Heart Repair

This is a crossover. Mainly it's Doctor Who but there is also something else, which I can't tell you about because it would tell too much, so just be surprised.
Sorry for misspelling, if there is.


1. The First Step

The Doctor took his hand and pulled him into the Tardis. "It's cold in here." he said. "That's because she's broken and that's also the reason why you are here. I need you to help me fix her.". The Doctor walked up the stairs towards the main console. He stroke his hand over the buttons and levers and looked at the machine like someone would look at their child. He walked after him and touched the machine like The Doctor did. "What happened?" he asked and added "It doesn't look broken to me".  "You should know what happened. You always know everything." The Doctor responded. "Maybe, but this is too much. Even for me. All I can see here is your sadness and that you are always thinking about the people you tried to safe but instead lost." The Doctor shrugged and walked towards the screen that hung from the ceiling. He also touched that and looked at it with a sad face. "You are right with that. Also! The Tardis is a woman! She is not a thing. And don't you mind that's she is bigger..." "On the inside?!" hcompleted the sentence, surprised by the Doctor's sudden enthusiasm. "No. I heard about your..." The Doctor looked at him a little bit angry "...about her. Sorry. I still can't quite get, that this is a woman. It's more than I expected." He said. "Still this thing with your friend?" The Doctor asked as if he knew everything about it. He answered: " He isn't just my friend! He still is the best and I'm still in love with him." He sat down on the ground and took his hands to his head. The Doctor sat down next to him and took one of his hands. "Aren't you happy for the both of them?" He asked. "Of course I'm happy but because he's happy and also I'm jealous. I want him in MY life not in hers!" He said with a sad smile on his face and squeezed The Doctor's hand. "I could also need someone in my life. You could help me with this," The Doctor pointed at the console "and then come along as my companion. How does that sound?". "Did he mean it?" he thought and looked The Doctor in the eyes. He didn't look like he was joking or just saying something. "You mean it, right? You really mean it." he said pretty sure and still looking in The Doctor's eyes. "Yes! I really want you here with me, travelling trough time and space! Wouldn't that be great?!" The Doctor answered with a seductive grin. "Do you wanna come?". "Yes. I want to. At least I want to try it." he said, standing up. "What's broken? How to fix it?" he asked, now interested. "That's my problem. I don't know, otherwise I could have fixed her alone." The Doctor said. He stood up and showed him the way to the library. He got a book out which said "Tardis manual". "There is a manual for her? I thought she is alive?" he asked confused. The Doctor didn't answer but instead opened the book and handed it over. "This is for all the ones who don't understand the Tardis in their hearts" It said on the first page. "Read it. The whole book.". It wasn't that long so he had no problem reading it within an hour. After he had finished, he walked around in the Tardis and looked for anything that looked different than shown in the manual, but he also saw many things not shown. "He did not show me the whole manual. Is there something he doesn't trust me with? There must be. There is for sure!" he muttered thoughtful. "I'm going to find out what it is." He added. "I am Sherlock Holmes!"

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