Dragons of Destiny

Its about six rival groups of dragons that must unite into three groups if they want to survive the darkness in the near future.


1. The Beginning

~~ Whoosh! I swooped down from the heavens.  Twisting and turning, I raced across my hometown, Starshine Valley. It is a perfect day to live in the Moonbeam tribe. I thought as I looked down at my clan snoozing on warm ash beds.  I landed beside my best friend Ivy, who was stalking a herd of fat wild lamb like a cat.  The lamb sprinted away when they heard me land. She yelled at me “What was that for?  I almost had one!  You are the gawkiest dragon in Dragonalia today!  And what do you happen to need? I was going to get my family that big plump lamb over there!” She pointed at one of the fattest ones with her claw. I promptly replied, “Sorry. I just got away from my lackluster tutor Mrs. Ripple. I`m so drowsy! I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go to Color Mania today. Our scales look absolutely horrible from yesterday. I hate having them so shiny and multicolored. Just don`t tell my mom I said so.” “Ok.  And I’m so sorry I yelled at you.” she said, not revealing any real emotion.  I shouted, “Come on, then! Your apology is accepted.” and soared towards the vibrant cave in the middle of town, right beside the armory.
  I landed outside the painted cave. It had streamers, balloons, and other decorations pinned to the entrance, all in celebration of my mother`s birthday yesterday. The windows were carved holes with fireproof glass covering them. Each fragment of glass had a unique and vibrant color. I strode in with my special confident walk. “Y-Y-Your Majesty!” spluttered the surprised owner. “Ivy and I want to change our colors.” I said majestically. “I want my imperial purple and Ivy wants her vibrant tree green.  These rainbow patterns my mother made us wear look ridiculous in my opinion, and are horrible when you want to stalk food.  Oh, and remember, I`m the princess and Ivy is the duchess`s daughter, so don`t even think about charging us any treasure.  Ivy is right behind me. She just came in.” I ordered with a royal air that my father would be proud of. “Yes miss. We`ll do you both right away.” she said. I lied down and a neon pink waitress dragon started to paint my scales.  Back and forth, back and forth. I felt really relaxed as she put the warm dye on my scales. Soon I was covered head to toe in a dark purple paint that turned blue when it gets really cold and a pretty light purple when it gets really hot. As soon as the paint dried into my scales, I left the interesting cave behind with Ivy right behind me.
 Ok, so maybe I`m not the best princess ever, but I’m the only princess that Dragonalia has got.  My mother schools me 16 hours a day, seven days a week.  I`m supposed to be hunting sheep, and not for me, or even the clan.  She wants 5 plump sheep for herself.  My mom, the queen, strives for perfection, but is really bossy and super lazy.  She is the worst dragon ever, and everyone knows it (but no one dares tell her that!). I only do what she says even at all because I`m afraid of what she`d do to me, even though I`m her only heir to the throne. Keeping this in mind, I flew over to the rickety farmhouse on the edge of town, getting 5 sheep and 2 chickens.  I killed them, put the feathers of the chickens in the lambs, and used the wool of the sheep to make a soft cloth for my mom. She had kept on complaining that her room is too cold. Maybe it would make her leave me alone. Then, I flew hurryingly to our giant cave at the top of Dragonclaw Mountain, and landed on the ledge right below Talon Peak. Then I stepped inside my home, school, and worst nightmare ever.
 The walls of the entrance were golden, made out of only the finest gold.  The floor was ruby red, and there was a drawing of the first dragon to walk this world, Fire, drawn with lines of beautiful jewels. The outline was made of shining rubies, the scales were made out of brilliant topaz, the claws were sharp but pretty diamonds, but the eye was the best part of it all. It was the sacred Dragonbane gem, a radiant and stunning sapphire, made from the dragon tear of Fire. When Fire died, he shed a tear so that he would be remembered forever. His son, Thunder, caught it, and made it into the jewel we treasure today. And now it has ended up stuck in a floor, however pretty that floor may be.  When I`m Queen, I`ll restore the gem`s glory, and let it be shared by all dragons, not by just a greedy royal. Pushing my way out of those thoughts, I found my way back to the present.  Queen Moonblaze was prancing her way up to me. “Have you done what I asked?” she inquired with a royally arrogant tone. Then she spotted my kill and said with a puff of smoke, “Well, I guess this will have to do.  Though sometimes I wish your brother, Moonfang, hadn`t been carried off by that firebird. Today, I`m wishing something different. I`m wishing one would have swooped down and caught you!” After shouting that last cruel comment loudly up my ear, she flew up the cavern to her fancy room, leaving me with tears in my eyes.  I dragged myself back to my small little cave hidden behind a rock and squeezed through the small opening into a cave that would have come in first place in a best jail cell competition. My cave was just a small little carved out thing with a blanket of scratchy sheep wool and a bucket and rock plate.  I had it off worse than the peasants on the outskirts of the kingdom. I knew that someday this had to change…

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