Charlie Barker's life is very dull. Her mums always of on holiday with her latest boyfriend. Her nan is always down the pub with her pals and Charlie is left looking after her mentally disabled little brother. But when Grace walks into her life things suddenly become much brighter.


9. Dad

I woke up early on Saturday. I got up and tried on everything in my wardrobe. I eventually settled for my black and white long sleeved t-shirt, dark blue jeans and a pair of brown boots. Then I went downstairs and had breakfast, before going back up stairs and changing again. This time I chose my olive green tunic jumper, my new leggings and the boots. After that I experimented with my hair, first putting it in a ponytail. Then a plait. Then finally I let it hang loose and straightened it before putting on my Alice band with daisies all along. I then tried some different make up on, before settling for some pink lip gloss and some concealer. I spent the next hour pacing back and forth in the living room. “He’s late.” I whined. “Only a little.” Grandma replied. “He’s not coming I just know it.” Grandma shook her head. “Don’t write him off before you've met him.” I wasn't convinced. He was just another one of mum’s boyfriends. There one day gone the next. Suddenly the door bell rung, and grandma went to open it. When she came back she poked her head round the door. “Charlie there’s someone here to see you.” She walked in followed by a man. His hair was the same colour as mine and styled into a bunch of messed up spikes. His eyes were also the same pale grey. He wore a large black nylon coat and brown hiking boots. He smiled at me. “So you’re Charlie.” I nodded suddenly coming over all shy. “I got something for you.” He announced handing over a small parcel with pink princess wrapping paper. “Sorry about the paper. It’s left over from Louise’s birthday. She’s my other daughter. So I suppose she’s your sister. Uh I hope you like it. If not we could always return it.” I peeled the paper off to find a CD called; This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars. “Do you like it?” My dad asked nervously. “I don’t know. I haven’t heard it yet.” He chuckled. “I suppose not.” I said goodbye to grandma and we left. “I'm not really sure what you like to do. Little girls I'm fine with. But you’re not little are you?” It was strange whilst shyness made me clamp up and go quiet it seemed to make him ramble on. Unless he wasn't shy and this is how he normally talked. He took me to the shopping mall in town. “I know all girls love shopping.” I smiled then I realised something. “I haven’t got any money.” I mumbled nervously. Dad smiled. “Good job I do.” He pulled out his wallet and handed me couple of £50 notes. “Let’s see what you can buy with that.” I was so excited I reached up and hugged him. We went round all these different shops looking at different things. The longer we spent together the less shy we became. At one point a shop assistant who was helping me try on shoes said. “She’s a real daddy’s girl isn't she?” I liked being called that. In those few hours he’d paid more attention to me then my own mother had my entire life. “Come on let’s see you walk.” I stood up and walked down the row and back again. “Well they look fine. How do they feel?”
“Fine.” I replied honestly. The shop assistant pressed down on the toes. “Well they feel fine. Plenty of growing room. So do you want them?” I nodded. They were plain black lace ups with very chunky soles. “I love them.” I wore my new shoes the rest of the day. There were so many shops and I had so much money. More than I’d ever had before I bought lots of stuff for me, a set of neon nail polish and green net gloves for Grace, and a set of poster paints and the sequel to Percy Jackson for Clyde. I didn't want the day to end but eventually I had to go back home. I gave Clyde the paints which he put with the others and I placed the book on top of the other. Grandma’s friend invited her to the pub that night but she said no, and stayed home watching Faulty Towers with me instead. It felt the perfect end to the perfect day. Guess I'm easily pleased.

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