This is another story about Davion Daitron this story is way before he meet Yui long ago about 45 years ago before he was reborn and meet Yui.. But this time Luna is telling the story...


6. Top 10 Assassins

Assassin Ranks

1: Luna Star- has The Moons Gift and has inherited very good high class skills and powers from ancestors.

2: Davion Daitron- has The Suns Gift and has inherited fire powers anything that has to do with the sun and light.

3: Nate Jackson- Has The Earths Gift and has inherited powers of ground type and earth powers.

4: Kate Sky- has wind powers and also inherits ground type.

5: Kiriyu Night- Has the power to rule the darkness and stars and can use the moons light for other purposes.

6: Jake Fire- also can use fire and anything that has to do with the sun and light.

7: Yuki Himenez- She's a magician and a silent killer. Her powers are water,ice,fire,ground,darkness.

8: Rosy Rodriguz-can interact with earths nature and plants and also inherits evil powers for good.

9: Stella Suarez- she has the power to imitate anyone's ability and use it against them

10: Dylan Fusaro-inherits high quality of darkness and can do black magic that regular magicians can't use.

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