Losing My Best Friend

I've never really had any one there for me i just always had my best friend but soon i might not even have him. once he disappears


1. Our Last Day Together

Our Last Day Together


    I woke up and went downstairs to an empty house which i was use to cause this is how it was everyday in my house i was mainly the only one there all the time and then i went next door and i knocked on the door.

Next door was where my friend Sam lived he just moved in a year ago but we've been inseparable ever since he first moved in.

And a little while later he opened the door and i said

"Hi Sam"

"Hey Carrie" he said with a glum look on his face

"Sam whats wrong"

"i can't tell you"

"why not i thought we told each other everything"

"We do but just not this but i will tell you it's our last day together so we might as well make it last"

"for how long?"

"i don't know"

"you can't just abandon me Sam your the one person who has always been there for me"

"i know and i'm sorry"

then i left and went back into my house and i just sat on my couch not even moving 

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