The Alpha

Kate is a girl who went to a club to have fun but someone dragged her out of the club. They looked back at her and their eyes were red. Kate finds out he is a werewolf but not just any type the strongest of all a true alpha. Will she become one too?


1. Club Mystery

Kate's P.O.V

All I remember was me being dragged out of the club by someone. When they looked back there eyes were red. I was in shock and stayed still. He started coming closer and closer. That's when I blackout. I woke up with my head pounding. I looked around but it was still dark. I jumped out of the bed and I found a flash light on the drawer with a note. Hey love, it's actually day this house had a special effect on it. I grabbed the flash light and started making my way to the door. I touched the door know and it shocked me. Oww I screamed. Then everything was bright. The special effect was gone. I turned around and there stood a boy with curly hair and green eyes. He looked like the guy who had red eyes at the club. Hey he said. Hi. This was very awkward. You gonna tell me where I am? Oh your at my place he said. Oh ok can I leave please? Oh yes sure um. Ok thank you. I went around the room getting what was mine. Then I left. I started walking to my place but I had no idea where I was. I called my best friend Justin. Hello he said. Hi it's me Kate, can you come pick me up? Yes sure where are you? I am I have no idea. I looks around and found the icey place. Justin meet me at the icey place on 104th street. Ok see you there.

Justin's P.O.V

I was woken up by my phone going off. I picked it up. Hello? Hi it's me Kate,can you pick me up? Yeah sure where are you? There was a pause, the icey place on 104th street. Ok I'll see you there. I hung up. I got up and got dressed. I fixed my hair to the side and left. I drove to where she said and she came running to my car. She opened and hopped in. What happened I asked. I don't know the last thing I remembered was being dragged out of the club and when the looked back his eyes were red she said. So where did you wake up this morning? I was at this guys house but the thing is he looked the guy from the club. Did he do anything to you? I don't think so she said. Ok well I'll drive you to your place. I stopped in front of her house. Bye Justin thanks for picking me up. No problem I said. Bye. Bue. I watched her enter he house to make sure she was safe.

Kate's P.O.V

When I entered my house the guy from the house this morning was there. I'm what are you doing here I asked. Oh you still do know do you?, he stood up. I started backing away slowly. Then he flashed his bright red eyes at me. He opened his mouth. There were fangs but not vampire fangs....... Werewolf fangs!

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