The Mystery At The Mansion

Tiffany Smith was a normal college student. One day, she received an invitation to a party at the Derek's mansion. She goes to the party and everything is normal. Until someone gets murdered.


1. Invitation

I slowly walked through the dormitory, my feet aching. I heard the rain beating on the roof. It was a very large building. Each floor had twenty rooms, and each room was shared by two people. Four floors, twenty rooms on each floor, two people in each room. 160 people...

Well, I was one of those 160 people that lived there with a roommate. I was on the fourth floor, room 420, which was at the end of the hall. The last room. And it was the heck off a walk. Especially since the old elevator broke. After that day, my bags got heavier. And weighed me down, making me feel like I had extra homework.

When I finally reached my room, I quickly unlocked the door with an old fashioned key. I walked in, and I was immediately hit with a minty smell. Everything was neat and tidy, except for two desks, which were wrecks. I lean on the kitchen counter, and my elbow pushes over some papers. I go to sit on the couch, and I step on the papers, that happened to be the mail. Wearing soaking wet rain boots.

"No, no no!" I said to myself.

"Tiffany? Is that you?" Said Alexia from her room.  I stuffed the wet mail into my pocket. 

"Yep!" I shouted back.

"Kay." She said. I went straight to the restroom, plugged up the hair dryer, and started drying the mail. As I did, a small blue envelope slipped out and fell onto the rug. I picked it up.

To Miss Tiffany Smith

It was addressed to me. Puzzled, I flipped it over and over again in my hands. It had no return address. I gripped the corners with two fingers, and tore the envelope open. I pulled out a slip of paper that said:

Miss Tiffany Smith, you are invited to the Derek's Mansion for a private party tonight at Eight O'clock. Bring this invitation with you. Come, or else.

The last words confused me. Or else what? They replayed in my mind, come or else. Come, or else. 

And, did those plans change.


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