Reasons Book#1

Kailee's life was completely normal, that is, until she met her uncle, Joe. He ruined her and her family's life. Flipped their entire world upside down. Kailee is given powers. Powers that her mother, Janelle, knew would soon become of her daughter. But, what will happen when Kailee uses her powers to go back in time and undo mistakes she made in the past. Her future is changed for the worst. On the roller coaster of Kailee's life she meets new friends, unknown family, and the love of her life. But, will it all work out? Can she find a way to fix what she broke? Find out in 'Reasons (an unlucky fairy tale)'. All creadit for the cover goes to @CxssidySpencxr I got it from her movella Cxssidy's covers


8. Chapter 7

I stepped completely into the portal thing and walked over to the monkey bars. I went and sat right next to myself. "Hey" I said to me? Her? Kailee. "Hey. What's your name?" Little Kailee asked. Should I tell her my name? I decided not to. "Uhh, my name is Robin" I said as a robin landed in a nearby tree. It's the first thing I thought of. "Oh my name's Kailee. Nice to meet you!" She said. She stuck her hand out for me to shake. I shook it and smiled at her.  "Wanna go on the swings?" I aksed. I needed to get myself off the monkey bars. "Sure" SHe said. OH YEA! Praise the lord this works. I watched as the girl walked by with her clique. They didn't even stop to look at younger me. "Well, I've gotta go. It was nice meeting you though." I said getting off the swing. "Nice meeting you too." She said. I went to the darkest spot I could find and waved my wand thing.  I saw the portal and I saw my room. I walked through it and it closed behind me. I looked down at my arm and watched the small scar disappear. Well done Kailee. I went to bed that night hoping that I had some how mad my life better. 

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