Change Your Life

My name is Maria Lancaster. I go to woodland high school in LA. I was a normal girl with a normal life until I found out that my mom got cancer. My days in school shortened, I was depressed but everything turned around once I met Harry.


3. Boy Band?

Harry's POV

I felt like the weekend was forever but then Monday came. Maria stepped out of my car and everyone's eyes burned on her. She looked amazing. She was wearing a white crop top, a pinkish skater shirt, a flower crown, and white heels. Her hair is perfect when she curls it with her wand. I feel like a girl thinking about this.

I grabbed her hand and she turned around. "Are we a thing now?" I nodded

I wrapped my hands around her waist and kissed her.

I grabbed her hand and walked into the school, I see Cindy and she has her bitch face on. I laugh. I go to Maria's locker because I don't trust her to be alone, you never know.

Cindy walks up to her but I stand in front. "Can I help you Cindy?"

Maria's POV

Harry stands in front of me. "Can I help you Cindy?"

She turns around and walks away.

I giggle, "I have a body guard now!"

He laughs, "come on let's get to homeroom!"

I close my locker and follow Harry. We entered the room And I see Gemma, I know now that they're related. She told me she has a brother but I never met him. I run over and give her a hug.

"When did you come back?"

She smiles, "last night and oh now you can meet my brother!"

She looks over at Harry, "HARRY!"

He turns around in shock and runs over. "Hey Gemma!"

I laugh in my head because I already know Him.

He has his goofy smile on. "Harry this is..." He cuffs he her off.

"Is Maria and we go out!"

(Skip to after to school, I'm lazy.)

I drove home and I thought about my mom meeting Harry but hopefully she won't get mad because he has tattoos. I parked my car outside my house and hopped out. I walked in to see my Dad, I filled with anger.


My mom looks at me, "please don't yell."

"Okay. Dad why are you here after you left me and mom because you heard that mom had cancer?"

He sighed."I came back because I thought about it and I knew it was messed up. She is sick and since your in school and with your friends, I'm coming back."

I gave him a crooked smile. "Okay if she's happy then I'll be happy." I kissed my mom's cheek and went upstairs to my room. I had to play like I didn't give a fuck but after he left for 4 months and not even trying to contact us.

I called Harry to see if he can come over and surprisingly he said yes, I gave him my address and hung up. I decide to change into some sweat pants and that t-shirt he gave me that one time. I played some Flappy Bird but then my mom broke the silence in my room.


I ran downstairs and run into Harry's arms. I turned around and looked at my mom and dad. My dad coughed. I brought Harry inside and sat him on the couch.

"Everyone this is Harry Styles and he is my boyfriend." I smile

My Mom gasped, "Aren't you in a boy band!"

What? A boy band? I looked at Harry immediately. "What is she talking about!?"

"It's.....uh.....I'm in One Direction."

"Then how come no one notices?"

He sighed,"No ones about One Direction is this area of LA."

I laughed and shook it off. "Mom we're going up stairs." I take his arm and drag him into my my room. He looked around.

"Your a fan. I see that you fancy Niall." He gave me a cheeky smile.

I punch him in the arm." Shut up baker boy!"

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