In the Summer

It's the summer after high school and Lacey and group of friends are down the shore at her boyfriend, Liam's beach house. Her ex, Niall Is apart of their group of friends and will do anything to win her back after cheating on her the year before.


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Chapter #1

Beach Bound

I speed my car down the highway. I was headed to my boyfriend Liam's beach house for the first week of summer. My best friend, Nellie is in the passenger seat. We drive down with our favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, blaring out of the speakers.

"SO KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME AND TELL ME THAT I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!" I half sing and half shout. The wind from the convertible top being open blows my wavy chestnut hair around my face. Nellie has her straight blonde hair in a messy bun.


As we pull into Liam's driveway, he walks out the front door. I park the car and run into his arms. I haven't been able to see him much, finals had been keeping me busy.

"Hey, baby." He chuckles. I look up to him and he kisses my forehead. "I missed you." I say. I inhale his scent deeply. "Same here, Lacey" he says.

Liam and I have been dating since the beginning of year. We had just finished up high school and our group of friends wanted to spend the summer together.

We take our bags into the house. Mine brought to Liam's room and Nellie's to a guest room.

"I'm here bitches!" Says a sassy male voice, "bow down!" Louis says

"Well hello to you to Louis." Nellie says

"Hey Lou!" I say

"Hello, Ladies" he says "and hello Liam"

Just then Harry and Niall walk into the room.

Why did Niall have to be here? I thought

Niall was my ex-boyfriend. He cheated on me. He says he still loves me, but I have reasons not to believe him.

"Hey guys!" Harry says

"Heyy" Nellie says. She's had a crush on Harry since middle school.

I glance across the room to Niall only to find that he is staring at me. I raise my eyebrows at him. He turns away with a massive blush appearing on his face.

Nellie looks at me, and cocks her head, obviously sensing the tension. I shrug and turn away.

"Well, who wants to hit the beach? There's a party in an hour!" Liam shouts

Everyone agrees in some form of loud noise an runs to get changed.

Once I reach Liam's and my room, I look for my real bikini that compliments my ocean blue eyes and olive skin tone. Liam walks into the room and I head for the bathroom to change.

"Oh, come on, Lace. You know you can change our here." He says with a smirk.

"Perv!" I say and shut (and lock) the bathroom door. I begin to change ad realize I dropped my bikini top on the way. I slowly open the door to find Liam standing outside the door with the top in his hand. I'm only sticking my head out.

Liam and I have had.... It before. But I feel like he shouldn't just see me naked all the time.

"Come out, if you want it." He says sexily

I turn around and walk backwards into him. I grab the top from his hands, but before I can run back into the bathroom, Liam grabs my waist. He pulls me towards him and begins to kiss my neck.

"I love you." I say

"I love you" he says

I turn around and press my chest again this and kiss him.

I pull away quickly and put on my top.

"Well let's go!" I say

I run out the door listening to his footsteps be hind me.


Songs for the chapter:

Summer - Calvin Harris

19 You + Me - Dan + Shay

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