Zombie suvivel

Day 1 zombie apocalps im the only on left find out what hapens


1. 5 Days later

OK so today everyone is dead in this land im not sure whats happened in south park collard but everywhere else is flooded with zombies. Im on my way to Colardo but im not that sure im going to make it non zombie so its pretty tough but im up for it. Well ieve spotted the monition but it might be for quahog or stone bury maybe Springfieldled  but fingers crossed it Colorado. A zombie just ran thoy the road i was like WHAT THE FUDGE. Anyway lets keep adventuring .Im staving and i found it COLARD i yelled EUREKA !!!! They are 4 KIDS left Kenny McCormick,Kyle Broflsky,Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman and they have FOOD so im going to see if i can join them. 


 hours later!!!

Finelly im joing them at midnight so bed time IM PETRIFED. 



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