(Sequel to Emily)
After such a tragic death, the boys of One Direction are heart shattered. Yet, there is no time to mourn because Louis and Harry still have to be parents. But as time progresses, they both realize, along with the other boys, that having that responsibility is a challenge. More importantly, they start to realize that letting go and acceptance is difficult when you are broken.


6. Chapter 6

"Lou, could you pass me a paper towel? Looks like one of the kids dropped some cake." I looked up at Liam, his eyes never leaving the piece of cake smeared on the ground. I chuckled and threw him the roll of paper towels.

"Thanks." He said taking a piece of cloth and wiping the oak floors. When the floor was shining again, he tossed it in the silver trash can. "What happened with that girl? Carrie?"

I groaned and chucked a few plates into the trash can. "I'm tired of her trying to push me."

"Push you?" He chuckled.

"She wants to be my friend and I don't want that."

Liam froze, his eyebrows furrowing frustratingly. "Louis." He objected sternly.

"No Liam, save it. I don't need more lectures." I spat. He sighed and grabbed the last pile of trash.

"Louis. I know she's gone. I know you loved her. I know but you must move forward. We all must move forward."

I looked to the floor ashamed. "Liam you can't possibly understand."

He sighed and put a hand on my shoulder. I looked up, my blue eyes meeting his dark brown ones. "Your right. I don't. I also don't know how to create electricity but I know what the outcome is."

He removed his hand from my shoulder and turned to walk away. My eyes followed his tall structure as he trudged slowly to the basement door. Soon, he disappeared from my view. I sighed and slumped down in one of the chairs that surrounded the table.

"Your a hot mess." I whispered to myself.

"Dadda, not tired!" Sara whined grabbing my hair in her little fists. I winced and pulled her fists away from my delicate brown strands.

"Bedtime Sara Grace." I shushed placing her in her crib. She quarreled under her blanket.

I sighed and pulled up a rocking chair. "You want Dadda to sing?"

Sara nodded her head eagerly.

I kissed her forehead and began to sing.

When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight

It just won't feel right

Cause I can love you more than this


When he lays down I might just die inside

It just don't feel right

Cause I can love you more than this

Love you more than this

I smiled as she snored lightly. I kissed her head one more time before leaving the room, keeping it cracked open slightly. I walked to my room and couldn't help but here whimpering as I passed by Harry's room.

"Harry?" I whispered knocking on the doorframe. No answer. I pushed open the door to see Harry sitting on the edge of his bed, his face badly bruised and bloody. I stared in horror as tears poured freely down his injured cheeks. I ran to his side.

"Harry? What happened?" I questioned patting his shoulder.

He cried harder as he blabbered hopelessly. "That girl Bella asked if I could drive her home so I did. When we got there she asked me to come in. I did but I didn't know this would happen." He pointed shamefully as his face.

"What happened?" I urged.

"She told me to kiss her, but I refused. So she just shoved me against the wall and kissed me. I got so angry, I shoved her away from me. I didn't know her brother was home. It happened so fast, I was on the ground and he just kept punching me. I tried telling him I didn't do anything but he just kept going. I betrayed Annalise. I kissed another woman." He wailed. I rubbed his back soothingly.

"You didn't betray her. She kissed you. It's not your fault. Anna would've wanted you to move..." I stopped and thought quietly to myself. "She'd want you to move on." I gasped.

Harry glanced at me as I froze in shock of my words. Anna needed me to move on. What would happen if I didn't? Would I be in Harry's state, crying and broken? No. I wouldn't.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked as I took long strides to the door. I turned around as I grabbed the doorknob.

"I have some apologizes to make." He gave me a look but I ignored it and walked downstairs, head held high.

Thinks are finally looking up Tomlinson.

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