Him *Connor Franta fan fic*

Syenna loves O2L.Expecially Connor.She happens to get tickets to Vidcon for her birthday.What happens when she meets her favorite 6 guys in the whole world?Love?hate?read to find out.


1. Please?

Syennas pov "can i please go to Vidcon?!"i asked my mom for the 50th time today."I already told you no!"said my annoyed mother."ughh fine.I guess i cant have the best birthday present in the whole world"i said angrily walking back to my bedroom with my apple i had grabbed from the kitchen. My birthday was tomorrow.So was Vidcon.It is my dream to meet everyone from O2L.I guess that dream isnt coming true.I might as well act happy tomorrow for my 19th birthday. i should tell you more about myself.My name is Syenna Louise Biser.Im turning 19 tomorrow.I absolutely love O2L,as you already know.Im an only child.And I lost my father when i was six.well thats all you need to know about me.I have to pick out what to where for my birthday now:) A/N sorry for a short first chapter but i hope you liked it :) ill update as soon asap:)
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