It's Her Fault

Vanessa's been a belieber since the very beginning and like any adoring fan she wishes to meet Justin but knows it could never happen...or so she thinks. She's a caring person who only sees the best in others and does her best to always make things right, which is why she tries so hard to solve the conflict placed in her path. So will she find a solution?...or..have to live the rest of her life with a broken heart knowing Its Her Fault?


1. Those Shoes

                                                               *Vanessa's POV*    

"Vanessa,honey are you almost done getting ready". "I'll be right there mom,just a second". I was putting on my shoes and straightened out my outfit and I looked in my full length mirror before grabbing my purse and walking out of my room. I ran down the stairs and said bye to my dad,sister and nephew before heading out the front door.

I can't believe I'm actually going to meet Justin Bieber. Ive Been waiting my entire life for this day. The first time I ever saw Justin was when I was like at least 12 years old. I had just laid down on my bed after coming home from school and decided to check my email so I walked to my computer and sat down. One of my friends had sent me a link to a video of Justin singing. This was in like 2006. I was amazed by his singing.

Long story short I became a fan and then saw him on TV. I became a a belieber. I used to follow him to the radio stations when he was somewhere near the area I lived in. I wouldn't be close enough to see him but I could hear him sing.

I've always supported him and I always will. I'm 18 now and so is Justin. Before you get any ideas,no I don't have a crush on him. I think he's absolutely gorgeous and there's no denying it and he is sweet generous and caring but I just don't like him like that. I have a boyfriend to so yeah. I'll stop rambling now. 

Anyways my mom was waiting in the car with my 3 best friends. Elysia,India and Verenice. I've been friends with India for a few years. Elysia and I have been friends with each other since 4th grade and me and Verenice have been friends all our lives. She's my cousin,she's 2 years older than me and goes to college now so but she's like my sister.  We're really close. Sometimes I forget she's 21 because she's acts just like a teenager. She is responsible though.

I sat in the back with India and Elysia while Verenice sat upfront with my mom. I do have my license but I don't have a car. My mom only let's me use hers when I drive to work. She drops me off at school everyday Before going to work and she was working the night shift at her job today so she needed the car. Verenice's car was being fixed and Elysia and  India don't have their license yet. My dad was going to pick us up after the concert because my mom wasn't going to be home until morning.

My mom started the car and Verenice connected my iPhone to the car and played boyfriend. I was so excited for the concert. Our seats were in front of the first row ( I forgot what that rows called) and we had meet and greet passes. I had to buy new clothes for the concert. I was wearing a pair of white high waisted shorts with a sequined purple flowy crop top that said Believe in cursive letters with a pair of purple galaxy vans and I was wearing some Justin bieber bracelets. 







I curled my hair loosely at the ends, braided a piece back and secured it with 2 bobby pins and a white bow. I applied some concealer and a little foundation and some face powder to set it and then just some waterproof mascara and white eyeliner.

I know I'm gonna cry at the concert so I don't want mascara all over my face. I had on some colored lip balm with a clear coat of lipgloss over it. I don't like caking my face with lots of makeup.

We listened to Justin's Believe album in the car on our way to the arena. He was performing at the Tampa Bay Times Forum which was like an hour away from my house. When we finally got their my mom dropped us off and we said our goodbyes.

I checked the time on my phone and we had at least 2-3 hours until the meet and greet. We started walking towards the HUGE line of people waiting for the meet and greet to start. It's so loud. I might be deaf afterwards.





We just stood their and then I saw a very familiar boy about my age wearing sunglasses and hood over his head. He turned so I was facing him and I could see his hair and then I looked at his shoes. I started freaking out. The shoes were white supras with gold spikes.Those are definitely Justin's. I screamed and my friends looked at me. I was pointing to justin who wasjust standing their like 10ft away from us. He was talking to someone on his phone.  No one noticed him except me. My friends just looked at me very confused. 



Vanessa: "it's Justin" I squealed

Elysia: "No way Vanessa ,he's probably inside changing or something"

India:it can't be him Vanessa "

I forgot to mention my friends are fans not beliebers. They don't know him like do. 

Verenice: " come on Vanessa you don't seriously think that's him do you?"

Are they being serious right now. They're seriously questioning my knowledge on Justin. Are you

serious. I've been a belieber since I was like 12. Ok ok fine. 

Vanessa: " I do actually and to prove it why don't I walk over their and check, and if I'm right you each owe me $5"

Elysia: " and if your wrong?"

 Vanessa:"I'll give each if you $5, Deal"

All: "Deal". 

Vanessa: "Ok then" 

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