Café Tuesdays

Hannah Green, a normal freshman, participating in bible study, soccer, and cheerleading has just found her idol. Hiding from the paparazzi he hangs around the coffee shop she lives near. But when she starts having feelings and the ex comes back, what will he decide? Who is he?


1. Bible Study

*This entire story is in Hannah's POV

I had just gotten off the bus when I realized I had algebra homework. How am I supposed to get this all done? I thought. Today was Tuesday, bible study at the café. I hadn't even started! And, to top it all of, Angie was coming over in 20 minutes!

I sprinted up to my room. Rushed past my brothers who didn't even bother to say "hi" and stopped when I got to the baby blue door. As I walked in I smiled. This room reminded me of the happy days with dad before the car crash. My purple walls gave me comfort and my trophy case was full to the brim. I threw my backpack on my bed with a white comforter. I walked over to the ancient desk and sat down. I stared into the deep brown eyes of my dad in the photo at Disney when I was 6, I'm now 15, we lost dad when I was 12. I grabbed my devotion and started working on it as my bedazzled phone started ringing, Angie. I'll see her in 10 minutes, she can wait. But that spunky redhead kept calling. I ended it. When Angie arrived she looked worn out, but, I had finished my bible study!

"Why didn't you answer the phone, girl?" she asked, I told her I was doing my bible study because it's tonight at 5:00.

"Why'd you call anyway?" I asked.

"I needed to know what handbag would look good with your outfit."

"Why does it matter?"

"You're on your you-know-what, you need to be prepared."

"Oh gosh, Angie. I'm glad you care about me but I'm fine. I really have to go though, it starts in two minutes!"

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