Soma lemon; Black Blood Control

Just a one shot on a Soma idea I found on the Internet.

Soul and Maka are fighting. Bad. Worse than normally. When the group (including stein) bump into a weapon in love with Maka, Soul's black blood is triggered, and all hell breaks loose.


1. Chapter one

Soul and Maka were on their last fuse. They had been fighting ever since the failed mission two week ago. They were sent to kill a Kishin known for hunting men, and after a complication, they failed and he got away. They both had been peeved about this, and the sudden sensitiveness Maka had to Soul's teasing only worsened it. Maka had had requests to switch weapons more of late, and Soul to switch meisters. They were not on good terms in the least. Soul, to escape from all of the intense tension, left on a particular hot day to play basketball with Black Star, Kid, and Patty. He made the mistake of not telling Maka.

"Hey, where is Maka Soul? I thought she'd come with you." Liz asked from the bench, she was painting her nails, again.

"I didn't tell her I left. She's been a pain in my ass recently." Soul threw the ball over Black Stars head and scored effortlessly. "We've been at odds and ends ever since that mission."

"Soul............" He winced and turned around as his pissed meister stomped toward him. "Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?" She yelled. Soul, unintentionally, noticed her short shorts and low cut shirt before he processed her anger.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize you need to know what I am doing 24/7!" He shouted back. He was put off from her appearance, but it was extremely hot outside.

"It would have been nice to know! After seven years of being partners you'd think that you would at least be that thoughtful. But no, god forbid 'cool Soul' does something pleasant!" It was the summer before the last year before they graduated and were issued into extra classes to get better missions. Soul was extremely close to becoming a death scythe, but that mission had them all screwed up.

"You act like you're any better. All I hear from Miss tinytits is 'clean your room soul, do your laundry soul, wake up soul'. On the weekend! The freaking weekend!"

"God forbid you take care of your stuff or tidy up once in a bit!"

"Stop pulling my hair, tinytits! Why won't you get off your high horse for five seconds? You're not my boss, or are you my mother. Actually, you're acting just like her! I'm not perfect!"

"Don't call me tinytits you asshole! It's not my fault I'm not some big breasted bimbo! Why don't you make that brunette your new meister! You are just like my father."

The argument heated up, and Soul kept moving closer to Maka with a deadly glare. "That again! I already told you that you are my meister and I don't want some bimbo! And comparing me to your father, why is that? It's not my fault you hate men and can't get over that they are not all the same! If I bother you that much, why don't you go accept some PERFECT weapon's request and I'll just go back to being an Evans so you don't have to deal with me anymore!" He stalked away, his fuming anger driving him all the way back to their apartment just I grab his bike and ride out of town to calm down.

Meanwhile Maka was frozen, her anger leaving her and being replaced by shock. She must have really hurt Soul, for him to even think about going back to being an Evans. The group looked at her, but Kid challenged Black Star to a game to clear the air. Maka slumped and sat with Liz, trying to blow away the guilty feeling settling in her stomach.

When she got home, Soul wasn't there. In fact, he didn't show up until nearly four in the morning, making no effort to be quiet. He glanced at her in the living room but that was all as he went and locked himself into his bedroom for the rest of the night. She had planned to talk to him, but there was no way to get him out of his mood now. She had to wait until morning.

In Soul's room, he was hunched over, clutching his head. Something was off. His head was pounding, and suddenly he was spiraling into a familiar blackness.

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