Dont let me go {Larry Stylinson}

{Rewritten} Larry. Once a name, it now means more than it ever. It symbolizes 2 men's love for each other. These two men are Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. They may be in love, but things can neverbe simple for thoughts destined for eachother


1. rumours



And in other news, millions of teen girls have gone crazy today after pictures of One Direction heart throb, Harry Styles leaving fellow band member Louis Tomlinsons house in the early hours of this morning have gone viral. Tomlinson's long term girlfriend Eleanor Calder didn't return to the couples shared house until late this afternoon after a weekend away with friends. We can only begin to imagine what the two band mates got up to. Were they doing band stuff, or getting a lot cosier than that. Tweet us your opinions at @teenrock and use the hash tag #teenrockonlarry more on these two later.


I glared at the TV screen.

"El" I said focusing on her

"Really, it's fine Lou" She replied, though the comments had clearly hurt her

"It was nothing El. I promise. We were looking at some ideas for songs together. The others were there to, they just left before the paps arrived" I almost pleaded

"Lou chill, its fine. Its not like you and Harry will ever be a couple so there's no need for me to be worried" My heart immediately sank deep into my chest as she said that. Don't get me wrong, I love Eleanor to pieces. But there's something about Harry that causes butterflies in my stomach. Something about his name that leaves a sweet sensation on my tongue. Something about his voice that leaves my ears tingling in suspense of more. I love Eleanor, but I feel more alive when im with Harry. It may be wrong, but at the same time it just feels so right. I may love Eleanor Calder, but I'm in love with Harry Styles.








So this is the first chapter of Dont let me go rewritten. I hope it's better than the original cause that's kind of the idea of me re writing it ☺ well enjoy the rest of the story, 

Nixie xo

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