I'll remember you until you forget

Navy Pier on the 4th of July is an amazing sight. And Ria can't believe her luck when she finds herself hanging out with her two best friends and the Aussie band 5 seconds of summer. But everything changes when she gets stuck in a hotel room with Calum Hood. Just Calum and Ria alone for the night.


1. a good kind of sick

   We had been planning this trip since before Christmas, and Ria couldn't believe she was finally going! They had spent weeks trying to convince their parents that since they were going to be Juniors in high school next year they could take them selves to Chicago. Finally their parents had made the agreement that Lissa's mom who already lived in Chicago would meet them at the airport and check up on them at there hotel every couple of days.  Ria's best friends Lissa and Kate had invited her to come with them to Chicago for the 4th of July. So obviously Ria had said yes! The airplane was smoothly making it's way across the sky on it's way to the windy city, CHICAGO!!! 

 "OH my god, Ria! look at the sky!" Lissa screeched from the window seat. 

 The sun was setting over the city's skyline and it looked beautiful. Vibrant oranges seeped across the sky as though somebody had spilled their orange juice across the clouds. 

  "Wow, Lissa thank you so much for inviting Kate and I! This is going to be so much fun!"

 Kate nodded her head making her brown curls bounce, 

 "Now all we need to do is find some hot guys to spend time with! I'm going to flirt my ass off and their is nothing you can do about it!" She looked pointedly at Ria who was know for being awkward around guys, and always tried to get Kate to tone down the flirt. 

 "Wait," Lissa said "When do you NOT flirt your ass off?"

  Ria tried to stifle her giggle. Kate didn't find it so funny and reached across Ria to smack Lissa's arm. Lissa made a dramatic screech and held her arm acting as though she was in pain. Ria shushed the two and looked around to see if anybody was bothered by the loud noises coming from their seats. Nobody seemed to be bothered so she slumped back into her seat and put her earbuds back into her ears. Blink 182 sounded in her ears.

 "Why did I sit in the middle?" Ria thought to herself. She was so sick of hearing bout Lissa and Kate's new favorite bands. By now she probably new everything about this new band called 5 seconds of summer. All just be being stuck in the middle of her friends conversations. They sounded fine, but Ria had never heard any of their music or seen what they looked like. She did know their names and different fun facts about each band member that Lissa and Kate found fascinating. Why did they need to know the bands favorite types of cereal? Ria didn't understand how that had anything to do with their music, but I guess the typical American teenage girl was a little crazy and obsessive. 

She reached up and pulled her thick dirty blond hair into a messy bun on top of her head. The rest of the plane ride was spent in a comfortable silence. When they landed they collected their bags and took a taxi to a nearby hotel. 

The hotel was so amazing, it was big and beautiful, and their room was just as wonderful. It was a typical hotel room. They best part was the view of the city from the balcony. 

Ria set her stuff down at the foot of the bed she would share with Kate, and made her way to the balcony. Ria was a very thoughtful girl, she was not quite just a little awkward around people she didn't know. She was no where near quite around her friends, and had a loud outgoing personality. Among her friends she was known as the one you could talk to for honest and helpful advice. And with her always present opinion was funny. Ria was wearing a pair of leggings and a flowy white tops with her hair pilled on top of her head. 

A sound came from the balcony to the left of Ria. She turn to go inside because she didn't really want to make small talk with a stranger about the view. A tall boy with dark brown hair that looked black stood staring at her with a huge dorky smile on his face. Ria stared back, and after a couple seconds gave the boy a awkward smile before rushing back into the room. She sat on the bed and took a couple deep breaths trying to calm the butterflies in her stomach. The boy seemed oddly familiar, be she didn't worry about it.His chocolate brown eyes made her feel sick. A good kind of sick. 


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