Destined for Each Other๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ


4. Brother is home!

I started to eat my food and it bothered me how Kaji was staring at me while I was eating. Seemed like his honey bun didn't fill his stomach. I gave him half of my food. He stood there in silence and then starting eating the food i gave him. I finished up eating, threw my trash away and left to class with kaji when we were done eating. I stood watching out side the window it started to snow. i turned back and once again kaji looked like he fell asleep. i knew he wasn't so i wrote on my notebook "Idiot you'll get caught!" he started to write in his notebook then he showed me what it side while his head was down. "Oh! you sure do like to follow the rules huh?" I gave him a glare and wrote in my notebook "I so want to hit you right now." he smiled then wrote in his notebook "Look at the tiger go!" i started to pay attention ignoring him and just taking notes. After school i went to karaoke with some friends and by another coincidence Kaji tagged along by ones of May's friends. We made it to a room bought food and started eating/ singing. I had to go first by a dare. I sang the song "Ai Kotoba (Love words)" by Miku Hastune. i liked that song a lot. After i finished singing i went to go sit down. I grabbed my fork and picked up a meatball with it and put it in my mouth. Kaji came over to sit by me.

"Hey you sang beautiful there." said Kaji

"Thanks for the compliment." i said then got a sip of water.

"You guys look like a couple already for like the fifth week of school." said May. I choked on my water when i heard that I was in shock for awhile. "Oh god please no its enough with the name and same hair color and eyes." I thought.

"Well i do consider Piyo like that" said Kaji smiling. "D-Did he just call me a baby chick!" i thought in my head.

i checked my watch it was 7 pm already. I jumped out of my seat.

"IM LATE!!" Sorry guys i have to go now! Bye!" i rushed out and left to my house quickly. My dear brother was coming for a visit for a week and stay over from america. i knew English very well also Japanese. i made it to the house and went to change quickly. i wore my pink turtle neck sweater with a farmer like short shorts that have the top like a farmer and bottoms as short. i wore my pink mid long socks. i ran downstairs to see if i was late. Thats when the door bell rung. i opened the door it was my dear brother. "haha... i wasn't late at all."

"Hey big bro!" I said give him a hug.

"Sup lil sis how are you?" He said giving me a hug.

"I'm good I just finished coming back and just put some cookies in the oven." I said laughing

"I can smell them haha!" Said bro laughing.

"Hello dear how are you?" Said mom

"I'm good mom how are you? Is your health ok?" Said brother. Mom faints easily sometimes.

"Yes I'm fine dear I'll serve some tea." Said mom. We left to the kitchen table and sat down to drink tea.

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