16 Year Old Warrior

Taylor Hart is a 16 year old living in London. One day on her way to school Taylor is raped and left in the middle of the street. When she find out she's pregnant her mom is the only person there for her. Her friends left and started bullying her and the whole school is against her. Until one day she runs into a blonde haired, blue eyed Irish cutie by the name Niall Horan


12. Invites and Secrets

Taylor's P.O.V

It's almost 11pm and my mum just finished my room. She's making keep the door open though. She has lost some trust.


Unknown number: hey we need your help. Can you spend the night?

Me: I will ask my mum but she's mad so idk. I will try.

Unknown: okay

Me: okay

I walk into my mums room and see her playing on her phone.

" Hey mum. Can I spend the night at Niall's tonight?" I ask and she looks at me.

" Umm sure. Just be safe please." She says and I nod.

" I will be. Bye mum."

" Bye sweetie." She says and I go back in my room and text the mystery boy and then back 2 outfits and the important stuff.

My mum drops me off at the lofts and I walk up the stairs, putting me out of breath again.


" It's opened!" I hear someone yell. As I walk in I see Harry just in his boxers, slipping on sweatpants.

" Oh gosh?" I say and turn around quickly.

" Oh no I'm sorry Taylor. I thought you were on if the boys. My bad." He says and I turn around.

" It's okay. Where's everyone else?" I ask looking around the empty apartment.

" Oh Louis is sleeping and everyone else will be back in like 5 minutes from the store."

" Okay." I say and sit on the couch and he sits next to me.

" So is Louis okay? He's usually the person who stays up late." I say.

" Oh well Ele cheated on him and he is being very distant from everyone else."

" Oh my gosh?! Why would someone do that to him? He was going to propose." I say.

" How'd you know?"

" He told me earlier today when I was going to the doctors office."'

" Okay so how's the baby?"

" She is just fine except I can't go back the last week. It's just been stressful and having a lot of stress it's good for me or the baby."

" Oh really? Well that sucks you have to miss the last week of school."

" Yeah but I hope junior year will be better."

" I'm sure it will."

" So how long has he been asleep?"

" Like 10 minutes I don't know if he is fully asleep or not. He's room is the second on the right of you want to check."

" Okay thanks Hazz." I say and get up and he laughs at me struggling so I hit him up side the head.

" You're so violent!" He says.

I laugh and walk down the hall and quietly knock on his door.

" Lou it's Taylor. Can I come in?" I ask and I hear shuffling before the door is opened. I walk in and he shuts it behind him.

" I heard what happened. I'm so sorry." I say and he sits on the edge of his bed.

" I don't get it. I treated her like a princess and tried to give her the world is that not enough?" He asks and falls back and covers his eyes with his hands.

I walk over and lay next to him and just look at him. What was she thinking? Louis is amazing.

" Taylor?"

" Yeah?"

" Do you ever think I will find someone as great as Ele?"

" I think you will find someone so much better." I say and run my fingers through his hair.

" You're like my best friend you know that right? Like girl best friend."

" I do now. And you are my best friend." I say and he smiles.

Niall's P.O.V

When we get to the flat we just see Harry sleeping on the couch.

" Hazz!" I yell and he jumps and falls off, making us laugh.

" What the fuck dude?!" He asks.

" Where's Taylor?" Liam asks.

" She's been in Louis room for like 30 minutes."

" Oh okay. I guess they are talking about everything that happened today." Zayn says.

" What else happened today?" I ask.

" Well Taylor tried to commit suicide today so now they are keeping her home and away from all the stress.

" What?!" We all ask shocked.

" Yeah Louis saved her. They have been hanging out a lot today." He adds.

" Do you think they like each other?" Liam asks.

" Louis is devastated about Ele and Taylor is having a baby. Louis doesn't want to be a dad yet. And Taylor told us the day we met she wasn't going to be interested in any guy soon. So I don't think so." Harry says.

" Gosh I hope not." I say.

" Ni just tell her you like her." Zayn says.

" No this secret admirer thing is going great. We talk all night long. I have learned a lot about her."

" Niall what if she likes this secret admirer? She will date you then. Maybe, she might not want to put the baby stress on you." Harry says.

" Harry go back to sleep." I say.

" Yes ma'am." He says and goes to my room to sleep on the extra room. Then we here another door close and footsteps.

" Okay this conversation never happened." I whisper and Taylor walks in and sits next to me.

" What? You guys think it's funny when I sit down too?" She asks.

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