Sticks and Stones

Scarlett is drastically different from any other 16 year old girl. Forget short skirts, pink lipgloss and high heels. What about skinny jeans, a lucky superman shirt and converse boots? She just doesn't fit in with the rest of the crowd! Until one day at school, a new boy joins...


1. 1

"Bye!" I waved, slinging my backpack over my shoulder and shutting the car door.

"Hey!" Uncle Aaron called, grabbing my arm. "Make some friends for once, ok?"

I sighed and rolled my eyes, "I'll try, but it won't be easy."


It was the beginning of a new year, September the fifth. Where apparently my uncle thought I could make some friends. Yeah right. It's just a new year, that's all. No one's going to forget about you, your just the same person. But my family didn't seem to know that.

We had the same girls, short skirts high above their knees, blonde long hair, and pink high heels. Classically made up ready for the big assembly we were going to have.

And we had the same boys, ruffled brown hair, hoodies and skinny chinos. Sometimes I thought it would be nice to be a guy. Everyone didn't judge you all the time.

Of course they all gawped at me, like they had done for the past three years, Auntie Katy said they were just jealous of what they didn't have. Of course they were, who wouldn't want a small cottage on the side of a main town, a drive to school for forty minutes. Who wouldn't want blue hair and who definitely wouldn't want a nose piercing? I guess we couldn't all have everything.


The bell rang and everyone leisurely wandered to class, a few of the boys pretended to be lost. No one was really ever in a hurry at Seaford Prep. What was up with our generation? So lazy.

Our first lesson was English, where I had to sit next to Cody Green, the guy with the smelliest breath on earth. There was a spare seat next to me, that meant Kimberly Adams could slip on anytime she wanted to, to talk to her best friend Mikayla.

I listened to the two of them jabber on as I doodled little skulls on the border of my English book. I could never, concentrate in Mrs Fawn's class. She just laboured over the point so much, by the time we'd even written the date in, we only had twenty minutes left.

Which wasn't all bad.

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