Five Days (Competition Entry)

*Entry for the 5 Days Competition*

Bobbie is shocked and disturbed by what happened on Halloween night. Her best friend, Naya, won't let he forget it. When the new girl Kasey comes along, something isn't right. Why has the number five been suddenly branded into her after she hugged Kasey? Why does Kasey speak so slowly and strange? And then all of a sudden Bobbie realises what the message written in blood truly meant...

Cover by LilyAnnaNightshade! Thank you for your spectacular effort, the outcome is amazing.


1. The First Day

Naya still hadn’t gotten over Halloween night and when Bobbie saw her the next morning, her face was ash-white, as if she’d coloured her whole face in with chalk. The sagging bags under her eyes showed and Bobbie could see the very light dusting of freckles that Naya always claimed to have. Damn, she owed Naya three pounds.
“Did you forget to take your ghost costume off or something?” laughed Bobbie but she couldn’t help thinking about the scarlet message scrawled on her mirror. Naya glared at Bobbie and tried to apply some bronzer, but it made her look even scarier, her neck white but her face tinted with brown and gold. Although Bobbie thought it looked horrible, she was of course Naya’s best friend, so kept quiet. Bobbie was good at keeping quiet.
“No. I can’t stop thinking about, you know…” her voice trailed off as her eyes scanned around in fright.
Why is Naya be so scared, thought Bobbie. Ghosts aren't even real. Right? It wasn't like she's spent the entire night curled up in a ball with all the lights on. Bobbie had to face the truth, she was scared too. But what if Naya got a message too? Maybe this is why she'd been so freaked out. Taking a deep breath, Bobbie decided to ask her.
“Um, Naya, have you looked in the mirror recently?” asked Bobbie, trying to slip in the question, then promptly realising she didn’t ask about the message. Naya looked even more horrified.
“Do I really look that bad? Oh no, what if a boy sees me? He might have liked me then saw me now and went off me like I’m some sort of bad cheese. I can’t be bad cheese!” wailed Naya and Bobbie held back a laugh. You could always count on Naya to over-react. If there was a drama queen award, they wouldn’t even have to count the votes, Naya would win hands down.
“No, I meant, did you have a message saying ‘five days’ written in blood?” whispered Bobbie. The edges of Naya’s mouth curved upwards. Was, was she smiling? Bobbie narrowed her eyes. How could her best friend find this funny? That’s ridiculous. She was the one that was obsessed with all this ghost stuff!
“I’m serious. Remember on Halloween, the whole, you know, ghost thing and there was that message? Well, did you get a message like mine?” The curves of Naya’s mouth suddenly dropped down.
“Wait, did you say five days?” Bobbie nodded slowly, her hair bouncing with the movement. Naya’s face turned even whiter, if that was even possible, and her eyes widened. Bobbie searched Naya’s face desperately for any signs of jokiness but all she could see was fear, worry and shock.
“Bobbie,” whispered Naya.
                                                                       “Mine said ten.”

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