Till today.

He left with the last and first I love you to his best friend Ali. leaving to go away . He reunites with her and all of the unfinished business is being brought up.


1. Leaving you in the past . 1


" Your not leaving me Zayn. Your not. " I said as I cried loudly in his shoulder . He Held me with both arms. I felt his tears touch the top of my head.

" I'm so sorry. Ali please don't cry. " He said as he whispers in my ear . I couldn't stop . My best friend was leaving me in London.

" I can't Zayn your my everything. I lo--- " I was in love with him but he finished my sentence.

" I love you too. Ali . " He said as he held me tighter .

" I love you too. " I said and I hugged him tighter than ever . Sooner than planned Zayns mom is at the door calling him to leave for the airport.

" I love you. " He said in my ear and then walking off without looking back.

" I love you too. " I whispered silently as I then dropped onto his doorstep after his car disappeared into the distance . I cried my heart out days after days . When I stopped the tears a whole year had pass.


1 year later

Zayn a POV.

" Guess what guys for the last day of our UK TOUR the boss' going to send out one of our longed friends. " Our agent said as the whole group sat in a circle.

" How bout you all pick one person you would give anything to see . we might pick 2 out of the whole bucket. Just cause of cost and all. So Liam please pass out a paper to all so we can start calling names. " Don our agent said and soon Liam started passing papers. I got to say that it was hard for all of us to pick just one .

Hard for me mostly because I was never that social. Accept with A- . Alice. Should I? The last time I saw here I left her in a pool of tears.

After crossing off names off my little list I new what was right . Who to pick.

Authors note;

Getting interesting? Write your thoughts about my story on my wall. Love you all. 💟

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