Marauders at hogwarts

This is basically the story of the four best friends, the marauders at hogwarts. A lot of things are twisted though so you better read to find out.


1. chapter 1

"JAMES!!! Get out of bed this instant!! The train leaves in 30 minutes and if you don't get up fast and eat these pancakes, you'll be kissing Hogwarts goodbye!" James' mother yelled up the stairs. James groaned into his pillow and rolled onto his side expecting to feel the soft and fluffy mattress but only met a face full of floor. He reluctantly good up and brushed his teeth and changed into some muggle clothing. He lugged his trunk down the stairs which was quite hard and then he remembered that he needed his glasses and ran up stairs to get his glasses. He put on the rectangular lenses and walked down the stairs. On the last two steps where he thought he was now on ground level, he took a step froward and landed on his face.

"Omppphhhh" he made as his face hit the floor. The second time in ten minutes. He quickly got up and dusted himself off. He walked to the kitchen and wolfed down his pancakes. He then got on his traveling cloak and grinned up at his father.

"Ready james?"

"Ready" he answered positively. He slipped one his tiny hands into his fathers and then was sucked into a tiny tube. He saw a scarlet train and almost screamed out in joy. He took his trunk and said goodbye to his father and searched to look for a compartment. He found one with a red headed girl in it.

"Hi. I'm James!"


"That's a beautiful name."

She blushed and murmured a quick thanks. She looked up to meet a very handsome boy with gorgeous hazel eyes that were filled with mischief and curiosity. They were also full of loyalty, kindness and understanding. He was about 4'10 and he was huge as lily was only 4'7. She wasn't that tall and hadn't had a good morning. She was called a freak by her sister and was yelled at by a boy with greasy hair. She hated him. A lot. He was a half blood but didn't like muggle born witches or wizards and was just like his mother. Otherwise, James seemed nice and loyal so she decided to talk to him.

"Did you meet anyone yet?" She asked him.

"No, but I saw a compartment with a few boys and girls in them. Do you want to go see if we could sit with them?" James asked.

"Sure!" Lily said bubbly again. She was lightened up at the sound of friends.

They walked a couple of compartment to the right in silence. But not an awkward one. As James has described, there were girls and boys I the compartment. There were three boys and three girls. There was a boy with black shaggy hair and sparkling grey eyes and he was extremely handsome. He was about James' height and his eyes were full of mischief and loyalty. Another boy had sandy brown hair and brown chocolate eyes and was also handsome but had many scars. He was about an inch taller than James and his eyes were full of mischief too but also full of kindness. Another boy had black hair and was fairly tall and handsome and had dark brown eyes. He was very hard to read but was very open. The girls were also different. One girl had a pixie cut with brown hair and blue eyes. She was very cute. Another girl had long flowing blonde hair and was very bubbly but very serious. Another girl was gorgeous and had average hair length but it was also light brown which deflected her eyes which were light brown also and were twinkling. The boy with grey eyes couldn't seem to take his eyes off of her even though no one else was reacting like that to her.

All eyes turned to James and Lily as they slid the compartment door open. Lily asked, "can we sit here with you?"

"Sure!" The boy with grey eyes said and took out his wand and said a charm. The room expanded but it didn't effect the train at all. James quickly jogged and took his and Lily's trunk and lugged them to the other compartment and put it on the rack that had magically expanded. James asked the boy with grey eyes, "how did you do that? You know expand the room?"

"Ohh.. See my parents taught me some magic before I came and I used the undetectable extension charm."

Everyone didn't say anything.

James broke the ice.

"Well... My name is James Potter, I want to be in Gryffindor and I live in a mansion!" The boy with grey eyes caught on.

"I'm Sirius Black, I hate my family, I want to be in Gryffindor even though me whole family has been in Slytherin and my parents are in leave with dark things."

The boy with sandy hair smiled and said, "please don't run away by what IK going to say! I'm Remus Lupin, I want to be in any house but slytherin and I'm a werewolf." He took in a sharp breathe and looked around to see everyone looking at him in pity. He smiled which everyone returned and was happy that he was friends with people who understood him.

The guy with black hair went next, "I'm frank Longbottom and I want to be in hufflepuff and I have really good friends, you guys!" Everyone blushed except Sirius by jumping up and hugging frank. Clearly, Sirius was very outgoing and a jokester. "I love you too frank!" He said in a jokingly way. Frank blushed really red that his face looked like a tomato with black hair.

Since all the boys had gone it was the girls turn.

"Umm... I'm lily Evans. Gryffindor sounds pretty decent and I'm muggle-born" she smiled as she said it and was proud that she found good friends that aren't against muggles.

"My name is Hestia jones, I want to be on raven claw and I want to be daily prophet writer. I also have a cousin Gwenog but she is in a different compartment right now." Said the gorgeous girl.

The girl with the pixie cut went next. "My name is Alice Prewett. My two brothers are in seventh year and I want to be in the same house as them, Gryffindor."

The last girl went, "my name is Marlene McKinnon and I want to be in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff." All of the girls smiled brightly at each other. Suddenly the door opened and Severus Snape was revealed.

"I see that you people actually like this mudblood. Black, shouldn't you be with the soon to be slitherins not the mudblood lovers?" Severus said.

Sirius clenched his fists. "Now you listen here snivellus. I will never ever follow my parents path and you should be one to talk you halfblood. And I suggest you wash your hair. With that much grease it might be enough be fry 100 eggs! And plus, lily will always be more a friends then you will ever be even in I am in slytherin because lily doesn't care about houses she cares about what's inside and as you don't have one, it would be really hard to decide if your good or not." And Sirius punched him straight in the nose which made him crash into his plump friend behind him which made them fall on to the floor. Sirius smirked in satisfaction and closed the door.

Sirius turned around to meet many shocked faces. He just shrugged and sat down. The boys got out of their shock and slapped Sirius on the back but the girls just sat there with their mouths wide open. Sirius smirked again.

"You girls might want to close those mouths of yours. You'll catch flies." He smirked. The girls closed their mouths and blushed except Hestia who looked not at all embarrassed.

Hetia smiled cheekily at the boys and then stole one of their chocolate frogs from the trunks. She took a big bite out of the head and looked at the card. She got dumbledore but gave him to lily as everyone there has one except her as she is muggle born.

Soon everyone was eating candy and talking casually. But no one noticed the looks that james and Sirius gave lily and hestia. Hestia and lily were to busy talking about random things that popped into Hestia's crazy mind. Sirius and James were talking about the girls sitting in front of them and couldn't help but think if they were ever going to get them.

When the train arrived in hogsmeade, james and lily were walking out talking casually when they saw blackness and collapsed.

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