Princess of Evil

Tell me if I you like it! I know chapters are short, but I felt like writing more would ruin the mood of the story. So I hope you enjoy "The Princess of Evil" part 1.


3. Ten years later

My brothers were dressed in white and were having their silver crowns polished before the dance tonight. I sat in a chair near a window, trying not to stare. I wanted to go and be dressed up in the purest color, but I was forced into the darkest of them. I loved a yellow dress I once had, but when it was seen by my father, I was forbidden to wear it beyond my room.

A dance for only the 'good'. More like a dance for only the white winged. I was tempted to just paint my wings white and say they changed, but that would be decieving and lying and that is evil.

Watching as the two suns rose overtop of the hills and ascended into the sky. Pushing the thoughts from her mind, she began to think about having an adventure beyond these palace walls. One where she can meet the love of her life, travel the world with him, and never have to return to this retched place.

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