doing. I looked over to the screen with the bones. But got a shock, when three of the men stood by the table. "Are those real," one of the men said, and took me by one ear. Another took me by the tail, and pulled in it. I whined and snapped at him. "He doesn't talk?" asked one. "Apparently not," the other answered. I had no idea what they were saying. It was just some random complex sounds. "He was found naked in the forest eating some kind of a deer," the third guy said. "Just like an wolf." "The ears are warm, and moving after how he reacts. Even his skeleton has extra bones connecting to the animal ears and tail." So you are practically saying, that they are real?" the first guy said. "Yes," answered the third guy. "But how is that even possible?" "Mutations, experiments?" "Destiny or gods will?" The other guys looked at the second one. "Just saying," he protected himself. "Whatever. If we find out about his family, we might know something." "What is there to know? We found him in a forest. He is about 7 years old. We doesn't have any clues!" "Fine, what if we ask him. Maybe he knows something?" "Idiot! He doesn't know how to talk. He was brought up in the wild!" "Yes, I know. But what if we teach him how to talk. Then, maybe, we can have some information, about how he lived too?" The others nodded. They untied my wrists and feet, and followed me to another room.

Here they learned me how to talk like them, how to act like them, and they gave me the name Ace. When I started to talk just a little bit, they started to hear me out, about the way I lived before, and how I ended up there. The only thing I could say, was that I was brought up by wolfs, I had my wolfish looks from the birth, and I had been by my wolf mother from birth.

When I was about 13 I could the language well enough to come out to a new family. They cared about me, and treated me like I was their real son, and didn't even treat me different because of my extraordinary looks. We were one happy family, I even forgot about my other family in the forest. Then the accident happened. And my world of happiness collapsed.


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