With You

“......at the fence?” Where we met, where it all started.


1. The fence

Once again I am being thrown off, but I ran, limping. No one knew where I went everyday, nor did they ask. Quite frankly I didn’t mind, that’s the only thing I didn’t mind.


I reached my place, its not actually mine. Im only 17. I come here everyday, its an abandoned park, hidden by a fence and trees. I found it when everything first started.


I slid down into the corner of the fence, once my bottom hit the ground I began to cry, loudly. No one can hear me. So why cry quietly when I can let it all out?


Then I heard something, steps, like if some one was running my way. I continued crying, I didnt care.

The noises came closer, and closer. Until they stopped, I felt a presence beside me. It plopped down inches away. My face was glued to my knees but I just had to see who it was. A guy, a handsome lad, crying.


I wanted to say something, Ive never seen him in my life. He looked up, his glossy blue eyes staring deeply in to mine, he was beautiful. Not in the flawless kind of way, I mean his emotions. I could see in him, how broken he looked. We where two broken people, against the fence.


He lightly laid his hand on my thigh, I cringed of pain, he looked at me and back at his hand, staring at it. When he looked back I forgot about the pain. I wanted to say something, anything. And so I did.


“Are you okay?” I asked.

Silence, I sighed loudly and looked the other way.


“I dont know” he whispered so quietly I barely heard.

“What is it that hurt you?”

“I dont want to bother you with my problems, you have some of your own.” He said looking back at his hand while it still rests on my thigh. I smiled as I looked too.

“I care” I finally responded. Even if I dont know him, hes the only one that has looked into my eyes and shown a small jult of affection, so I will return the same.

“Really?” “Yes, so now tell me, whats wrong?”

“Well, I just moved here from the states. I got hit by my dad, he was drunk, he never drinks. I think its because he and my mum just got divorced. Also my sisters are driving me insane, they actually broke one of the only things I care about. And the biggest thing, I miss my lads.” Thats a lot “I dont know anyone here and school starts in 2 days. Im just alone.” awe.

“Im sorry, I would be your friend, but no one likes me here, and if they saw you with me they will most likely tell you some bull shit story, so you wont hang out with me. Everyone hates me, just because im smart and have a good taste in music. Apparently Pop is the only music genre thats good around here. I know thats not something to be upset about but they judge me by my music and think im some emo freak who self harms and thinks about death, which is not true. I just feel... Alone” I said feeling a fresh warm tear coming out of my eye.

“We can be alone.. Together.” he said looking into my eyes and wiping off my tear.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” I asked

“I should be asking the same thing to you.” he replyed.

“Its just no one ever talks to me. The only people who treat me like a human being are my mum and dad” I looked away. “They have a lot of money, which I dont like. Being spoiled is not fun”

“I would know” he whispered.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah my dad owns a company here, makes a lot.” he smiled, as if he was proud, which he must be.

“Thats good.” I smiled at him.


“You're beautiful, has anyone ever told you that before?” he asked “No” I whispered.

“well you are.” he smiled.


Sudenly I got a text. Crap my mum, Damn THE TIME! Its pretty late, time for dinner. “Thanks you”

I said. “Look I got to go, mum just texted me telling to go home.” I said getting up.


“Oh ok, I have to go too I didnt see the time” he said getting up as well. We walked together until we reached out split point. “Im louis by the way” he said as I was walking away. “Nice talking to you louis, I'm Aspen. Hey mind meeting me at the fence again tomorrow?”


He nodded, he knew why, didnt say anything just nodded and ran.  

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